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  1. Always app for the Chase card first. They are picky about too many recently opened accounts. If I app for the Chase first, can I apply for the other 2 the same day?
  2. Hello Community- My credit is finally once again almost perfect. I am waiting a few weeks to have all my accounts update with the new balances that I just paid down. My TU is 630 right now, but util is showing over 85%. It will be down to 0 on most of my cards, and two cards will be at 26%. I am going to see if I can increase my NFCU cards before applying. I will be applying for Amex BCE, Wyndham rewards (I will use the rewards a lot) and then I am thinking about a Chase card, still researching what will be the best one for me. I have one inq on EX and TU, and 4 on Equifax. Advice?
  3. Thanks for this Konrad2012. In about 2 weeks, once my new utilization posts, I'll be applying for some new cards, and this is one I will definitely want.
  4. Well I am sorry they are being cut, but glad to know it is not just me, and navy still likes me... And seriously 50% of my NFCU credit limits, is waaaaaayyyy more cash than I will ever take out. It is just nice to know it is there. So many reasons to love Navy.
  5. Hey just saw this on my statement, that after Nov 1, Navy is limiting cash advances to 50% of the card limit. Not too bad because I have a lot of credit with Navy, but wondering if this is a NFCU policy for all acounts now, or if I triggered a reduction somehow.
  6. I wish all the luck in the world. Thanks man. Midland is scheduled to come off in June anyway, and I am not in any hurry, no mortgages or anything I need to apply for. I am just having fun with them because they are evil. Next up is BBB, Attorney Generals in their state and mine, ripoff report, on and on and on. I try to send out one complaint every week. It gives me joy to know they are having to spend hours and dollars responding to all these complaints, on a debt that they don't have a snowman's chance in hell of collecting one penny on.
  7. Hit the button and FINALLY got a CLI...from 1000 to 1100, lol! But I will take it!
  8. My timing must be good. Last week I filed a CFPB complaint against Midland. 2 months ago they had 3 accounts each reporting on all three credit reports. Now there is one account left reporting on 2 bureau's. With CFPB I'll bet this false account drops off. If not, on to BBB and Attorney General letters.
  9. Scores are mid 600's now, and utilization is like 95%. I am paying everything off within the next month, then applying. Good income. US Airways wouldn't work for me since I never fly. Not to be negative, but mid-600's and 95% utilization is far from perfect credit. If you do get the util down to 1% on one card, then let everything report and re-evaluate. I will be getting the utilization down to 0 on every card. 7 years is coming up and so every bad thing is disappearing. That + 0% utilization=good credit.
  10. Scores are mid 600's now, and utilization is like 95%. I am paying everything off within the next month, then applying. Good income. US Airways wouldn't work for me since I never fly.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. You guys made me laugh out loud. Me and my good spelling....
  12. I had an apple credit card that defaulted about 600 almost 7 years ago. It is only on one of my credit reports (EX) Now that my credit is once again almost perfect, I want to apply for a Sallie Mae card. What are my chances?
  13. I do hear what you are saying and it is valid. The thing for me is, my income can be very erratic-I will get large chunks sometimes and slimmer pickings other times. If I saved more during good times, things would flow easier, but at the same time having more credit available would also smooth out these times. I have total credit avail of only about 5k, if I had 10k I could use more credit without being at full util when things are tight. Does this make sense? All in all though my goal during this next period of prosperity is to put enough away that I do not carry ANY balances, and have the avail credit for a true emergency.
  14. My fico is 620 EQ, no lates in the last 6 1/2 years. Old bad things dropping off monthly, will be clean in 6 months. I could really use a little more credit right now. I'll have a chunk of money in a couple of months, and will pay off ALL my credit cards down to zero. Had the Cash rewards since March 2014, started at 700, in Aug went to 2500. Go rewards had since April 2014, 500 limit. The big problem is that ALL my credit is close to 100% utilization. Would there be any chance of getting an increase now, or should I just wait until I can pay everything off and then ask?
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