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  1. Has anybody gotten hard pulls from the luv button? I want to request cli because I think I would get an increase and it would decrease my overall utilization but I will be applying for refi mortgage soon and don't want to mess that up.
  2. Is this a legit visa card? My recently-turned-18 DD just got this app in the mail but I've never heard of them. This place seems desperate to qualify for a card. For "income" it asks the applicant to list EVERYTHING -- including gifts and summer jobs. I would like her to get a credit card this fall when she goes to college to begin establishing credit and to have in a real emergency. I'm thinking the Cap1 Journey card. She will not have her own income until this summer though and there's no hurry. Thanks
  3. The mortgage has not always been paid on time, but has been paid on time since the BK13 was filed in October 2008 (it was paid through the trustee) and has been paid on time monthly since.
  4. I thought FHA would be cheaper out of pocket costs and also easier qualifying creditwise. BK13 is due to fall off in Sept/Oct and all other negatives fall off before then. But our scores are still low as we just started rebuilding credit last summer. We have 2 cc, a car note, and a student loan. Plus the mortgage, which isn't reporting payment history at all - shows 0 balance but we do still owe 79k on the 1st and 11 on the 2nd mtg. We must refi by the end of the year because our 2nd mtg loan is a balloon note. Thanks
  5. Looking to refi my horrendous adjustable mortgage by this fall. Our current loan is an 80/20 conventional. We will refi to FHA. We owe $90,000 and the house will probably appraise for between $110-115. How much actual cash will we need to complete a refi? Do we need 3.5% like on a purchase? We are still working on improving our credit scores. Lots of baddies aging off in the next 2-3 months. Thanks.
  6. I received an email from Navient that stated my student loan deferment had been approved. I have returned to grad school but I did not apply for a deferment. Are these done automatically?
  7. Need to refinance my mortgage in October. Bk 13 - filed 10/08; discharged 10/13. All payments on time. Mortgage paid through the BK and all on time afterward -- both 1st & 2nd mtg. 7-year mark begins hitting this month for some items. Several more in Feb, March, & July. The rest will hit the same time the BK ages to 7 years from filing date. Rebuilding: All paid on time since BK; no collections Aside from the 1st & 2nd mortgages (which incorrectly show zero balance & report no payment history for the past 18 months) I have: Student loan - deferred during BK but payments made on time since discharge Car loan - opened June 2014 - Capital one credit card Have 5 inquiries 1. How should my mortgage be reporting? 2. Should I pursue the negatives that will be automatically falling off soon anyway? 3. Do I need another credit card? Thanks for your assistance.
  8. Cap1 QS-one 5-month cli for self: $2000-->$2500; same card for spouse: $300-->$2300
  9. My Chapter 13 was completed in October 2013 (5 years) and discharged & closed in February 2014. So it has been 6 years + 1 month since it was filed. Everything was paid through the Trustee, including my mortgage, with perfect payment history throughout the plan and after. My mortgage shows on all reports that there is a zero balance, which is untrue. How should this look? I think it is keeping my scores down, as they range 590-635, with no derogs since BK. Also, I have started re-building, with a 5-month-old car loan & credit card, as well as a student loan & the mortgage. How do I get them to report the positive history? Thanks
  10. Does anybody know the general score range required to get this card? DH would like to apply. His TU score is 625. BK-13 discharged Nov. 2013, all paid on time. No new tradelines since then except for 1st & 2nd mortgages that were paid in Ch13 & on time since. Also he was just approved for Cap1 Quicksilver, but only for $300 limit. Burned a couple of GEMB cards in the Bk. Thanks.
  11. Credit Application: Your Age? 45 Your Equifax Credit Score? 615 Your Experian Credit Score? 605 Your TransUnion Credit Score? 595 How many years have you been on file with Equifax? 25 How many years have you been on file with Experian? 25 How many years have you been on file with TransUnion? 25 YOUR PREVIOUS AUTOMOTIVE CREDIT HISTORY Do you have an open auto loan? no Will this open auto loan be a trade-in? How many late pays within the last 12 months on the currently open loan? How many late pays within the last 13-24 months on the currently open loan? Your current open auto loan is financed with? Your current open auto loan payment is? Estimated amount you may be upside down in this vehicle? Rate your payment history on this open auto loan from 1-10 (1=poor:10=Best) YOUR REVOLVING CREDIT HISTORY Total number of revolving account(s) you have? 0 Total percentage utilized overall? How many of your revolving accounts are store cards? How many of your revolving accounts are major credit cards? (i.e. Amex, MC, Visa) How many of your revolving accounts are known subprime credit cards (i.e. Aspire, 1st Premier) YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION How long at your current residence? 8 years Do you Rent or have a Mortgage, or Live w/Relative or Other? mortgage Your Monthly Rent or Mortgage payment? $900 How long have you held your current job? 15 years Your total provable monthly gross income is? 6100 Your provable monthly gross income is provable via what method? (i.e. computerized paycheck stub, or tax return) paystub & tax return Is there additional monthly income? What amount monthly? no Describe the source. Is the additional monthly income provable? Spousal income is not applicable. YOUR DOWNPAYMENT Please tell me your exact down payment in cash? (rebates and trade equity are not considered, please input a dollar value only.) $500 Does any credit repository contain any Public Record? yes If yes, please very briefly describe. Chapter 13-Filed Oct 2008; completed Oct 2013; closed Feb'14 Does any credit repository contain any Collection Account(s)? no If yes, please very briefly describe. Please rate your overall creditworthiness on a scale of 1-10 (1=poor, 10= best) 7 Please rate your Installment credit history on a scale of 1-10 (1=poor, 10=best) 8 Please rate your Revolving credit history on a scale of 1-10 (1=poor, 10=best) 5 New or Used vehicle you are considering: Please very briefly describe. New 2014 Nissan Sentra for $17500
  12. I just made my final Chapter 13 payment. When should I expect my Student Loan payments to start back up? Does anyone have a link to a good calculator? I owed about 20000 when I entered Ch13, nothing has been paid in 5 years, I need to know how much interest will be added on. Thanks
  13. I am 6 months into a Ch 13 plan (60-month plan). I need to make hotel reservations for the near future and of course I no longer have a credit card. I would like to avoid the hold on my debit card, so I was thinking of asking my Dad to add me as an authorized user on his Visa, so I would have a card with my name on it. (I would only use the card for reservations/check in, and would pay with my debit card at checkout.) I know my Dad will do this, but I was wondering if it would be a problem. To be added as an AU does the company need my SS# or other info? I know in the past, I have been able to add AU with a card and all I had to provide was the name I wanted on the card.
  14. Okay. Here's another dilemma, if it automatically goes to "default" status in a Ch13. My understanding is if I default on this student loan, my professional license can be pulled. Do you know if this is a common occurrence?
  15. Thanks Lynn. If I am NOT in default at the time of the BK filing, how does that change things? I believe I will have my BK filed before I hit default status. The SL servicer told me default occurs at 270 days, and I am currently at 205 days. When my BK is discharged, will I come out of it as 205 days past due? I'm hoping to pay this SL during my BK, or at least the past-due amount. But I understand that sometimes you are allowed to, and sometimes not.

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