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  1. Trial de Novo -The general rule, however, is that an appeal must be based solely on "points of law", and not on "points of fact". Appeals are frequently based on a claim that the trial judge or jury did not allow or appreciate all the facts; if that claim is successful the appeal judges will often order a trial "de novo". In order to protect the individual's rights against double jeopardyordering a trial "de novo" is often the exclusive right of an appeal judge. I don't think Experian can overcome CAL CIV CODE 1785.25A and FRCA Section 623 Cushman v Trans Union June 9, 1997
  2. Fees for filing in Superior Court (next court up where Lawyers can represent) are almost $1000.00 - just to file. If they appeal Small Claims it goes to Superior Court, but if the judge in Superior Court determines they have no legal background to appeal, that they are just appealing cause they lost, they are open to additional penalties.
  3. After 2 years of filing complaints with BBB, Govt Agencies, Chase Bank and Calling Experian 20+times and getting some BS answer on why they couldn't fix an obvious error, I spent $55 in filing fees and $60.00 getting them served. Their spokeshole came to LA Small Claims Court with they same crap they have been using in all my complaints, and the judge nailed them for their misreading the law and not fixing an obvious mistake. They have 30 days to appeal, and if I go to Superior Court, I will be looking to bring along a class action attorney to determine if we can really carry this to a bigger payoff This is fun
  4. They can appeal to Superior Court in Los Angeles, but they are open to higher penalty if the argue the judgement and NOT the law. I am ready for them
  5. I had prepared about 5 different Fed and Cal State laws about accuracy of credit reporting agencies, but the Small Claims court judge (who happens to be a full-time lawyer in Los Angeles) but is qualified as a judge in Small Claims Court went ballistic on the Experian mouth piece who didn't know anything about the law. I sued for $2500 based on the $1000 per violation plus costs. The judge ended the case without asking me for proof of costs. Just to walk out of court seeing the judge in action made this 2 years of complaints worth every minute.
  6. Flaghip Sig have 1 other card with Navy FICO 644, 60% utilizaion on 3 other Non navy cards
  7. What do I say when I call backdoor? Will they pull hard. 20% interest with Barclay's Have card for 14 months. Perfect pay and lots of use
  8. CFPB filed and disappointed. Chase gave some legal BS answer and case died. I just want bother Chase and hope to find a class action lawyer. They are breaking the law and I am not te only one being harmed
  9. Credit Bureau refuse to correct information after being provided proof Defamation, willful INJURY Case Law CUSHMAN iv TRANS UNION FCRA Section 623 June 9, 1997
  10. GiftCardLabs is offer $2.00 off the $5.95 fee for under $250 Visa with Free shipping. Is that a Visa I can use at Walmart for MO
  11. In addition to the $1K CC load, I assume that you've also been loading $5K in VGCs via the Walmart MC ATM. No, the Walmart I went to in Los Angeles didn't have a ATM Machine and there were 23 people in Line at the service center and 1 clerk. I found another A Walmart ATM 20 miles from me, so another try is in order
  12. Is there a website that explains how to use the WalMart ATM machine to buy money orders using Visa GG. My serve upload will end April 15, and would like to try getting out of my comfort zone and try Walmart but not in the store. I break out in Cold Sweats just pulling into the parking lot.
  13. Just booked one way 1st class flight on US air thru AA Dividend Miles.Always Had to Book roundtrip before AA took over the dividend miles account.
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