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  1. I just wish I could get a ON card period. They've denied me twice
  2. CCRN


    Congrats! Patelco approved me for a 5K cc today! They denied me 6 months ago!
  3. Yeah! Congrats on a huge accomplishment!!
  4. you can be FR even w/o asking for CLI Honestly, have the card for about 6 months then ask for a small increase, and then work it up slowly. I agree, just take care of the account and ask for increases every 6 months. I wouldn't worry too much about F/R's all you can do is either comply or close (so keep backup cards) that's the bottom line.
  5. CCRN

    Amex CLI

    2 to 5 dollars or thousands? Oops I meant $2k - $5k!
  6. CCRN

    Amex CLI

    Congrats! I jst increased my Blue from $2 - $5!
  7. Thanks for the response! I'm going to research this UCC!
  8. CCRN

    CC Wish List

    I'm actually to the point that I don't want any new cards. I just want cli's on all existing cards
  9. I have been working hard to get my credit rating up and have made lots of progress thanks to CB! You guys are the greatest. So far I have gotten two collections removed and have obtained credit cards to build up some positive accounts. I have taken the past month off to clear my head and go after the last two baddies on my reports. One of them is a 30 day late on a auto loan (it's only a year old so I know it's really hurting my score). The other baddy is a chargeoff on a cc. Both baddies are with HSBC. I have tried goodwill 3 times on the 30 day late to no avail. I have disputed it as never late twice, but they just keep verifying it (I was indeed late btw). I'm not sure what to do about the chargeoff- it shows as "settled for less than full balance" on my cr. So that looks bad on a manual review. I would greatly appreciate advice on these last two baddies as I'm looking to purchase a vehicle this year. TIA This is how it shows on my credit reports: Credit Account Hsbc Nv Status as of March 2007 Date opened [?] Oct, 2003 Date of last payment [?] Oct, 2005 Account number [?] XXXXX Largest past balance [?] $850 Credit Type [?] Revolving Account holder [?] Individual Scheduled payment amount [?] $0 Descriptions [?] Settlement accepted on this account Paid account / zero balance Vehicle Loan Account Hsbc Auto Status as of February 2007 Date opened [?] Feb, 2003 Date of last payment [?] Feb, 2006 Account number [?] XXXXX Largest past balance [?] $7,966 Credit Type [?] Installment Account holder [?] Individual Scheduled payment amount [?] $311 Descriptions [?] Paid account / zero balance Auto No contact information provided by Equifax Balance [?] Current Status [?] Past Due Amount [?] $0 OK Not on Record Seven year payment history [?] 30 days late 1 time (Jan 2006) 60 days late 0 times 90+ days late 0 times Legend: Currently paid as agreed 30 days late
  10. CCRN

    myFICO is stuck

    Wow, great scores!
  11. Thanks everyone CLI's are more exciting to me than new approvals
  12. Got the card in January and the limit increased from $300- $500! My first ever cli I'm so excited Hoping to get upgraded to the Visa one day

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