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  1. They are deliberately delaying the registration. Initially they wanted me to give them a license from the county I live in ( I have registered cars in my business name prior with just a registration from the Secretary of State). Then once the county confirmed it wasn't necessary now they are saying they submitted it to the State. After contacting the State, the state has confirmed they have not received anything from the dealership. Now VW Credit is doing some unofficial prying in which I called them for help in getting the registration done and then now they are asking me questions about my business. I am just not sure where they are going with delaying registration and wanted to know if there is a way for them to unwind the deal after they paid off my trade-in and accepted payments that I have been on time with maybe due to sellers remorse? The only reason I could think of is the negative equity I rolled into the lease.
  2. The dealership is not registering the vehicle. They have issued me another 45 day temporary sticker.
  3. Yes I do have an account # and have made 2 payments (including a substantial downpayment)
  4. I did an auto lease with VW back in January and ever since the dealership has been stalling me with the registration of my vehicle. I called the VW leasing and have been making payments etc. But I do notice someone looking on my business' website and other information associated to me from VW credit (web analytics). I did a trade-in and rolled negative equity in the lease but I am wondering if they are trying to find a way to cancel the deal (I gave a downpayment and have been making timely payments)? I also noticed a soft-inquiry on my credit report titled "Collection" so that made me curious. Anybody have any ideas?
  5. I was just wondering if B* is possible when I have been flagged from previous disputes years ago.. If someone can point me in the direction of the thread that explains this and I will do the reading necessary. I rem seeing it years ago but just couldn't remember if its still possible. Got 20inq on EQ that I need to get rid of.... Thanks
  6. Because from $1k to $15k is cool to look at. Exactly... Its been a long time coming so I am just excited to be back...
  7. Well yeah then they just asked which bureau was open since EXP was frozen...
  8. I havent had a cc over $6k since Chap 7 in 2011. Finally starting to get my reports clean and have a IIB with FIA (not on reports) but approved for a $25k CL. I just paid my balances down and my EQ is over 745 so that definitely helped. My TU and EX still have the PR and IIBs but are 685 and 695 respectively.
  9. citi CLI to $15k.... just starting to rebuild from a chap 7 bk in 11....
  10. I requested a cli and received an email with approval etc then I checked online and saw the new amount (15k). I then look online 1 hr later and it's gone. Has this happened to anyone before?
  11. I signed the contract on a leased car in GA on a Thursday afternoon. My credit was pulled and everything seemed fine. The dealer is now calling me to resign a contract with higher terms. Then they say I have to unfreeze my other cb. I signed a right to cancel spot delivery agreement but Do I have any recourse? They have said my financing is approved just not at the terms on my signed contract and want me to unfreeze my other cb. Any suggestions?
  12. i need you all help. I got the BK 7 removed from my report and all my accounts were reported with n/a status. Now a creditor updated the n/a status to past due 120+ days. How can I get them to either delete or report with the n/a status? Arent they required to not report account history post bk (it was discharged)? This is EQ. Thanks
  13. when did you apply to DCU? I applied for auto loan 10/05 and still have not heard back? Is this normal?

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