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  1. hello...i am a long time lurker & first time posting....well how should i start? the good news is i closed on my friday and moved in..the bad news is the seller removed the washer/dryer (which was contracted in the purchase agreement) from the premises upon moving...it was there during the walk thru....the seller also.. removed cleaning supplies left on premises (out of spite due to having to move out before HE was ready...but that's story for another day)...i have left three messages to the sellers realtor and have not heard anything back yet (his realtor has also been pretty unprofessional during this whole process)...here is my plan: i am writing a certified nutjob letter to the realtor today...demanding money for a replacement washer/dryer...as i do not trust the seller to bring it back in working order due to his actions thus far...and the cost of me having to rent a washer/dryer until the matter is resolved...and i also plan to be in civil court if i do not get satisfaction....any other tips/hints/suggestions would be more than appreciated..thanx in advance...
  2. that's right...sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do Well, you know what? You're not in the situation I'm in or come from the background I come from. If this is the worse thing I do in my life, to get myself into a home, then I won't think twice about it, and I'm not ashamed. To hear you tell it, I'm knocking over a gas station or something.

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