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  1. Interested depending on if it's BK friendly or not.
  2. I among many others would disagree. Not all BK's are because of reckless spending.
  3. It's not so much the Amex part as the rewards part that has me interested. I have an Amex BCE but depending on the rewards option the Navy card may be the better option.
  4. Had an Amex BCE for around three years give or take. Never got a CLI. Somehow it survived BK and applied for a CLI 18 months post BK and insta declined with no pull.
  5. Typically obtaining new credit before applying for a mortgage is frowned upon by the banks. If you have an installment loan it will likely no improve your scores but drop them. If you do not have an installment loan in time in can increase your score with the "mix". However is the immediate future you are going to get dinged for the new inquiry and lower AAOA, just not worth it.
  6. Find a local credit union and get a secured card. Pretty much every college is affiliated with a credit union. They should have a starter card for new students. A secured card with a small limit will get his credit rolling without risk of running a bill up he can't pay.
  7. I'd send them a message through the website asking if you are still eligible and if not if they could fix it since you apped for the bonus on that card.
  8. Mid 600's is good enough for NFCU. I got approved for a cashrewards with a 660 along with a 24month old BK. Their Platinum card will go even lower score wise. They are rebuilder friendly. OP: DCU would be a decent choice, I had a bad experience but was partly my fault.
  9. try the chase freedom card, I recently got approved for that one and my credit was around 650 also. if you get denied then you can call Chase Credit Card Reconsideration 888-245-0625 (personal credit analyst, 7am-10pm EST M-F; 8am-10pm EST Sat. and 9am-9pm Sun.) I burned them, don't think they will let me back this soon. I'd like to try capone but with no prequel I'm not burning three HP's for that. May try discover in a few months after NFCU starts reporting.
  10. Depending on your profile Pedfed seems pretty good. Defiantly not as rebuilder friendly but lately seems not super strict with as long as you have low utlitliy and not a lot of recent account.
  11. They made me a happy camper, cash rewards approved for $1k. I limit does not bother me a bit, it will grow. 24 months post CH7 BK and am ecstatic to add a second card. (My Amex BCE somehow survived BK.)
  12. only if it is a pre screened offer as crap1's mainline cards are not for those with distressed credit (unlike subprime discover) Still no prescreened offers from them.
  13. Got in with Navy and had UT down to almost nil with $60 reporting on Amex. Got approved at NFCU for a cash rewards at $1k and 11.4% interest. I am fine with the limit as I know it will grow am shocked at the interest, very close to their lowest offered on the card. Doing the happy dance! In three months I'll do a CLI and try for CLOC. Still on the hunt for a third card. I'd really like another Discover but think it's a little soon after burning them.
  14. Likely only NFCU. Only thing it has to do with Amex is that it runs on their network, it has nothing to do with company that underwrites Amex cards themselves. Think of it like Bob's Train Service has trains that run on Amtrak owned railroads. Bob's only uses Amtrak rails but Amtrak has nothing to do with the safety/maintenance/comfort of Bob's trains.

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