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  1. Hi there! Haven't been on this forum for years, but you guys helped me out a ton years ago when I was stupid with my money! I'm now helping a friend who was in a bad car accident 2 years ago. The other party was at fault. She ended up going to the hospital with her kids, and her own health insurance (BCBS) covered her medical expenses 80% after her deductible. My friend paid her resulting bills she received in the mail. It was over $10k that she paid. She is now being hunted by BCBS and they sent her to collections claiming that the at fault party's insurance (CIGNA) sent her a settlement check for $10k, which they never did. She hasn't received ANY checks from Cigna. How can I help her fight this? They are threatening to put a lien on her house. The collections company is called Conduent. She's checking her reports now to see if the collections have appeared there. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi everyone! It's been ages since I've posted here. Thanks to this site I was able to fully fix my credit (over the course of a few years - I kept making mistakes and coming back and making mistakes and coming back until I finally got my act together). Anyway, I'm here because I'm helping my mom fix her credit now. She has one 30 day late payment in May 2015 from VW Credit on her report (this is for a current lease that ends Dec 2017). Would it be best to request a goodwill removal of that payment, or should we dispute the payment first? Thanks again.
  3. Orange County
  4. instead of doing R$ you should do M$ if you want to really earn those miles a lot quicker Wow, it looks like I've been MIA from this board for a long time. I have no idea what those letters mean!!!
  5. I thought I saw something posted on this recently but I can't find anything from 2016. Does anyone do this for the purpose of earning miles? Now that we have 1 toddler and one on the way, I'm more motivated than ever to earn tons of miles for reward travel to visit family across the country. What services are still available that allow you to pay mortgages with a credit card? Are the fees even worth the return? Thanks in advance.
  6. Good to know. I just checked them on the CP db. Looks like they usually pull EQ but can also pull the other two. Is that the general concensus among them? I don't know much about Alliant.
  7. Hi fellow CBers, Just closed on my mortgage refi and want to apply for the Penfed BT card for that o% interest for 12 months. I have $10k I'd like to transfer and pay down aggresively. I just joined Penfed today and put $50 in the regular share account. Do I need to open a checking too, or can I just go ahead and app for the BT card right away? And can I app today? My EQ score is 746. So many penfed threads on this board, gone through several of them but can't find a clear answer. Thanks in advance! Edited to add: EQ report is clean, 4 inquiries in the last 2 years (3 from mortgage lender in the last year), newest accounts are from June 2015 (mortgage and store card).
  8. Bump - and recommendations for BT cards this year?
  9. Any great BT cards this year? I'm looking for one!
  10. Thanks...is it a good card for BT? The email I got was for 7.9% for BT for life. If not, any other recommendations for good BT cards? I'm in the middle of refinancing my mortgage so I'll have to wait until we close on March 30th to app.
  11. Thanks Trevor - I've been reading about others getting soft pulls for NASA CC. Any way to get that?
  12. Hey fellow CBers, I became a member of NASA FCU in 9/2014 and was denied for a CC at that time. I haven't logged into NASA since then. I just recently received an email from them with an offer to apply for a CC. My util has dramatically decreased since 9/2014 and my credit scores have dramatically increased - 730-740 across the board. Couple questions: 1. Do I need a checking account through them? I only have the savings 2. If I app for the cc now, will I get a hard or soft? Thanks in advance!

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