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  1. Thanks guys. Vonny, you rock and so does this board!
  2. I'm new to the board. I had some financial difficulty in 2003 and I'm dealing with a few CA's right now. I have received two calls from a company and I have no idea what account it is as I've contacted almost everybody I have debts with. Both messages were from the same guy and the first time he called himself "Investigator Thompson" and said my claim was placed on his desk and he will be coming to my town to file papers unless I call him back. I didn't call and I received a second message a few days later (from the same guy) who now called himself "Investigator Roberts". He said I haven't "reciprocated" his call and he will be coming to my town in two days to file papers in my county. Even if they are going to sue me in small claims court, they wouldn't have to appear in person, would they? If I post the phone number, will someone call it and let me know what company they are? I'd like to find out who they are so I can send them a validation letter. I have one other question. is there a way to force CA's to correspond in writing. Is there a letter I send? Thanks for your help.
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