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  1. i bought out my lease on my galant because i hated it - it taught me that leases are just evil in most cases - i basically paid them to take the car and more or less paid the balance anyway - the early termination fees and charges were just crazy.
  2. You should look at slickdeals and fatwallet - I've seen a bunch of threads about Honda deals as of late. I think most were for the LX models but have a look. I think the Civic is so poorly designed and I loved my 1995 Civic.
  3. how long does a car loan stay on an auto-enhanced fico? my previous car loan was paid off in about 2004 and doesn't show on my credit report that I can pull. it was with a credit union and I don't think (if i remember) that they ever reported. The initial loan was with some bank back in 2000 and they reported but it too is no longer on the report I can view.
  4. ok, I haven't spoken with the salesman yet regarding the credit app - but his email has a link to their "pre-approval" site - when I visit that application, it only asks for the most basic info plus SS# and below the app they note: What should I bring to my appointment? Most recent check stub. (or 2 years tax returns for self-employed). 6 complete references (family members that don't live in your home) name, address, phone number & relation. Most recent piece of mail in your name with address showing. Driver's License & social security card. Landlord phone number or Mortgage Company's number with account numbers. So that's where I am now - will wait to talk to salesman before filling in this form.
  5. Thanks - yea, I'd love to use some of my nice earning cards I actually considered using one of my 0% for 2 yrs cards to buy the whole car but figured that was a bad idea. Too late now as the offer ended on 7/31.
  6. aah - so just tell the salesman - i want the manuf. financing.. super! i am crossing my fingers and toes
  7. Gotcha - so if I apply online say Monday morning, they will come back to me say Monday afternoon and let me know what I've been approved for. Since you say that we still have to negotiate, I assume I do that once I get to the dealership? And will a normal personal check work for the down payment? Good point about checking out the car, I need to that - especially since they made a few tweaks to the base model. Thank you
  8. Ok, so does it work like this: -- i get there, meet salesman, sign some initial papers stating agreed-to price -- i head into marv's office -- marv runs my credit with manufacturer to see if i qualify for their best rate (the one i listed above) -- if marv gets approval, he presents me with papers to sign, and i am outta there -- if marv does not get approval, he submits me to his other banks -- marv gets approval at bank 3, for 5% -- allen tells marv he will do the deal for 4% (is this what you mean by arm wrestling) -- allen and marv agree on 4% and the deal is done and i am outta there or are you suggesting I tell the salesman on Monday I want to submit the app remotely so that process can get started? My hope is to get approved on the 2.9% seeing as I could apply from home for the chase at 3.25%. Thanks so much - I really hope this car deal goes through and I can get rid of this rental - the lady at Avis knows my name by heart! edit - I found this site with some good explanations - I didn't realize you could also negotiate the interest rate! - http://auto.howstuffworks.com/buying-selli...-financing2.htm
  9. I guess I am doing a crappy job of explaining myself. I've spoken with about 17 dealers in my state. I found one that has the best offer - the 2 dealers closest to me won't match it. So I will drive to the other dealer this week to get the car. What I am asking for is help with the finance process. Last time I financed a car was over 10 yrs ago and I think I did a crappy job I assume I will get to the dealership, meet the salesman, say hi and then head into the finance office to start that process. I am looking for info on how that process works so I can be well informed. Thanks
  10. I don't understand what the APR has to do with pricing, can you explain? Special APR offered by the mfg are usually in lieue of consumer cash incentives, and may not always be in your best interests financially. Sorry - should have said "rate" not "price" - the car I want currently has no consumer cash incentives that I qualify for.
  11. Ok Marv and others - I've finally selected a car - it's a new car - the manuf. is offering 2.9% for 60 mos and 3.9% for 72 mos as their best pricing in their ads and online. The dealer I believe I will go with is about 2.5 hrs drive (the one closest to me won't match saying that the deal has to be fake it's too low). Can someone explain how the financing bit should go? Any tips or advice are greatly appreciated. What should I say/not say? I would prefer not to get 20 inquiries if possible even though I know they only count as one. How long does the process take? I want the best financing - I also see on Chase's website a best rate of about 3.25% but Marv said not to apply on my own and let the dealer do it. I am thinking of putting down $2k and the loan would be for about 16k. My scores are 750 on all 3 reports. Thanks - I am hoping do drive up there on Wednesday
  12. Yea I was using two browsers and the notifications came into the other account - sorry about that - all is clear now - will use Allen The Hertz sure seems like a good price... Have a nice weekend Bear
  13. Aah - thanks! Any thoughts on the hertz question? You really are the man! or is it bear? geez i did it again - sorry! am deleting cookies now to correct.
  14. Evening all... couple questions after doing some searches I was unable to find any info so here goes... 1. when applying for a loan at a dealer - I've heard stories that you can easily rack up 20 inquiries - is this true? And is there still the rule that all inquiries in 30 days count only once? It's been so long since I've been car shopping so I want to double check. Do I just let the dealer run the credit as many times as needed to find me a deal? 2. I've looked at Hertz Rent To Buy program today - they seem to have some really good deals - naturally I know buying from a former rental, etc. but am curious - how hard is it to get a loan for one of these types of cars? Thanks!
  15. Thanks Bear - I appreciate your help - one last question (i think) what about a used car - I've seen a few at carmax and a couple via the dealer's online inventory that seem ok - while it's not a huge cost savings over the new version, would save 3-4k or so. Would you approach a used car purchase the same way you suggested as the new one? I assume the used car will have a higher interest rate? thanks If you could, I would purchase a current model year used. That way, someone else pays the bulk of the depreciation. Unfortunately this vehicle would not qualify for subvented APRs vs a new one. Ok - that's an interesting idea - thanks! I guess if I find one as you suggest, it's time to get out the calculator to see what it looks like vs. brand new.

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