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  1. I should clarify - I don't have medical *debt,* I have that much in medical expenses annually. It's all paid and current. It's just a huge chunk of my income, is what I was trying to say. Nor do I have student loan collections - nothing is behind right now. I already filed BK in '08 (that's actually in my signature, but easy to miss). So that wouldn't be an option for me even if I did have anything to gain by it at this point (which I don't since I have very little debt other than car pmt. and student loans that are non-dischargeable.) Thank you, snowpup, for the rest of the great info you provided. And thanks to the rest of you for trying to help!
  2. They are BK friendly. Don't know how much time since discharge they need, but I can tell you they refi'd my auto loan for me recently (HUGE savings) and I'm 3 years post-bk-discharge.
  3. Thank you, cod. Anyone else have additional comments? Cod was very kind to answer, but I'm still wondering about the rest of it.
  4. Here's my deal. I only make 32k. Not federal poverty guidelines (so not enough for low income deferment) but not enough to make $400/month in student loan payments and still have money to live on, given my medical expenses ($3500+ out of pocket a year, and I was just diagnosed with another chronic condition that needs PT, so looking at more). Right now my loans are in forbearance. This is the third year in a row they will be that way. I understand interest is accumulating while I'm not paying them. I have 50k in consolidated loans (consolidated through the feds). On an income-based repayment plan, my payments would stretch out for 30 years, at which point the remainder would be forgiven, or so I seem to remember. By keeping them in forbearance, am I just pushing the thirty year clock back further and further? Is there a limit to how many years of forbearance you can have? I can't help feeling like it's going to come back to bite me somehow. To throw another wrench into things, I'm a public servant, so I just found out my loans can be forgiven entirely after 10 years of on-time payments?... I've got a year under my belt already, before I had to start with the forbearances. Not sure I'll last 10 years though... lot of layoffs going on. Hopefully if I find another public service job it will start counting again? What's my best strategy here? I have a little high-interest CC debt, a car loan (recently refi'd down to 9% from 25%), and NO savings or emergency fund at this point. It doesn't seem like a good time to start trying to pay student loans again, but I don't want it to come back to bite me.
  5. I've seen people on the BK forum dispute their BK a few months before it's supposed to fall off as "obsolete" and it almost always does. If you're impatient, just a thought.
  6. Bank of America started charging me for my savings account, and said something about adding fees to my checking. This prompted me to immediately open a checking account with DCU. As soon as I get everything switched over successfully, bye bye BOA! One of the many benefits to not having anything set up for autopay - nothing to switch over!
  7. Not sure why they would, though, since it costs them money to report.
  8. Holy heck... I just got my free FICO from DCU. 668. This is higher than it has ever been since my credit file began 16 years ago, and I'm only 3 years post-BK. I also haven't disputed off a single baddie, and right now some of my cards have balances (some are close to maxed). Imagine what it will be once I pay down my cards, and then if I choose to start disputing... wow. I'm already just amazed. Bankruptcy is REALLY NOT the financial death sentence everyone thinks it is!
  9. Available today for me was finally a message offering me a free FICO score! I don't have Checking Plus (yet) nor do I have an open loan (yet - still have to sign me refi paperwork). So all I have is a share deposit and a free checking account. Ah well, not looking a gift horse in the mouth. I signed up for it - so I assume I just have to wait to get a message that it's available.
  10. Yeah, in case you didn't know - the dates on checks are not binding as far as when they can START cashing them. They COULD just cash every one of those checks the second they get them and leave you with a huge mess.
  11. If this were the case, though, I don't think he'd suddenly be paying $80 in interest each month.
  12. All I had was a share account - no offer for a FICO score in my message box when I logged in today. Buuuuuuuuuuut... I applied for a checking account/debit card (got it! Thanks to disputing a Chex entry successfully last year) AND... drumroll.... since I needed a loan, too, for the free FICO I decided to bite the bullet and see if by some miracle they'd re-fi my car for me.... drumroll please... THEY DID!!! 21.99% (rate I got right after BK) to 9%! I am sooo walking on sunshine tonight. Hope I'll get my free FICO sometime soon.
  13. Seriously, Kim - you've been given good advice. Before you do ANYTHING else, go to naca.net, find a few attorneys that sound good to you, and start e-mailing them your story. Let them know you can only afford to do this on contingency. I bet you more than one will agree to take your case and you'll have your pick. Do it NOW if you can... the sooner you make this happen the better.
  14. Sorry for the thread necro, but I wanted to update - DCU approved me today for a re-fi! I went from 21.99% interest to 9%. It's 3 years (which is what I had left on my original loan) so the term is the same. And my payments are now $50 a month cheaper. Woooooooooohoooooooooo! 3 years out of BK + 3 years perfect payments + no lates since BK seems to be enough for DCU to refi! I couldn't be happier.
  15. I logged into my CapOne account this morning to find that they increased my CL on one of my two cards from $2500 to $4500! My jaw hit the floor. I'm shocked, especially since I was inadvertently (and stupidly) a couple of days late on a payment a couple of months ago. (I'd accidentally copied a payment confirmation number from the previous month into the spot for that month and thought I'd paid it). I can't believe they CLI'd me when I feel like there are people who never make such stupid mistakes like I did who never get a CLI. Wow.

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