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  1. Thank you for the replies. I am relocating due to employment and immediately moved into the home and have lived there since October 2008. I didn't want to find out at the last minute that renting it wouldn't be a possibility and I am tired of barely breaking even or even losing some on real estate. Going to give renting it a try this time.
  2. I purchased my home in October 2008 using an FHA mortgage. I have taken a job several states away and I don't think I could sell my house for what I owe on it. Can I rent out a home that has an FHA loan? I looked all over the internet and found conflicting advice so I decided to come to the pros for the answer. I will not be purchasing a home in the new state so getting another FHA loan is not an issue. Thank you!
  3. Went throught the backdoor to EX and it's reporting on there as well.
  4. Got an alert this morning that I had a new account post to my credit file. I logged in and to my surprise it was my UMB Guide Dogs. So far it's only on my EQ but I'm guessing the other two are coming. It's no longer a hidden TL.
  5. I had to ask them the same question, LINK they showed me this link. _d Thank you!
  6. Do they account access online? I can't find where you can set up an account to check your balance, pay your bill online, etc....Am I missing it?
  7. Loss of beauty sleep. Thanks, I downloaded the FDCPA so I can quote straight from it in my letter to them.
  8. Can you point me in the direction of finding out how much?
  9. I know some violations have a monetary amount associated with it.....is that the case for calling outside of the 8 am - 9 pm window?
  10. Okay, so we'll give them the benefit the first time....then Saturday morning they called at 6:50 am. When they called previous I told them not to call again and that any correspondence should be in writing....and then not only do they call again but at 6:50 am. I'm going to look up the address and send them a letter.
  11. You are correct, AZ does not follow daylight savings time....to me that makes it even easier to know what time it is in AZ...it doesn't ever change!
  12. Thanks. I doubt I will get a letter from them but we'll see. I thought about calling the number back and asking for thier address....
  13. This morning my home phone rang at 7:43 am. I walk over to answer and it says, "Affliated Financial" and before I can answer it stops ringing. Two minutes later it rings again, says Affliated and I answer. They ask for Iamconfused, I reply with this is she and he proceeds to tell me he needs a phone number to get in touch with Mr. Iamconfused. I let him know that it was 7:45 am and it was a violation to call that early in the morning and I had caller ID showing they called twice and he better not ever call my house again. He replies with, Oh I thought it was 8:00 am in Arizona. I told him to learn how to count because it wasn't and I hung up. I looked on my dh's credit reports (because he does have a couple things that are 6-7 yrs old) and there is no Affliated Financial anywhere. I want to send them a C&D and let them know I have records of the violations...do I just look up an address for them and put my dh's name? He has a very common name but I don't have an acct number or anything. Everything of his is past SOL so that is not a concern.
  14. Sorry, was talking about checking accts, not credit cards. They play this game with holding deposits...how can they hold cash deposits? It was made before noon....there were debit card purchases made after the deposit but they held them.....took out the NSF fees, then took out the debit purchases and charged me more NSF fees. I am blue in the face from trying to talk to these people. It was a cash deposit made before noon.....and I still had over $1,000 in my acct before the deposit, even the online statement shows after they took out the debit purchases I had $400 in there before the deposit.....but somehow I'm overdrawn??? WTH? I usually have large balances but had to have emergency surgery so my husband used my card but checked online to make sure I had plenty of money and he even made a deposit but the cash deposit made before noon didn't go in until midnight that night and after they took out the purchases but I still had $400 in there. This is crazy.
  15. I have been a long time BofA customer but that doesn't seem to matter. They suck. I will be closing all of my and my husband's accts. I will not let some shady business use my money every month. Sorry....just needed to get that out.
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