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  1. We live in Ohio, the house is in Ark. the tenant has lived there 15 years and I don't intend to change that. The problem is I don't mind that mom is giving it to me, but I'd rather it not look like she did. She's up in age, and with the 5 year look back rule for the elderly I'd prefer to 'buy' it. Can we do our own seller financed paperwork, and the tenant starts to send me the rent and I in turn pay mom? Doing it this way won't help my credit in any way I know, but could mom be affected tax wise? Does anyone know of any other issues that may arise?
  2. We've had 3K with Menards for about 8 months. Maybe I should shoot for Costco
  3. We've never used Kabbage but we have used OnDeck a few times. Interest is high but if you pay it back early the drop a lot. When you're in need, you have to do what you have to do. No tax returns just last 3 months of bank statements.
  4. Thanks for replying! I will start making payments from my bank account. I know it won't help now, but I'll do it just in case she wants to do something later in life. I'll also start to add the rental income into her tax returns. She's walking away from the house she is currently in, which is another problem in itself.
  5. Dad died in Nov 2014, since then I've been searching for mom a smallet place. She's been approved for 135K based off her retirement/disability income and we've found a condo that will be great. She has a 2013 Buick lease that I've paid $300 a month on since day 1 (she pays $89) but since I have $150 biweekly direct deposited to her account instead of me writing a personal check for the note they count the entire car note purchase against her. Is there a way around this? She also gets $500 a month rent from a rental property for the last 12 years (same tenant) but has never claimed this on her taxes, they won't count that as income either. I'm not worried about the condo at all, she's going to get it, but going forward if she wanted to apply for another mortgage later should I start to pay her car note from my account? How much does rental income really help boost your chances of getting a higher approval?
  6. It reports to EX for us for sure. I haven't checked anything else
  7. OMG what in the world?? Are your scores decent? I can't imagine they aren't. I would have definitely sent it back with a FOAD card. The owners scores are mid 600's. It was definitely a spit in the face, we weren't very happy
  8. We have 2 business checking and 1 savings account with them, and about 8 accounts that we are signers on as payees for those with disabilities. Last year we made about 900K all deposited to US Bank. Applied for a LOC about 3 weeks ago and was denied (still no denial letter) but they sent us a credit card with a 1K limit instead. I'm very tempted to send it back. We've been customers for 4 years
  9. Chrysler does report to your personal cra's. We purchased 3 2015 vehicles in November and they showed on the cra of my boss. They are in the business name only with him signing as guarantor. We have two newer loan finane through Ally that only report to business
  10. Well here'my update. We got denied again for Speedway, we don't even need it but I'm really irritated with the denials especially since it's the only gas station we use! However after reading another post and realizing Pep Boys has a universal card I applied for it. Approved 8K! Very funny since Wex won't budge on our 1,200 limit on our Wex Universal. smh, the credit game is crazy
  11. Tbea, I did the same thing years ago. Had a EIN, and DUNS and had credit built and was operating as a business but hadn't filed paperwork with my states SOS. I'd sent it in but they never processed it and I never caught the mistake. It's definitely possible to do, and MOST companies don't check with the SOS when applying for credit, they check the DUNS and ein.
  12. I had to go look at our cards. We obviously have the wrong Pep Boys card. Should have applies for the universal instead. We may have to apply
  13. Yup, we have a Menards $3500 limit. Speedway also has 2 Wex backed cards now, we haven't applied for those.
  14. Pep Boys is accepted at way more places??
  15. Be careful, I once had a Speedway SuperAmerica card with my old business, I defaulted on it but later paid it off. Twice in the last year I applied for the company I currently work for, I'm not the owner of the business but I would be the contact person for the account. Both times Speedway rejected it and the lady I spoke to said it was because my name was on the app. I waited and applied again last month, this time using my boss' name on the credit app and it was approved for 4K. Speedway's credit department is a small department and both times I got the denial and called I spoke to the same older woman who told me that I was the reason for the denial
  16. New TL showing on DnB 20K from Natnl commercial bank Could this be the new vehicle purchase that we got financed through Ally? Or maybe it's the 20K LOC from OnDeck that we never use. Either way I didn't know either reported to DnB. It's our highest trade on this report!
  17. I did ask and and he said there was no need to fax anything. He wouldn't tell me what he was looking for regarding the phone number. This is what I think they problem may be. I work for 2 different companies, that share 1 office. Company B is the one that is applying for credit. The main number to the office is listed through the local phone company for Company A. Company B which has multiple locations has a number through Ring Central (3 years) that when called says if you're calling for this division press 1 (transfers to one of Company B's remote sites), for the main office press 2 (transfers to main number that is listed to Company A) because this is where all administrative members for both companies work. All administrative employees work for both company A and B. When you google the name of Company B OR the ring central phone number the results always match each other. We did this for multiple reasons. 1- Company B has multiple locations and it just made sense to be able to dial 1 number for all locations 2- Just in case they decided it wasn't feasible to share an office, and administrative staff Company B wouldn't have to contact all clients, vendors, social media etc to update contact info. Last year when I applied I gave the main office number (the one that both companies share) but I think we were denied because it comes back to a company with a different name. This year I applied using the ring central number and I don't know what the problem is. It's no big deal if we don't get it this time I won't keep trying. I will just move on
  18. Denied June 2014, applied last week got denial today. They pulled EQ and list balance on all commercial trades, and time in business not reported at bureau as reasons for denial. I called and asked to pull EX, they refused then took me thru the same thing they did last year about our phone number. He said he resubmitted and I'll get a response in the mail. It smells like another denial. Staples, OD,WEX and all other cards are paid down to zero each month. We have a 96K high with Chrysler because we purchased 3 vehicles in November and they report as 1 trade
  19. Is there an address or a fax number we can send in copies of phone bills, bank statements etc? A year ago we got denied for our phone number, and this year it seems to be the same problem. I don't know what to do to make them see whatever they are looking for, but I'm hoping these things will help.
  20. Try Chrysler again. We got it in November with less credit, but we had to go to the dealer. From top of my head we have OnDeck 10K, Grainger 1K, FedEx Kinkos, Office Depot 1,600 Staples 1,200, WEX 1,200 , BP universal MC 2K, Pep Boys 2K, Uline, Quill and a bunch of other small trades. We got 2 2015 Dodge Grand Caravans, and a 2015 Chrysler 200. Put 1500 down on each. They show as 1 trade on EX for a total of 84K Forgot to mention, small home health agency since 2009, a little under 1M a year
  21. Yeah, we're going to a lawyer next week. We have a lot of things to figure out, especially with the house she currently lives in. The deed is both names, the loan only in his. She doesn't want it, can she just walk away? I have all kinds of questions, just trying to get a little info so the lawyer doesn't talk a lot of circles around me.
  22. Thanks guys, I will look into this on Tuesday. The current house was too big for them both, and is definitely too big for mom alone. We're starting to prepare it for sale. two questions- we live in 1 state, all free and clear property is in another. What state do we get the trust in? Secondly, I want her to get a condo, but I'm again faced with things being in her name.iname.im not fit credit wise to purchase for her, is there a way for her to secure the loan but not own the condo?
  23. I knew it I searched long enough I'd see this question being asked. Dad died in November, mom is in her 70's and I'm really wanting to get all of the property out of her name. She has 1 house, and 2 pieces of land that are all owned free and clear. I've already done the work to have dad's name removed from everything. I'm really trying to learn what to do with what she owns. She has been paying the mortgage of the house that she currently lives in, and we will look into selling that house later, but for now I'm trying to get as many assets as I can OUT of her personal name. Does anyone have any additonal info?

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