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  1. Huligan

    Review of GFE

    Brian, The payoff is around $243 and I am not paying anything in closing costs.
  2. Huligan

    Review of GFE

    Yeah, none of this makes any sense to me but I also don't want to look gift horse in the mouth since I'm not putting anything out of pocket and will drop $270 off of my current payment...
  3. Huligan

    Review of GFE

    So, can anyone tell me if the numbers look OK?
  4. Huligan

    Review of GFE

    We are currently at 3.75% and are forced to pay PMI for 5 years. Refing out will save us over $220 in PMI alone...
  5. Huligan

    Review of GFE

    I was wondering if someone would look at this and tell me if this sounds fair... I was offered to refi out of my current mortgage with PMI to a conventional loan without PMI (We have more than 20% equity) We were also told that with this, we will not have to bring any money for the closing at all... ITEMIZATION OF AMOUNT FINANCED Service/Provider Estimated Charges Amount Given to You Directly 232,311.78 Amount Paid on Your Account 8,795.41 1002 Homeowner's Insurance Reserves 937.04 1004 Property Taxes Reserves 7,858.37 Amount Paid to Others on Your Behalf -655.92 0802 Your Credit Or Charge (Points) -7,660.58 0804 Appraisal Fee 400.00 0805 Credit Report Fee 22.16 0811 Lender Paid Broker Compensation 6,062.50 1104 Lender's Title Insurance 400.00 1201 Government Recording Fee 120.00 Amount Financed 240,451.27 Prepaid Finance Charge 2,048.73 0808 Tax Service Paid To First American Tax Services(POC) 85.00 0830 Administrative Fee 775.00 0834 Flood Certification Paid To LPS National Flood 5.00 0901 Prepaid Interest (3.750%) 04/09/2013-05/01/2013 @ $25. 555.73 2604/day 1102 Settlement or Closing Fee 450.00 1118 Document Preparation 175.00 1124 IL Agent Fee 3.00 Total Closing Costs 10,188.22
  6. Correct, the money is held for the two weeks until a full payment is made. It's funny how it looks on their website... I also have extra principal payments and WF credit card that transfers $25 with every $2,000 spent and the ledger is just full of fun. 09/26/12PAYMENT-$2,000.00 09/26/12PAYMENT$1,000.00 09/12/12PAYMENT$1,000.00
  7. 817 for December... Not bad...
  8. Congratulations! I ran out of immediate family members to ask, and I think it would be really weird to ask aunts/uncles/etc. Was it difficult, or did they handle it first try right away? Nope, first rep with no issues. Still waiting for the credit report to reflect the correct date.
  9. I carry 3 cards in my wallet: Chase Sapphire Preferred AmEx Costco card Chase Debit card
  10. I love AmEx for backdating! My parents have been with AmEx since 2003 so when in 2006 I was put as an AU, the card reflected 2006. Fast forward to last month when DF and I went shopping at CostCo and were talked into getting the card they both came stating 2012 as the year we became members. As soon as my card came, I added it to the existing AU account and asked the rep on the phone why my family were members since 2003 yet my card reflected 2006 on one and 2012 on the other... She placed me on hold and told me to expect 2 cards in the mail! Sure enough! The cards showed up with the corrected date!!! NICE!!!
  11. What is MPM and EC? I want daily monitoring but the acronyms don't ring any bells...
  12. That sucks! I hate to loose a tradeline opened in 2004... I wonder if there's anything that can be done...
  13. A while ago I combined some Chase cards together and at the time the oldest card opened in July of 2004 was left with $500 limit on it. I was recently approved for the Sapphire card and was thinking of transferring all of the credit to the old card and converting it to Sapphire, this way the card with my highest Chase limit ($28,000) will be the oldest Chase card... My concern is that someone told me that I can transfer the available credit no problem but if I try to convert to another product, Chase will change the opened date to the date of conversion... Anyone with experience care to chime in?

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