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  1. Sorry about the decline. Target pulled TU each time I applied. I applied online 3 times and was declined each time. About 1 week after the 3rd decline, I used my debit card to pay for my purchases at Target. The register kicked out a pre-approval. I was approved for the Red Card with a $200 CL. TU was pulled for the pre-approval. My FICO was 510. I posted the approval in the Credit Pulls Database. My entry is dated 8/12/08. I had 10 baddies and an unpaid tax lien at the time. I haven't not read threads about register pre-approvals in a long time, so I don't think they are doing them anymore.
  2. Congrats! Did they charge you a fee for the increase and did they say that they 'may' pull hard? I am stuck at $420 on my HSBC card and $400 on my Orchard card. Everytime I ask for an increase, I am asked if I give permission for them to pull my credit.
  3. They use to report my last day of the month balance 2 weeks later, which would be around the 15th of the following month. The last 2 months I have notice that they no longer report 2 weeks later, the updates are now hitting the very next day. For example, it use to be like this: balance on July 31st would get updated to CRAs on August 15th this is how it is being updated now: balance on July 31st is updated to CRAs on August 1st This change applied to both my Orchard and HSBC cards. Has anyone else noticed a change to when HSBC reports?
  4. Is the bank going to pull your reports again before closing?
  5. Do you think the FTHB Tax Credit will be extended? If they don't extend it and I can't close on a home before the deadline, I am going to seriously rethink whether I will buy a house now. I really cringe at the thought of looking, buying and moving in the winter.
  6. My dream home was not a short sale or bank-owned. It was a private-owned, non-owner occupied flip.. The owner bought the property 11/08 for $30k and flipped the house. What I don't understand is why the house had been on the market and then right when I put in a bid, someone else swooped down with cash. The asking price was $120k. I will be interested in knowing how much the house sold for. I can't imagine another investor buying the house for that price or anywhere near it.
  7. I am having the same problem. I have been trying to buy a house since the end of June. I just lost my dream home to someone that offered the seller cash. I am starting to wonder if I will be able to find a house and close before the FTHB Tax Credit deadline of Nov. 30th. I put in an offer on a condo that was owned my Fannie Mae. There were supposedly multiple offers, so they responded and asked that I put in my best offer, which I did. Almost 2 weeks went by with no response from the bank. I pulled that offer after I saw my dream home, which as I mentioned I lost to a cash buyer. It took a week for the seller of my dream home to respond. The house had been on the market for over 150 days. I am meeting with my realtor today to look at more homes, so hopefully I will see something that I like and get if I decide to put in an offer. The city that I am looking to buy a home in received money from the feds for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. A portion of the funds go towards helping homebuyers purchase foreclosed/vacant property. The city created an entity that will purchase the house that the qualified buyer wants with what is essentially cash. The city then sells the home to the home buyer. This levels the playing field since many home buyers are competiting with investors that are offering sellers cash. I am going to turn in my application on Monday.
  8. I had the full secured card. I only put $400 on my card. That's why I mentioned that I should have put more money on the card because I would have a higher credit limit.
  9. FYI BOA pulled hard on my report. I was not told that a hard pull was required.
  10. What's the UTI on the Orchard card? If it's over 30% you will gain points by paying it down. I woud suggest bringing the UTI down to 10%. If UTI is not what's keeping your scores low, you may have to get some revolving credit. Part of credit repair is acquiring new tradelines, so getting another card or 2 may help if you get it now. That way you will have year worth of history on the card and the inquiry will be a year old. I don't know how much help your scores will get by taking out an auto loan and paying it off in 3 months. My credit scores were in the high 400's and low 500's when I started credit repairing 12/07. I did not have any positive tradelines other then a few student loans, but I had tons of baddies. While I worked on getting baddies deleted, I applied for cards that I had a good chance of getting. I ended up getting a totally of 8 cards. Initially my scores did not go up much, but I discovered is was because my UTI was high. Once I paid the balances down, my scores increased significantly. All 3 of my scores have increased 100+. Those increases pushed my mid-score to 620+ and as a result, I was preapproved for a mortgage. I still have baddies on my report, but my credit union is only requiring me to write a letter of explanation for the 3 collections. If you decid to apply for revolving credit, make sure it's for cards that you will actually use. I have 2 cards that I am struggling to use because the stores don't have much of what I like. One I have only used once and I have never used the other. I only got the cards because I was preapproved, which was a mistake. Now I have to hurry up and use them before they get closed. Also, you don't have to get 8 cards like I did. I think one or two will be fine and will get your scores to where you want them to be. HTH
  11. Thanks for the congrats and for sharing your knowledge about the Macy's cards. I got a $1000 GLI on my Macy's card a week ago. I started out with $100 CL August 2008.
  12. My card turned 12 mos this month.Since it did not unsecure at 9 mos, I decided to wait to see if it was going to unsecure when my 12 statement cut on the 26th of this month. Well, I became impatient, so I called today and asked when my card would be eligible to be unsecured. The csr put me hold. She came back on the line and said that it qualified for unsecuring, along with a $500 CLI. With the $500 CLI, my CL is now $900. The rep said that it would take 10 business days to receive my refund. I totally forgot about adding funds before requesting to have the card unsecured. Oh well, I am still excited about the accomplishment. Thanks CB!

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