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  1. My hubby is in Iraq (Army) and his orders as all soldiers in his unit listed, full names and SSN. They gave the wives copies of the orders and instructed us to us them for banking, housing, etc. So, about 80 soldiers listed on this doc. Nice. Hubby got extended last week and we all got a new copy of ammended orders, all with names and SSN's again. Makes you feel safe. PLUS, this is a MI BN....these soldiers have Top Secret Clearance and are supposed to guard against identity theft and personal info getting out at all times. Gotta love the Army!
  2. I know it's confusing and overwhelming. I am still a newbie, so I won't offer advice. Just encouragement, and support, which is one of the things this board is fabulous for. Knowledge abounds here, as does advice. Keep reading and posting questions, answers will come. Good luck to you and your family.
  3. As am I! It seems that the insurance company (which I no longer have) paid all but $250.00 of the bill to the stereo company. The stereo company is coming after us for that amount, claiming it is our deductible. The deductible was already satidfied as per the stereo companies notations on the receipts. Seems to me that they should go to the insurance agency and ask for their $250.00.
  4. i hope everyone doesnt stop giving to this wonderful cause. just lost my aunt to breast cancer on sept. 1. CHEERS to all those who donated and those who will in the future!!! Pryan and anymous....you ROCK!
  5. Oh so happy for you and JEALOUS!!! DH and I each have these lovely people on our reports and I just don't know if I have the energy to deal with them!!! Have fun with the Beerfest!
  6. Merchant's Credit Association has an account listed on DH's report. Total $394. This is from a car stereo place, our car was broken into, stereo stolen, insurance told up to go get new stereo and they would take care of bill minus our $250 deductible. This happened back in 2001. So, I DV'd MCA and they told me that the debt was for a cell phone account and the documents were in storage and they would get them to me. I send letter saying never had cell phone account with these people and I want item deleted. A month later they send another letter with attachements. First attachement is receipt from stereo place, with my husbands signature on it and the salesperson wrote on the document in 2 different places that the deductible was paid and that they had a copy of the receipt from the payment. Second document is work order for installation, same salesperson writes on it in 2 places that deductible was paid and no balance due. Third doc is letter from stereo place that was supposedly sent to us 3 months later asking for proof of payement of deductible. After reviewing this, I repsond to MCA that clearly there was an oversight as the stereo store noted 4 times that the deductible was paid. I receive nothing and tradeline is update on CR to include interest. I complain to BBB, AG and WA State Collection Board. I include in my complaint that MCA has not marked accountas in dispute. MCA responds to BBB that they are following the law, that we owe the money and they claim they marked as indispute. I respond to BBB, I am not satified, account not marked as in dispute. I receive another letter from MCA - obviously deductible not paid cuz stereo store sent letter asking for proof. Money due now or else! I respond, stereo store claimed on 2 documents that they had proof of deductible being paid. Insurance should have paid difference, FOAD. I sent all letters CMRRR, the last one he has been notified of the letter from the post office but has not yet picked it up. Only a few more days and it will come back return to sender. So....that's where I am with them now, I have heard nothing since then. BBB complaint is still active. MCA had 2 medical accounts listed for DH when this started and in the course of this time have deleted, reinserted, duplicated and combined those as well. I have had it with this guy. I disputed with CRA after I sent first letter and they verified before documents came back from "storage". Ideas? Comments? Sorry its long and I hope it makes sense. Thanks in advance!
  7. I sent them 2 DV's basic nothing special. SOL is way over. They are not responding to me at all except to change amoutn due on report. I have a feeling this isn't going to be pretty. They have not marked in dispute. They report as installment account on all reports for both me and hubby.
  8. DH and I both have old Sears accounts, and I mean old, opened in 1996, went bad in 2001, they say 2002. This is not a joint account, we each had one, LVNV has both for about $3000 each. I have DV'd both twice, they are ignoring me except to update the amount due on credit reports. They have sent me NOTHING! They are reporting as "open" and "factoring company" accounts. I know this is bad, but what to do. THEY ARE IGNORING ME!!!!!! And I hate that! I hate them. They are the biggest, ugliest baddie we have left. i could live with everything else on the reports if these were gone. They are due to fall off 3/09. Send me junk statements, a bill, something, BUT DON'T IGNORE ME!!! I feel like the chic in Fatal Attraction ------ "I Will Not Be Ignored!" Thanks for the help, feedback, etc.
  9. I recently got one of those from Northland from an old Crap 1. I sent a FOAD and they sent back a letter saying they were giving it back to previous collector (A$$hat) and I would never hear form them again. Haven't heard anything from A$$hat either. It's so OLD and out of the SOL that they can KMA!!!! Good luck!
  10. Were they still reporting on your reports during the dispute time?
  11. in regards to your prescriptions, have you tried the assistance program offered by the pharmecutical companies? I think it's criminal that you are having to pay so much for your meds. Good luck with everything else! You sound very educated and informed. I believe your research and planning will pay off for you.

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