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  1. After reading the problems (in the above posts) I went to TrueCredit and checked my CR and Fako scores. Everything worked perfectly except that I had to log in twice. YMMV. Went back and rechecked dates, info, etcetera, and everything is right (I'm a closet perfectionist.)
  2. I use Truecredit that I got through the WalMart website. It was $14.95 at Truecredit.com, but $11.21 at Walmart.com. I pull 3-5 times a week. I seem to remember getting the first month free also. I tried Experian's version of the same service and couldn't stand their color scheme. To each, his own.
  3. Talk to them. They want your business and the only way that they'll make money is by opening an account for you. They may screw you mercilously on fees, charges, and attempt to make your life a living hell, but that's all described in the fine print of the account agreement. Using a money order will only remove the waiting period you'd experience for the check clearing.
  4. I have watched my girlfriend have several "procedures" done on credit and it has worked out fine for her. Most have been financed through an arm of GE credit. Every month, we get a statement and send the payment through her credit union's online bill paying system. We've never been late and they've been easy to deal with.
  5. I have heard so many bad things about Capital One in the past that I don't trust them now. I do have a Hooter's card and they've treated me just fine ($1750 credit limit, 7.75% interest rate on purchases, and no annual fee.) And rewards. Capital One has never done anything to me, but then I handle their "pre-approved" applications with tonges as I throw them in to the shredder. For that reason, we continue to have a good relationship.
  6. I was checking my gf's credit report and discovered a medical collection, 2 years old. We have NOT contacted the original provider, insurer, or CA. The amount is $300 and should have been paid by gf's exhusband. The services were provided to the gf's (and exhusband's) child. I don't remember receiving a bill from either the original provider or the CA (if that matters.) I do remember the child's trip to the ER that caused the bill and I'm assuming that the debt is valid in the sense that services were provided. We'd like to get the collection OFF of her otherwise unblemished CR. Paying isn't a problem. I'm not sure whether to go for validation (it isn't her debt) or just offer to pay for deletion. The ONE thing that I don't want to do is make a mess. Thank you for any help/advice.
  7. I downloaded the cc spreadsheet two months ago, I think? That led to me buying a copy of Excel and now I'm trying to do other things with Excel. (Not well, but I'm just beginning.) Thanks for making it available to CB users. -drudge.
  8. You do the best that you can, and sometimes it isn't worth it. I guess that the bright side is that you won't have a BK on your credit report for 10(?) years. And at some point, your utilization will go to zero and life will get easier. And all of your accounts will be caught up. Just remember who jacked you around when times were tough. I would talk to Lowes and Providian and tell them how you feel. It may not do any good, but then again, it may make you feel better about having to take what they're giving you.
  9. Ouch! It may take him a little time to get "the point," but he's already hurting. People tend to reach a teachable moment when they're floundering around, trying to escape doom. Some people just take longer than others... People change. (Darn, I wish that I had $7800 of furniture.)
  10. My own personal "adventures in credit" began as the result of buying a Dell computer. Last November I applied for credit with Dell and they offered me $4000. My FICO was 820. I eventually bought a Dell for $2186. The terms were no interest for 18 months with a $60 monthly payment. That blew my utilization rate sky high and the FICO went WAY down. So...I went on an app spree and just about trippled my available credit and...(can you see this one coming?)...my FICO went WAY down. I've never missed a payment since 1992 and all of my cc debt is covered by savings, so I'm sure that things will improve over time. Creditboards has been a big help. I have nothing bad to say about Dell. The computer (an XPS 410) is my favorite toy and has behaved well. Now, if I can just get my FICO back above 800... Edited to add: the app spree got the utilization to 7% which was the intended action.
  11. drudge


    I recently went on an app spree and Macy's was one I applied for. At that time, I searched postings on Creditboards and remember a few things that were said about Macy's. One person said that Macy's was open to CLI after 3 payments. So, I'm making sure that I have a balance each month. If they do count payments instead of, or in addition to months, I'll be doing right. Several people said that there is normally a CLI at 6 months for accounts in good standing. I am working on my utilization, and I'm not needing a CLI, just an "account in good standing." I started with a $500 line, so I'm happy. Any additional credit will be gravy for me. More than one person said to ask for the CLI in the store during a sale. Macy's has "sales" almost weekly. Search Creditboards for more information. Of course, YMMV (Your mileage may vary.)
  12. I trust my credit union cards. I have never been screwed (or rate jacked) by my credit union, but then they aren't exactly wild about giving me anything worth having beyond the bare basics (checking, savings, low %/low $ loans.) Sorta like a maiden aunt. An ugly maiden aunt.
  13. The 2nd Sears account was positive, but it wasn't mine. I reasoned that although it is currently good, it could possibly go negative at any time. Like when I someday apply for a mortgage! It may have lowered my score some. It was a choice.
  14. They do require a household income of at least $15K.
  15. I had Citi for a month. After I realized that I was staring at the same cr day after day, I switched to TU's Trucredit ($14.95?) I'm about to switch again to getting Trucredit through Walmart ($11.21.) You live, you learn. The only thing that irritates me about Trucredit is that they're constantly trying to sell you MORE. Everytime that you log on, you'll have to navigate through the ads.

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