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  1. No, they do say that it is based on credit - "To improve a score, you can pay your bills on time ..." I find it bizarre that they claim a relationship between fire, wind/hail, and water insurance claims and a credit profile. Especially for wind and hail claims!!!
  2. I just received a renewal policy on my homeowners insurance policy (Farmers) that has separate credit scores for fire wind/hail liability theft water and other The scores shown are over 50 and less than 100. They don't say what the range is and I can't tell if lower number or higher nubmers are better. I can't find anything on this on Farmers web site. Has anyone seen anything like this before?
  3. I just pulled my Experian (annualcreditreport.com) and noticed a couple of weird addresses reported for places I've lived. Assume that my address is 1234 foo street. My report shows the correct address and a 1234 main st and a 1234 central street (all three street names made up for privacy). Both streets exist - one is the next street over, the other about a mile away. However there are no houses or lots corresponding to the latter addresses. I would never have provided the wrong addresses to anyone, by mistake or otherwise. And this doesn't seem to be the type of mistake that a creditor would make - they would have to know the names of streets in my neighborhood. There are no unknown accounts or inquiries on the report. Any ideas, anyone?
  4. Bear in mind that your aunt can count the rental value of your use of her home plus your share of utilities and home maintenance expenses in determining whether she paid half of your support. There is a high possibility that she is entitiled to the dependency exemption. And prior posters are correct - she will always meet the relationship test for the dependency exemption - divorce does not end the relationship. This should not be an issue for future years unless you move back in with her or she makes a substantial contribution to your education or finances. That being said, I'm not sure that this will affect your financial aid. You seem to be eligible for a "dependency override": http://www.fafsa.com/forms/ajax/FAFSA/fafsa-dependency.aspx I would talk to a financial aid office to get clarificatrion on how they would treat the termination of guardianship.
  5. Regionally accredited but for-profit and pricey. You may want to take a look at the forums at www.degreeinfo.com for other alternatives.
  6. Were you living with your husband at the time he accepted service for you? You may be able to quash service to buy some time.
  7. I sell stuff (advertising and consulting) and many of my clients issue me 1099s for the amt they paid me throughout the yr. How is that diff that amex buying the carts from the person then issuing a 1099? You're receiving the 1099s for services. Taxwizard is absolutely correct - it's not a taxable event - end of story.
  8. THIS problem was started by American Express. They issued a 1099 without any apparent legal basis to do so. Amex can be fined for this.
  9. Wow sirrowan! I see you learned something in your tax class. You're right on!
  10. They shouldn't be able to take your refund for HER debt even if you claim her as a dependent.
  11. Sirrowan's right on this one - if the kid's major is accounting, gpa IS everything. A 2.5 gpa in accounting from [insert ANY school here] isn't going to get you into a Big 4, or for that matter, the Big 8, 9 or 10 unless your neighbor or uncle is a partner in the firm. Her point on attending a school that the Big 4 recruits at is also spot on.
  12. My philospophy: The content of your resume should be presented in the order of importance to an employer. You might want to have different versions to address different position descriptions. In journalist's words, "don't bury your lead." Put yourself in a potential employer's shoes. Review each item on your resume and think about whether a potential employer would care, or would be distracted from the image you are trying to create. (This is the reasoning behind not reporting a gpa below a 3.0). For example, I can't imagine why amy potential employer would care about where you took your real estate courses when you've been licensed in three different states for three years. Your summary should be short and sweet. Note in the example I created for you below, I added "Entrepreneur." Temple is sufficiently well known that you can leave out the city/state. They don't need the zip code - that is something that you would put on the application IF you are selected for an interview. You should indicate what degree you are receiving and consider adding your dates of attendence. Get rid of the phrase "that are used before any agent does an Agreements of Sale for clients at present firm." An employer would assume that you are competent and would do what any real estate agent does. Add "Co-founder and Co-Owner" on the PennJersey Signs position - The title "Vice President of Operations" is confusing with the bullet point "Started business in 2007" - as written it implies that you started the business and were later somehow demoted. In any event, listing yourself as a VP will be fatal when it comes out in the interview that you started the business with your father and the business has less than ten employees. As a soon-to-be new graduate applying for your first professional position, you do not have to put on every "pay-the-bills" job you had while a student. Consider removing the Giant Food Stores job for any position that does not involve handling or supervising the handling of cash. You might not want someone picturing you standing at a cash register in a grocery store at the same time they are considering you for a responsible position in finance. I would also consider removing the collector position for any position where a potential employer might consider it as a negative. FInally - have your school's career services office review the final version of the resume. In a web environement, I can't format your resume properly, but you should be able to get the ideas I'm trying to convey from the following: OBJECTIVE: Custom for each job. SUMMARY: Senior at Temple University’s Fox School of Business majoring in Finance and Real Estate. Entrepreneur and Licensed Real Estate Salesperson in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. EDUCATION: Temple University (200x - present) Bachelor of Business Adminsitration with double major in Finance and Real Estate Expected graduation January 2009 REAL ESTATE LICENSES: Delaware formal-name-of-license # xxxxx New Jersey formal-name-of-license # xxxx Pennsylvania formal-name-of-license # xxxxx all licenses obtained in 2005 EXPERIENCE: PennJersey Signs (2007-present) Co-founder and Co-Owner • Provide businesses (mainly new home communities) with weekend or temporary directional signs • Responsible for obtaining new accounts in Southeastern, PA, approving sign locations based on local ordinances, management of staff of 8. Also responsible for maintaining client relations, including invoicing and resolving any customer issues. MLS Realty (2005-Present) Real Estate Salesperson5 • List Properties for sale, Negotiate Agreements of Sale, and Attend Settlements. • Over 30 transactions to date. • Created Questionnaires and procedural punch-lists Applied Card Services (2007-2008) Outbound/Inbound Collections Call Center • Ranked among the top 5 out of 30 collectors in 30 day/Inbound collections within my first month – Ranked first on my team. • Ranked among the top 5 out of 30 collectors in 120 day outbound collections within first month of transferring Giant Food Stores (2001-2004) Cashier • Superior Customer Skills • Consistently ranked as a top cashier Affiliations: • Burlington-Camden County Association of Realtors • New Jersey Association of Realtors • National Association of Realtors • American Red Cross Members For Life • Member of US Coast Guard Auxiliary Good luck
  13. Section 1, Internal Revenue Code http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/26/usc_...01----000-.html Sections 61, 62 and 63, Internal Revenue Code http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/26/usc_..._30_B_40_I.html There's a LOT more where this came from. I could find all the cases that resulted in numerous individuals becoming guests of the US Bureau of Prisons. Doesn`t prove squat. The IRS itself is unable to cite the law requiring taxes on *wages*. Get back to me when they do. I'm missing something here. are you saying that wages are somehow not "income from whatever sourcee derived?"
  14. Section 1, Internal Revenue Code http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/26/usc_...01----000-.html Sections 61, 62 and 63, Internal Revenue Code http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/26/usc_..._30_B_40_I.html There's a LOT more where this came from. I could find all the cases that resulted in numerous individuals becoming guests of the US Bureau of Prisons.

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