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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have heard that CU's have totally different rule than banks. I know that for Bank of America or Chase, if you have a vehicle loan in current status but other are not they will never revoke the account that are in good standing (in this case vehicle loan account anyways)
  2. My friends has three accounts with CU 1.Visa 2.vehicle loan 3.vehicle lease The visa and loan accounts is in default and about to charge off which she can't afford and have to let it go, but the lease account is current up to date. The CU collection is threatening to revoke her current lease account too and will take that vehicle back because that's breach of contract and with credit union if one of the accounts fall behind they can go after the other? (according to the CU collection rep) she even stated she has the lease vehicle DMV title in front of her and she will cancel that lease if the other 2 accounts are not bring back current. Thanks.
  3. My friends refinance a vehicle with CU last July09,they sent a payoff to CAP1,a month later CAP1 sent her a title and during the time the gas price was high so she couldn't afford driving it so she sold the truck through private party (sign off the pink slip that CAP1 sent her/she did not forward the title to CU like she was suppose to) and was way upside down,she receive half of the $ from what she owe to CU, she used that $ to pay her monthly payment on that loan eventhough she already sold the truck. Since CU did not received her title earlier this year they raised the % sky rocket high and now she is struggle, at this point what can CU do about it? From my understanding if she does not forward the title to the new lender they will convert it to personal loan with high % and if she default they can't take the truck since they have no title? Thanks.
  4. A friends can't afford a payment anymore, can she do a short sale? Let say someone buy her car for $28k but she owe $36k. Thanks.
  5. Sorry for asking too many question. My friends ask me the other day, he had $3,500 CO with Amex back in 2001 and it's already passed 7 years and no longer report to CB. His credit is good now 700+, can he apply for Amex card or have to pay off the old balance, if he does can he negotiate with them (maybe like pay them like $500-$700?) I think if he pay that CO balance off he doesn't has to go with OASIS program? Thanks.
  6. My cousin did open Amex back in Jan and Amex did cancel her card last month (April) due to many iquries within 6 months. Her bill is not due until May 19th and NCO did call her today threatening her to pay the balance because Amex sent it to collection already??? NCO said she can set up a payment plan with them. She owe about $4,000 but never had been late and always paid the minimum due( $100 something a month.min due) NCO stated that she can't deal with AMEX nor sent a payment to them (AMEX) anymore. So from now on she would need to make a minimum payment to NCO? Please help, sorry did a search buy couldn't find it. Thanks.
  7. I'm trying to help my friends to buy lease a new car,her lease is up this month. Do you know if BMW financial Service use a regular Fico or auto enhanced score? I have heard that BMW is not score driven as they look in to what's on your credit more VS. how Toyota/Lexus or Honda Financial is focusing only on the score, I might be wrong. Are Fico usually higher than auto enhanced? Thanks.
  8. How long until you can request CLI on Penfed credit card? They did a soft pull as AR on my EQ couple of weeks ago. Any advise I need to know? Thanks.
  9. congrat! how long have you had this card? soft or hard pull? Thanks.
  10. When Amex CLOSE or CLD the REVOLVING account (blue,optima,starwood,hilton) do they cancel your 0% promo too?
  11. Seem like 2 totally seperate report. First file TU report is my first and last name/score 739. Second report is my middle and last name/score 707 (the second one is a thin file). Thanks.
  12. I like to have a card that I can add my pet photo, but I don't want Bank of America,WAMU (petsmart) or CAP1. Any other suggestion? Thanks.
  13. American Express "World of service"
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