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  1. Hey Stryker, thanks for replying. I just mailed it to GMAC AUTO because I have no idea exactly who would be in a position to act on this ?????
  2. Sent good will letter to gmac 2 weeks ago to no avail... I have 6, 30 day lates that im trying to have removed. I addressed the letter to GMAC Auot Finance as Im not sure exactly where to send this. Anyone have any luck or strategies they can share with me???
  3. thanks for your reply... if that is what it takes I wouldnt mind making a small purchase. However; I certainly would not spend a thousand dollars just so I can get a 3K line of credit
  4. Hi everyone, I've had kay jewelers card for past 7 months with credit line of 500. owe 40 dollars on it. I tried to call customer service for a cli, the csr says i need to visit an actual kay store so they can pull credit for a second time??? Just starting credit repair for girlfriend and have added a couple crappy credit cardswith high cli of 300.00. I need to get a higher credit line goin so i CAN build on. Has anyone had any luck walking into kay store and easily getting a line increase
  5. Does anyone have the address to Creditech. I pulled up the website however; they do not list the address
  6. can anyone tell me sol for state of delaware regarding medical collections
  7. Can anyone tell the time frame applied bank takes before they start reporting?
  8. send one two punch if asshat and cra verify follow up with 15 day "method of verification" letter to cra's challenge their procedures
  9. Sending off a letter to Arrow Financial Services does anyone have address please
  10. marvbear is on the money... Dealership probably went to the moon with appraisal in order to make a deal with a new unit. My guess is they own it for 21k ACV plus pack 500 and service 500, now sitting at 22k. Dealers usually have max 90 day turnover with used car inventory. Offer 18500 plus tax and tags take delivery today. Should accept
  11. That was a great episode!!! I sure miss Seinfeld. Should I be using PM and TC for greater success?
  12. I've been updating TC everyday for about thirty days and still not getting *b*.. I have about 20 inq's I need to start shaving off. Anyone having success with this or am I doing something wrong??
  13. don't you get charged another 14.95 for refreshing?? Is this how you get *b*
  14. Sent out a pfd to westminster management 2 weeks ago, never received a response. This is a judgement against me for 1500.00. In a nutshell, I bailed out of a lease at an apart. complex about 3 years ago. This is the only major baddie on my report. I DONT KNOW WHAT I SHOULD TRY NEXT
  15. Find a 06 leftover no miles -- offer to buy at invoice.. 06 durango's have 7000.00 in dealer cash. This is an addtional rebate to you. Total savings about 10000.00 to you. This will be more than enough to eat up your negative equity. Go to a DODGE dealership, find the durango you like and tell the salesman you will buy at invoice plus 7,000 off for dealer cash. Believe me they will do the deal. by the way I work for dodge

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