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  1. great feedback - as I think in when Fordmotorco rolled the Edsel - due to market intelligence somewhere
  2. b of a says 2012. with the major confusion in bofa systems, 30,000 employees fired, call center confusion, people trying to get anything done had better get out their paper letters of demand on what they want. I remember ATT meging with the policies of the baby bells -FIASCO> You can bet the bank will collect fees, then take months for the many agencies, PUC, OIC,DA, etc to get you you $5 bucks bak. The easiest was is withdraw money now - then you control your cash until decisiond. thank about all the hassles - think of ron1 example on the airline debit card - is it now $60? what
  3. hi foeplay - I wonder how that will work.. It makes me think that if a debit card comes out of your wallet, it'll pick up a charge. IF I could get one, this makes the old AMEX charge work best. Carry just the AMEX for credit and cash for everthing else I,m trying to remember why debit cards came out in the first place
  4. CNN! Here it is - they forced us to go to debit - now BE CAREful! Bank of America to charge $5 monthly debit card fee 338 11 Print Comment By Blake EllisSeptember 29, 2011: 1:46 PM ET NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Get ready for a new wave of bank fees. Bank of America will begin charging a $5 monthly fee at the beginning of next year for customers who make debit card purchases. Whether you use your card for one purchase a month or 20, you will pay $5 per month starting in 2012. If you don't use your card at all, you won't be assessed a fee. And you can still us
  5. it looks like a great card for you visorboy! especially with 30 weeks of travel! great job
  6. the logger switch is great - it probably just changed all kinds of calls - can't wait until people document collection calls - or the rep at bofa who confirmed your mortgage mod. well done. thanks for a huge tech update.
  7. gosh - make $100,000 year and GET $10K sign up bonus! Just for giving out your credit rating and data to the internet!~!! http://www.720cfoprogram.com/
  8. How you doing VK? Hope all is well with you
  9. Do a Chap 7 and get rid of all problems in one short visit. The house is worth $100K less than B4 - and its probably not going back up in the next many years. Roll every debt, file, and you and wife have a nice dinner and celebrate. You know its time when you don't even want to see your mail. We're not passing any kind of judgement here - just letting you know filing will be fast - all issues will be done - your 401K will be safe. Good luck - go fix this. That is why so many Americans and businesses have the BK option. You need the help! aroo
  10. I'm glad you are out Getty! You can deal with the small stuff now! Glad you are here! Aroo!
  11. You already are among friends! Glad you found us! Glad we found you aroo
  12. welcome scott! we love new members - this is definitely a family! forgive me 4 not typing more now - my arm is really screwed up and i am now on disability for at least a month. you'll have an amex by the time you hang here for a few months. welcome
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