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  1. Thanks dizy! Now I'm ready for the second round of aps, just wish D&B would perk up a little. Really glad that Amazon reported, was worried that it wouldn't and since GE doesn't report limits on ex it wouldn't have helped me a bit. All of these accounts are sitting at $0 balance. I also wanted to see if they would report with 0 usage, did just fine.... to ex at least. About to get on the phone and order my eq file. I've been busy working . Building business credit won't work if you don't have a business to back it up, LOL. That and now that my daughter is getting older (just turned 1!) she is taking a bit more time out of my day. Have to come up with ingenious ways to multi task! My son (who is about to turn 6) is now in full time kindergarten, so he isn't around until in the afternoon to help entertain her like he was during the summer. When I finally have free time it usually isn't until 2-3 in the morning and then I just want to find my pillow, lol. How's it going with you?
  2. These were obtained in August and September. All 4 of my Citi accounts showed their faces this weekend. Dropped score, but not to bad. I haven't been able to get Office Accounting to work on this corp for some reason, hangs up in registration, have spent countless hours on the phone with Microsoft and Equifax, came to the conclusion they are all salamanders, LOL. I had the free trial and when that ran out I tried to upgrade it, all fell apart. I want to apply for Walmart first in the GE line up since they are inquiry sensitive, but need to see my Equifax report first. None of these have shown up on D&B, only 5 net 30's have shown their faces there. All for $50. Will be nice when Citi decides to report to D&B!!
  3. I don't believe the Amazon Corporate account is giving any cli's now due to GE taking over at the end of the month. Exxon should be an easy cli for you, hard on ex business.
  4. I have to agree here, you need to find a new designer. If this person can't give you solid advice then I really doubt that he is well versed in building a good quality web site. What I mean about that is using the latest methods to gain the best return out of your site. Your site will need to be optimised (SEO), is he familiar with what search engines are looking for (lately)? Anyone can toss up a web site, but if you aren't pleasing to the search engine crawlers then you can bet you won't show up on the first page. The designer that I use told me up front that he isn't 100% up to speed on SEO. That's fine, I knew up front and once he is done with the basics for the redesigning of my web site, then I will pass it on for SEO. Once I find someone that I want to work with . My designer also hosts, that is common. You may want to ask around and get some quotes. You may be surprised to find a better deal. FYI: Look at the portfolio of clients from your designer. Check out their sites and see where they are listed, their page ranking etc. If you are needing to offer products online for sale you can look into the site mals-e.com for your shopping cart assistance. Mals is a very easy set up and best of all free! I've used them for going on 6 years now without any problems. This is simply a way to capture your customers order and payment information, you will still need to manually process the credit card. I use QB's for my merchant account, so everything ties into my accounting program perfectly. Mals is a ssl server, so you are safe there. You can build a standard site and use code to build your catalog along with mals payment buttons and be done with it.
  5. If you were given the option to set up your user name and password you can keep checking until you see a change. If you were approved you will see a General Error after a few days, then a few days after that you will see the account information, credit line etc. It took only a few days for me to get the general error for my AA card, almost a week for my PP card.
  6. And who was your ISP in 83? Could be military or from a University, they have been up since the 70's.
  7. I was afraid it was just another FP ploy. I read all the fine print this evening after my mail got back to the house. Dh had some errands to run and I had just called the # as he was dropping me off at the house. Seems like the same outrageous fee's, nope not interested! The 0% for 12 months is really what caught my eye. Now, I have 5 more to *b* off of eq and then I'm going to try switching cc's with TC and then close out my original FP card. My loose TC in the process, but oh well......it's just a matter of time before I get their email anyway, lol. Thanks for the responses!
  8. Just got this in the mail today. I'm wanting to close down my measly $300 limit Gold card, but it is the card that is tied to TrueCredit and I don't want to rock the boat on my pulls (so far under the radar), so I'm holding off until just a bit for that. Anyway, so does anyone know what the deal is with this Platinum card? It says 0% interest on purchases for 12 months. I called and she told me that it's an upgrade and that if my credit is better now than it was when I was approved for the Gold my credit limit will be higher. My scores are much better, but the last thing I need is another crappy limit card. My latest approval was $11,000 Citi PP card. I didn't submit the application because she couldn't tell me exactly what kind of limits they approve for, she doesn't see the approvals, just the applications. So, onto my cb buddies..... Any input?
  9. TysMom02

    HD Expo

    I was under the impression in the beginning (wow almost a year ago) that they did report, but it doesn't look like it. So, I'm going to go for another CLI in the next month or so and then combine for one large line.
  10. I know there are other online merchants here and I was wondering if anyone can give me some pointers in online advertising. I see so many companies that do this, but I don't want to shell out money to another scam. A net 30 would be a plus, but not necessary. I'm ready to do some pretty aggressive advertising and not really sure where to turn....
  11. Yeah, I think your right. I just looked again and 02/07 is the oldest showing. Hhmm, when that one falls off next month I'll be down to 3 inq's. Nice! Score went from 82 to 87 today with 5 falling from 01/07. There are 6 sitting in Feb, so it will be nice to see another score jump (well hopefully at least, lol) when those fall. I've been stuck just above 80 for what seems like months! I have the 90's in sight!!
  12. I mail A LOT of stuff and I bought a $50 postal scale on ebay and use usps.com for all my post office postage, even certified letters. They even deliver free boxes to my door. Then if it's to heavy I move onto UPS which again is a free service. I dunno, I just can't justify giving someone money just for a trade line. I mean a $30 order of stuff that I can USE for a net 30 account is (in my eyes) completely different than just tossing that to someone every month for a machine that is really unnecessary. Over $1000 a month in postage and I still just can not justify it. Now if we could apply for the Visa aside from having to be tied to a machine then I may be interested. Not for $2500 though, they would have to step up to the plate on that one.
  13. I noticed a decrease in my inquiries. Where'd they go?? Do they only keep them so long, or what?
  14. Wait, are ya'll saying that if I convert that I won't get the promo BT offer from Upromise? The Upromise has a 12 month BT offer, so I'm not really worried about loosing the PP 15 month offer. I really don't have much to BT anyway. I'm sitting on $2100 interest free for 18 month Select Comfort. That is all I'm really wanting 0% BT for anyway, once that gets to the end off the offer I'll BT what is left to the Upromise card and stretch it out even more. My main concern right now is getting that credit limit to report. I hadn't thought about the TY points though, I'll make sure to take advantage of those before I decide to convert anything . Thanks for the reminder!
  15. I was just approved for a PP card ($11,000 ~ WOOHOO largest limit to date ~ GOODBYE subprime ) and i know that it does not report limit, so I plan on converting to something that does. Is there a list of credit limit reporters? I converted my AA card to a DP card on SG's suggestion, but I'm now curious about the Upromise card for this PP card. It has the 0% BT for 12 months and that looks sweet. I'm sure there is a list around here somewhere, if someone could just point that out to me I would appreciate it! TIA!

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