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  1. WHAT THE?!?! I'm speechless. I freaking love you, woman!! How the????? What are the odds? Everyone, thanks for the congrats! Ken - yes, I'm thrilled about it. Honestly, I wasn't expecting the settlement to go this well. I'm going to grab it and run. Seriously, JustSomeChick....you need to call me because WTF?!
  2. Ahhhhhhhhh....ok. I can see that. Good call. Thank you. That makes total sense.
  3. Thanks! I still don't understand why they would do that to themselves, though, when they could have just said "let's do a mutual dismissal and then we give you money". Unless it's harder to get paid from a judgment against them than it would be if we had a written settlement offer? Because now it's on record they got a judgment against them. They usually tend to avoid that part...even having most sign NDAs. I dunno. Whatever...I'm getting $5,000 and this CA can kiss my booty. Another mark for the little people!
  4. I'm double-posting, I know...sorry, but I have to call this guy tomorrow. Heh. I've been in my case for almost 2 years now (they sued me...I counter-sued for about 10x more)...today I got an email from the attorney to 'resolve the issue'. There's something I dont understand. He's not offering to settle out of court - he's giving me an 'offer of judgment.' Here's what the email says, in part: At first glance, I took this as a "you drop your case, we'll drop ours and give you mulah." Now it looks like they're going to drop their case and take a judgment! Anyone know anything more about this 'offer of judgment'? Here's something I found: Sooo....if I don't take his offer and I get awarded, say $4000 in court...I have to pay all their fees from now on? Yikes. LOL! Sounds like I need to take this. Anyone know if I can add to the stipulations of the agreement of an offer of judgment (remove from credit report, etc)? And why on earth would they not first offer to settle out of court rather than me getting a judgment on them?? That's just strange to me. What am I missing here? Isn't this a worse thing for them??
  5. Awsome, guys!! Thanks for the great answers! Now if I can get off my duff and actually write the thing! Tina (ceowens) said that I should talk them into making it a recurring piece so I can cover things on a more individual basis! How great would that be??
  6. I've been approached by an established business magazine (whose focus audience is small biz and medium biz owners) and asked to write an article about business credit in general and the importance of separating it from personal credit. It's only going to be approx. 600 words, so I can't talk TOO much! In your opinions, what do you think the most important things are? What did you learn in this process that you'd never heard of before? What took you by surprise? Any notable experiences? (Minus any evil DnB stories...I don't think they'd like me ranting on and on about that - though I'd LOOOOVE to. lol) Thanks for any tidbits!
  7. They changed 888-700-3183 to a recorded message. Anyone have a new live person number?
  8. I'll have to check that hotel out...how interesting! eep! I haven't heard about CAC, but if you ever hear from Love, Beal & Nixon out of OKC, you let me know. They're the worst thing to come out of OK since the Yard Dawgz. (go Talons!)
  9. I haven't heard about the OKC place. What hotel is it? I'm in Tulsa, so less than 2 hours away. Not that I'm up for much ghost stuff. I'd be the one running out. LOL
  10. I don't post in the off topic here much...but I do a lot of reading. (Hi, folks). I just wanted to give my Savannah experience. I just went on a huge southeastern roadtrip by myself in May (including a nice stay in New Orleans...*sniffle*). I drove for a little over 2 weeks and ended up in Savannah. I fell IN LOVE. I did one of the many walking ghost tours from place called Sixth Sense. ( http://www.sixthsensesavannah.com/ ) It was cool...just a normal walking tour, but great stories. The thing I thought was the coolest was the house you start out in. It's apparently a pretty haunted place. The thing is...you can FEEL it in there. It's like something is sitting on your chest the whole time you're in one room - I could hardly breathe. The rest of the house was ok...but the room in front was a wake room before, so those spirits were obviously still in there. Needless to say, my stay in my hotel by myself that night was a little creepy. LOL And you do get to walk by the Midnight in the Garden house...and hear a few cool stories about it. Savannah is known for their ghosts. Someone there will for sure know of a haunted place to stay. That place is FULL of spirits.
  11. Have you used the cards? I was getting that error until I actually took the cards to somewhere to use them.
  12. Well....no luck. Thanks for the links, though! Guess these guys are sneaky little a-holes. They called my cell phone, too, so it wasn't a sales thing. Maybe a wrong number. I'll answer next time, dang it!
  13. I didn't answer this morning, but when I saw it was Salt Lake City, I tried to call back because I thought it might be a friend at work. All I can get is "our office hours are closed. Please call back between 7am to 7pm CST"....even though it's 9am CST. I called friend on her cell phone and it was NOT her. I Googled with no luck. Anyone know a better way? I don't THINK I have a CA on me....but ya never know. A girl can dream, right? Thanks!!
  14. Yes. I got a call after my PFB letter with "sorry, lady".

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