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  1. Trolls are cool, but I like my Night Elf Mohawk better.
  2. OP, you must be on income-contingent or standard repayment, concurrent with the 10 years of teaching service. Any payments made while on graduated plan will not count (nor will any periods of deferment or forbearance). Very crude ICR calculation: Annual household income- annual household tax/12 x .2= monthly payment.
  3. hegemony, That's already been done. If the terms aren't clear and simple to you, please educate the OP yourself, using terms that you consider clear and simple. breeze, You said "Anyone" would reasonably include LKH. "Anyone" would also reasonably include any entity, including but not limited to any financial institution, collection agency, or other entity to whom consumers may owe money. Please -refine your definition of "anyone", or -provide proof that each and every single post on the CB forum, including posts from LKH, and posts directed at all creditors and their affiliates that contain any "name-calling" have received a public warning similar to the one you just gave me, or retract your statement. Thank you.
  4. Thank you Lynn! Merry Christmas!
  5. It will hurt you 7 years from when you did it, too.
  6. You're an salamander, honestly. SLM has the most predatory terms in existence. The fact that consumers are too uneducated to see that it telling. I should have been treating you guys like subhuman oxygen drains, honestly. I should not have believed in you.
  7. No wait....that's not really my own honest opinion. The admins here have mistreated, censored, and almost manipulated me into believing their ridiculously unsubstantiated viewpoint that the consumer is never wrong, even when the consumer is indeed almost always wrong, and usually acting in utterly gross negligence. This consumer was and still is a complete and total moron, and has completely failed to state anything bearing the most generous definition of "a claim for which any legal relief whatsoever could possibly be granted." This mindless, souless, sub-human waste of oxygen committed a defamation of character in blaming George W for it's choice to default on a debt that my tax dollars guaranteed. This career huckster continued to attempt to blame Bush for laws signed by Johnson and Clinton, and failed to assume any responsibility for his own perjury on a federal contract. This lier/cheater/deceiver has attempted to blame a 1998 law for it's default on debts it assumed under 1965 and 1980 laws. My description of this debtor is accurate and truthful, and I DISAGREE THAT I SHOULD HAVE ANY OBLIGATION WHATSOEVER TO BE POLITE TO **ANY** CONSUMERS WHEN NOT ON THE CLOCK. PERIOD. Thank you.
  8. I would never borrow a private student loan... period. I can't say this enough: you should be getting most of your education free, and the financial aid office at your school should have little or no role in this. Borrowing at all should be your last resort, and if you do choose to borrow, a bank should be your last option. If you don't already know how to do the work involved in getting the scholarships, you will not be able to compete with those that did in the job market. If you are pursuing a so-called "associates degree" or attending a private for-profit "school", your risk or default on your student loans is more then 4x that of a regular 4-yr state or non-profit private university student. Your chances of obtaining a real education at a state community college are almost nil, but still significantly better then a University of Phoenix student nonetheless. /endsoapbox
  9. I agree and apologize. Occasionally I lose focus. TY...and TY Breeze.
  10. I have not been paying this beast has been in deferrment and forbearances for these years, now they say I don't have any more and I must pay their 1500.00 month. They are out of their minds... You've been out of your mind. FORBEARANCE is the word for what you did. You voluntary asked for your debt to increase. Is it SLM or NN? Either way you lose. You can't file BK if you didn't make 84 voluntary payments under the 1980 law. Please explain your meritless and unreasonable rantings or refrain from posting. Thank you.
  11. State programs generally have terms you would be insane to leave behind. You're not going to get better terms on any credit until you fix your score. That sounds like the big bad wolf, but in your case its the truth.
  12. No, I'm glad I didn't have to borrow. Using federal loans for the purposes you talked about will make you instantly property of a guarantor. Guarantors will diligently ensure their deadbeat property does not obtain any more financial aid, and may or may not choose to offset your tax refunds or administratively garnish your wages.
  13. If you're talking about the lower rate for Stafford Subsidized loans disbursed on or after 7/01/08, it will have no effect whatsoever on your existing loans, which will continue to be governed by their existing terms.
  14. You chose to go there. Your decision was not wise. Letting them blow you off without pressing for a documented, official resignation was a costly mistake. Without proof you have no legal recourse that I know of...

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