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  1. Neither code is working for me.....just pops up saying "not a valid promo code". Frustrating....I refuse to pay the full price. :-(
  2. Any current codes for December? In searches this is what I come up with as a current code.....S1403STL20FST.....but it doesn't seem to be working.
  3. What??? It wasn't available credit....it was a 12,000 loan showing paid off....
  4. Yes, absolutely the only change. I use Truecredit credit monitoring and noticed it as the only change on the comparison reports. I thought it seemed absurd that it would drop so I then pulled all 3 reports on myfico.com and it was the only change.
  5. How does that happen? I'm so confused. My car loan just reported the payoff and my Fico score dropped by 22 points.....there is now $12,000 less in debt showing and $350/mo pmt gone and the scores drop???
  6. Thanks...just noticed that. What really bites is that my BOA account was originally through my credit union. BOA took it over about a year ago. What do they look for when balance chasing? My credit is virtually spotless aside from my current high utilization. Absolutely no missed or late payments. What would be a good test? Maybe toss $2,000 toward that card? Do they usually react right away?
  7. Thanks for the info. I tried the FICO simulator and it predicted a 100-120 pt increase. I'm super excited if that is close to being accurate. I have taken the balance chasing into consideration, therefore I plan to pay a little at a time over the next few months to see what the reaction is. I have the money to do it in a lump sum, but I want to do it wisely. One card is a Macy's Amex and one is a BOA....any ideas on these two? Those are the two largest balances.
  8. Just pulled all 3 (yay, so excited that Experian is back!) FICO reports. My current scores range from 638-687. My reports are clean, but my credit is totally maxed. I have 7 revolving credit lines that are currently reflecting 98% utilization. I will be paying some of those cards off and bringing all remaining accounts to below 30% utilization over the next month. What kind of increase in scores should I realistically be able to expect once this is done. I want to either finance my home (currently still in mine and my ex husband's name due to my utilization) or purchase another home by spring.
  9. I have been using Truecredit's credit monitoring for years now and just today I noticed a discrepancy that makes me question why I am paying them every month. According to Truecredit my Transunion credit report is completely clean. Tonight I decided to order my Fico reports and scores....Transunion is reporting a $500 medical collection. Isn't that the whole point of paying these credit monitoring systems? I was totally in the dark about this. What should be my next move from here?
  10. Can anyone tell me if the collection agency still exists? I had a judgement that was bought out by them about 5 years ago. It is reporting incorrectly on my TU report and I can't get them to fix it. I'm getting mixed reports as to whether or not Great Seneca even exists anymore. If they do does anyone happen to have contact info?
  11. How accurate does this score seem to compare with the actual FICO score?
  12. Thanks, i was logged in at the right site. However, I was using my iPad, so maybe that explains the link not showing up? I know i did access it at least once and I thought it was from my iPad. That was when I first opted out of the paper statement and I did it immediately then. I'm sure it has been at least a month. I guess I'll just need to try again from my desktop next time I login. Thanks again!
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