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  1. it didn't have to do with her looks solely. She had lost her sense of taste and smell, and her eyesight, she went into bouts of horrific pain that would last for hours at a time. But what does the story emphasize? I know she must have been in awful pain, it is just sad that she had to go through that..
  2. You guys really think they will CLD me? I don't even have limits that are that good. Crap.. Well I am going to undo my out payments now. Thanks for the heads up on that. what if I just schedule the ONE payment through the website... is that too risky too?
  3. He said doing that is treating him like a child. Should I tell him he is acting like one?
  4. Quite frankly, I guess I am more upset with my husband and his "well they gave it to us we should use it" attitude. I can make the payments but it irritates me to NO end. So I would rather consolidate and and wipe them out. I can't because of the bankruptcy. I have set all my accounts to automatically pay (except capital one, because you can't do it online.) at least the minimum so it will get done. A debt consolidation loan would be great. CCS would make things ugly really fast. My scores aren't bad but would be better if I had lower utility. So I guess I have an attitude problem about the entire thing.
  5. Did I reject them all? I think I only rejected the CCS. I have already cut the cards, but I won't get rid of them or close them. That would be horrible to my credit. Thank you to everyone
  6. I don't need that. I can pay the minimums plus some. I didn't go to bankruptcy because of credit cards. It was medical bills. So before you start running your mouth you may want to ask questions. No I can't because of my continuing medical bills. Anyway, I can make the minimums plus some so I will be fine. I am sorry I asked now. I just don't like having to keep track of all the seperate payments. Nope. I don't want the double whammy of a bankrupcty and a credit counselor. I will get this paid and be just fine.
  7. Selling stuff? Na.. I am far enough down on my credit lines, I am not concerned about over the limit fees.
  8. snowballing is probably your best option - if you can pay any off in one payment, do so, then snow ball the rest. Once the balances come down, you should be able ot get a loan. Use your income tax rebate to pay one completely off. I know that is probably the reason, but really I need something like that. My husband made some charges that I didn't expect so we are sort of in a fight. But a consolidation loan would save us.. I just can't get one.
  9. Don't you need good credit for them? I have no baddies EXCEPT my bankruptcy and still can't get approved.
  10. OH NO!! I can make the minimums it would be stupid for me to go into one of those programs. See my signature.. So not horrible, but not great... ETA: they are not all maxed out
  11. Yes, my credit union wants a full year of payments first.
  12. Well I have just about buried myself in my credit cards. What I would like to do is get a consolidation loan and pay off the current cards and then never look at them again. Possible? Capital one says no and so did a little secondary lender. I feel it is hopeless. Any ideas welcome. Note: I can make payments on all these and have not missed any payments. My balances just aren't going down. Thoughts, reactions?
  13. Never pay a bill that isn't yours. Files affidavits of fraud. I don't know how to undo the payments. I can't imagine that anyone would believe she would pay a bill that wasn't hers.... I am with one of the pp that said she must know who opened it and didn't want to get the opener in trouble.

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