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  1. I wasn’t aware of the restrictions on licenses, etc. I’ll reply to the one statement I received. Thanks much!
  2. I’ve been receiving emails from a school I attended 10+ years ago. They are a large state public university and have recently started sending me emails and letters stating that I owe them for small loans given by the university themself. Of course these small loans (maybe two $500?) have now suddenly become thousands. I have no recollection of these (although they may be correct). I have consolidated Federal loans that I’ve been paying for years and am current on. Are these loans considered private loans? If so the SOL has long since run out. I haven’t replied to any of the emails or the statement I received via snail mail. Thanks for your advice!
  3. Donation sent! Thank you WhyChat for all your help!
  4. Garnet


  5. I have several lates, some as much as 120 days showing even after my Chap13. We filed in December 2009 so only about 17 months to go before it all falls off so my question is: Which effects your score more? Several lates or IIB? I know that the older the lates the less effect but am wondering if there is a formula or guide of some sort?
  6. Thanks shanes76, I just called and placed a freeze, no hassles, very friendly rep. It did take about 20 minutes but speaker phone is a wonderful thing Edited for typo
  7. That's fabulous, congrats!!! And thanks for posting, I needed positive reinforcement today!
  8. Hey CB, Kinda freaking out just a bit.... We received our Chapter 13 discharge the first week of June, towards the end of June received a statement from Ocwen saying our Mortgage payment was due on August 1, cool, that works, we're ready... then today (received both today, CMRR): Certified mail #1 dated 7.14.15 Mortgage default. Please remit $45,438.00 by August 20th Certified mail #2 dated 7.15.2015 Pre-forclosure Referral Letter. You owe us $45K, pay up, here is your "dedicated Relationship Manager" and gives me an Indian name and asks me to call to discuss arrangements. And my attorney is out of town until Monday. And frankly, I'd like to get your input so I have a bit of knowledge and CB insight before I talk to him. Besides, did I mention that I was kinda freaking out? I was working on my reports, thinking life was good.... Note: our BK 13 was four months late being discharged because DH lost his job in the middle of it. We were able to pull it off-barely. We may still have an arrearage but I don't know how all that works and YES! I'm doing the research but am still confused. Thanks!
  9. Congrats!! I just got mine a couple of weeks ago but haven't broken it in yet--whatcha gonna buy first??
  10. I have Care Credit and they report to all 3 monthly. I also have Walmart, Sam's Club, and ding-a-ling's Sporting Goods. Sam's is my newest and was a pre-approval at the register. I generally get a pre-approval or two in the mail each month or so. I think its easier to get another GEMB card after the first. Enjoy your Care Credit--I love mine and use it all the time.
  11. I was locked (?) out for a couple of days last week, but never called. I still have TC but got the CIP email this morning.
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