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  1. I'm in a similar situation. 589 score, $900 total for 2 different debts in collections. 3 questions: 1) should there be a statement that disavowing the debt, but "willing to pay if [company] agrees to delete the account from any and all credit reporting agencies." 2) Would it be helpful to state that if they won't do it, "I will seek all re.edges provided by the FDCPA to remove the inaccuracies from my report." 3) should the agreement from [company] be on a letterhead signed by someone with the authority to make that decision?
  2. OK, so that leads me to a few more questions: Weltman, Weinberg & Reis just got "assigned" this debt by a school loan that went into default (co-signer did not fax the paperwork in for deferrment in time). I'm talking early April here. Mid-April he's harassing my co-signer at his place of work. He sends an form to his employer for verification of employment. To my knowledge, there has been no judgement (how could there be in that short of time?)and if there were, doesn't that take legal action where the co-signer of the loan would have been given some kind of legal notice? I believe this is just another CA breaking the law and trying to intimidate. He's broken numerous other laws including calls before 8am, continued calling at work after being told he can't receive calls at work (DV letter sent last week with a limited C&D to document his stating no more calls). Heck, the guy even talked with me on the phone about the debt and I'm not on it (I called him by accident - I selected the wrong phone number to call the co-signer). So - in a nutshell - is there any way a judgement could have been given in a 2-3 week time period without any legal paperwork being sent to the co-signer? If there is no judgement, can they send verification of employment paperwork to the co-signer's place of employment?
  3. Can a collection agency legally send my employer an employment verification request? I saw one other thread on this when I did a search, but it wasn't 100% clear to me.
  4. I'm curious to see if there's a forum out there for people who have been laid off so we can work together and network, helping each of us to find employment again. I realize this isn't a "credit" issue per se, but being unemployed certainly can affect a person's credit!
  5. One thing to look out for too is if they're required to be licensed in your state. I'm in WI, and as long as the CA does not step foot in WI, they can send whatever they want thru the mail to try to collect.
  6. I just filed my complaint with the Comptroller of Currency. Stay tuned . . .
  7. Where is the proof that they are legally allowed to collect on the alleged debt?
  8. Even if it's not the current CA reporting, but the place the CA is collecting for? (smells like a JDB who contracted out to a CA). Not arguing the fact, but trying to learn myself . . .
  9. I filed a complaint with them a couple of years ago as part of a 3-pronged attack against an OC who was reporting all sorts of inaccuracies on a IIB account. They responded to my complaint with a letter advising me they had received my complaint & were investigating. A few weeks later, I received a letter from the OC stating they were deleting the TL. That's a positive development. I'm hoping that since this is a paid charge-off that is due to drop off in just under a year anyway that they'll just fold so they don't have to spend money dealing with me anymore. We'll see. LadyRelm2, did you try filing a complaint with the place I linked above?
  10. Make sure that mini-miranda is on there. If you are still within the 30 day window, I'd suggest that you dispute. If this has gone from OC to CA to CA, chances of them having the required paperwork is slim to none. Do up your letter, and post it on this site looking for folks to critique it. Make sure that you mention that it's a response to an initial contact which did (or did not) contain the mini-miranda. Also make sure you mention that it's a CA collecting for a CA that is already on your reports. BubbaG, if she's still within the 30 day window, do you agree?
  11. Quick History:I've disputed with BOA twice with no luck. Disputed with CRA's for BOA 5 times, no luck. Goodwilled BOA, no luck. BBB'd BOA, no luck. Item is a Paid Charge Off. Tradeline is incorrect and I have proof of them changing dates around and other items. They have never marked the tradeline as "disputed by consumer". Here in WI, there is a state statute that requires them to, as well as stating that once it's marked as "disputed by consumer", it must always report that way. My BBB dispute was entirely about this lack of notation on my tradeline. Problem: I went to Wisconsin's Attorney General website, went to the complaint section, and it sent me to the Department of Financial Institutions. I filed my complaint there. I get a reply stating that since BOA is a national bank, that they cannot do anything. She stated to me that the agency that regulates the credit-reporting practices of national banks is the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (www.occ.treas.gov). She also gave me a link where there is instructions and form for filing a complaint involving a national bank (http://www.helpwithmybank.gov/complaints/index.html). Why can't my AG go after someone for breaking one of the statutes in their state? I don't understand that. Any help anyone? Also, has anyone ever had any dealings with the Comptroller of Currency or the other website? I don't ever remember them being discussed here.
  12. Welcome to CB and congrats on the quick removal of addresses! Yes, BubbaG is correct, dispute next with the CRA's. I recently started repair on my DW's and got like 5 accounts removed from hers (after removal of addresses). Still a lot of work to do, but a great start. Is the letter from the CA that you referred to earlier the first communication with them? Does it have on there the mini-miranda? Lastly, you said that you've been reading a ton. Hopefully that includes the "newbie" section and "psychdoc's" threads. If not, both are located below for you to use. Great, great information for beginners. Congrats again and keep up the good work!
  13. Do you still have the message from her? Threatening legal action, misrepresenting herself, misrepresenting the debt. She gave you a lot to work with . . .

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