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  1. i have a child support payment that is deducted by my employer and paid to the California Department of Child Support Services (DCSS). I am paid on the last day of the month. My employer deducts the amount and pays it on the same day via electronic transfer. In Feb 2015, my employer missed the payment date by 2 days and it actually got paid on March 2nd. DCSS marked my credit files with a 30 day late across each of the CRAs. I'm fighting it, but I truly think they are evil. Dropped my FICO by about 20 points across all 3.
  2. while we are on the subject, can we all agree that it's NUNCHUCK and not NUMBCHUCK?
  3. CK and SC both show that I've dropped 5 since R*.
  4. I have to disagree with TU B* being dead. I'm in California. YMMV. I've had 5 drop since R*.
  5. Hi OP, I too had a Midland/T-Mobile issue. I filed a complaint with the CFPB which was then forwarded to Midland. I issued the dispute as I was not aware of any such T-Mobile account and demanded that Midland provide proof of validation. Midland's response via the CFPB was a Midland maintained printed ledger where they claim that T-Mobile supplies the data. Once I received this ledger, I immediately sent a dispute challenging the ledger as proper proof of validation. Midland ultimately agreed and removed the tradeline from all 3 CRAs. Midland does not have enough information to properly validate. I'm not sure if the same course of action will work for your situation, but I would suggest you give it a try. Cheers, T33
  6. B*. It's Gone. For Now. Hopefully, not forever. Sixty days or so.
  7. UPDATE: Got a letter from Midland yesterday.... They have closed the account and are no longer pursuing collections on the account. TL was removed from all 3 CRA's as of this morning. Happy dance in full effect.
  8. Please PM me any info you have. I have looked through what ICAN posted above. IF I have to go the ITS route, I would like to craft an ITS citing specific court precedent.
  9. I sent my CMRR DV to them at their Aero Drive in San Diego address that I found on Google. They signed for it, so I am assuming that is the correct address.
  10. I would like proof that this account is actually mine. I don't believe that a company can put your name and info on a spreadsheet and say you owe them money. They are not actively trying to collect, however, they have a derog listed across all 3 CRA's.
  11. I have a Midland tradeline being reported by all 3 CRA's. I DV'd them back in March of 2014 and never got a response. I then filed a complaint with the CFPB and in Midland's response, they forwarded a printout of a record from their own system. I filed a rebuttal dispute via the CFPB website that the printout did not provide validation of the debt and that I would like the tradeline removed from my credit files. The complaint is still "in process" on the CFPB website and I have heard nothing in nearly a year. I have recently sent another DV to Midland, rebutting their claim that the printout was enough for validation last week and am awaiting their response. I am pretty confident that they will respond with something that won't be validation. What should my next course of action be? I am not confident that the CFPB process will work as I already have a complaint filed. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. -T
  12. sorry, I was responding to OP. please start you're own thread, don't hijack OK. Sorry about the hijack.
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