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  1. Please enlighten me. Under "More account info and actions" I have cli option. Is this soft or hard pull? Had the card for about 6 mo.
  2. Wondering if there are other institutions (CUs) besides NFCU that work in a similar way
  3. The next card (2nd) I will want to apply for is citi. Would that be prudent to apply with them having only 1 revolving account reporting?
  4. In the process of rebuilding. No bad or otherwise negative items on credit report. Only 1 active revolving account is currently being reported. About 5 old closed accounts from the past are also on the report. The only open revolving account shows 3 month history so far (opened 4 month ago). Account shows very good size credit limit. Monthly charges on the card are in the $800 area. I want to apply for next probably 2-3 credit cards. For me it would be important to receive approvals for the similar size credit limits. The question is how long shall I wait before applying? I have a feeling that I should have at list 4 months of reporting. Open to suggestions.
  5. I did try to pull a report from creditscorecard.com per themanwhocan. Result: nothing is in there, no report.
  6. I did try to pull a report from creditscorecard.com per laoafoaofjqufo lfjaoufow
  7. After applying @ BOA I feel that due to lack of open revolving accounts my apps with amex/citi most likely will result in either low credit line (1-2K) or denial. In this circumstances it seems that taking a couple of union cards would be a prudent way to proceed. Navy unfortunately is not avail for me. Still probably will apply at either citi of amex.
  8. Have not opted in or out. Not familiar with this term/action. Only get offers in the mail from Cap 1 (with crappy limit). Not interested in this creditor. A year ago applied with them, was rejected (due to collections on the report).
  9. I don't have any open accounts showing on the report. Showing only 5-6 closed revolving acc. from the past with max. credit of 6K, & 1 closed auto loan from the past (last year). In terms of FICO, cr. karma shows 730-740.
  10. I've got a clean report now, negatives/collections have gone away a few months ago. There are records of old closed revolving accounts with about 5K in credit, and last year auto loan (paid and closed in the same year due to high interest rate). So, I want new cards, new credit. With majors: bofa, amex, citi, etc. Not blacklisted with any of these but also have not have any accounts with them for like 12+ years. I checked for pre-qual offers on all 3. None were at amex & citi. At BOA there was an offer, as it seemed to me. Applied on line, rejected, offered a secure. Now thinking what to do. Thinking if it would be worth to apply anyways even their systems do not recognize me and do not hold any offers. Any suggestions? I plan to call BOA and will ask to reconsider when I have the letter from them but now want to take few more intelligent steps with other creditors.
  11. Want to take an advantage of $300 bonus for opening a checking acc. at chase. Couple chase cards were defaulted on 6 years ago. SOL is passed. Concern is can they grab my money due to the past cc debt?
  12. What do they do just for membership, hard inquiry? Would it be prudent to call to apply for a cc and the membership at the same time (assuming you meet the eligibility requirements)?

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