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  1. I just purchased a NEW car i January for $32,000. I was amazed I was approved. Interest rate is 12.9 and the bank is BofA. Totally shocked that they approved me. Cap 1 and HSBC approved me as well but the rates were a little higher. My scores at the time were mid 500's. There is hope!!!
  2. I'm an AU on my mom's acct and it has shown up on all 3 since she opened it in 2000.
  3. cap 1 auto approved me up to $38,800 with scores in the low 600's at 11.9%. Might give it a try.
  4. Thanks Marv thats what I thought but wanted to make sure I was correct.
  5. I was wondering if multiple lender financing is an option? I have a blank check from crap 1 auto and was wondering if I write the check for less than the dealer is selling the car for can the balance be picked up through dealer financing options?? Thanks in advance....
  6. Super Funny!!! Ghetto Revival!!! I'm King of The Burbs!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  7. My DW and I are trying to repair our damaged credit and she has a few medical collections that are being stubborn on her reports. Any advice on how to get them off??? Also CA contacted her about a settlement which she played dumb about the whole acct. Can we go to the original Hospital and will they take the payments or do we HAVE to deal with the CA for this... Thanks in advance for responses.
  8. any idea who they collect for and why would the do an inq on her report? only debt she has are medical from about a year ago. any help again is appreciated!!!
  9. PENNCRO did a hard inq on DW's TU report and we have no idea who this is or what it is for. Anyone with experience please help....
  10. mine took a total of about 6 weeks from app to card in hand.
  11. sounds a little fishy to me as I currently work for verizon. you CANNOT charge more the $250 per line and if and only if there have been and are no past due balances. 7 of the most expensive devices is still only approx $3500 so $8000 is absurd and not really possible UNLESS it is a business acct. seems like something is missing to me but...... do as you wish.
  12. the rebuilder has worked ok for me. it was a counter offer with a $30 fee. so not too bad. gas is overpriced but a pack of smokes and a coffee twice a month has worked for me. updates every month and has helped the scores improve a bit. only had it 3 months so waiting for the age.
  13. congrats from myself and I as well just hit over 600 on all 3!!!! 700 club here we come!!!!
  14. I finally got EQ over the 600 hump. Now all 3 are over 600 and hopefully a month or 2 and near or above 650. CONGRATS TO YOU AND ALL WHO HAVE AND ARE IMPROVING!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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