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  1. No but it has you call for complete details so I am guessing that is when they hit you with it.
  2. Got a letter today from Home depot. I find it funny the things on the account already carry 0% interest deals. Thank you for the recent payments made to your HD consumer account. They have helped make you eligible for a new program that will save you money.* We'd like to help you reduce your balance and save on future finance charges during these challenging economic times. Here are some of the money-saving options now available to you: -Lower minimum monthly payments with low APR for 12 months to help you save on interest -Reduction of your account balance to assist you in paying off your balance -A statement credit of up to $550 etc etc. * Your account must be in good standing to enroll in this program
  3. When I had renters insurance, my auto and renters was with the same company so I got a discount for multiple policies.
  4. This program has been around for awhile. I get email about it every month from BOA http://promotions.bankofamerica.com/museums/
  5. My account was canceled by Amex a few months ago and I had a balance on it. I decided to break up the payments over a few months instead of paying in full as I had done every month that I had the card, in fear they would do what they ultimately did. My bill comes today with a notice that they had reduced my CL from $1000 to $600. I'm not sure what the purpose is in that but I'm glad this month was my last payment to these jokers.
  6. lorcat


    Thanks EarnIt and lol at the Dantes address.
  7. lorcat


    Apparently, NCO has decided to play. Didn't know anything was on my report until Home Depot sent me a letter reducing my CL to $2000 from $3200. Got my letter ready to go but need a good address.
  8. the state of CA has EITC and Child Tax Credits?? Even if that is so, there are plenty of people who (mis)use withholding as a savings account...with a negative real APR... I agree, and I can only speak for NY, but NY gives out a state EITC of 30% of the Federal EITC. I guess I assumed all states did that if NY did. my state has no take breaks like that **NO STATE INCOME TAXES** couldn't be the reason...could it??? How do states "get away" with not having a state income tax? Where does the income come from for maintaining the state's roads, bridges, not to mention the humongous medicaid costs of today that each state has to pay? Where are they getting enough money to pay for all that? Florida doesn't have a state income tax either but we get quite a bit of our state funds from tourism. Not many states can say that though.
  9. From my closure email: TAKE $15.00 OFF Down Payment Coupon Code: CLS15D OR TAKE 20% OFF The Price Coupon Code: CLS20P Minimum Purchase: $149 Expires: 01/31/2009
  10. Not really about "McMasions" but a house in my neighborhood that was featured on one of the house flipping shows about 2-3 years ago is apparently in foreclosure. The people who remodeled it went overboard with custom this & that and ran the price up quite a bit. Even at the time the final selling price was outrageous.
  11. Its always interesting getting letters that are almost begging you to go shopping. I did get some nice CLI out of them in December. Even got a CLI on a card where the website/store was closing in a few days. lol
  12. lorcat


    Today I get an email from Amex trying to get me to accept a pre-approved platinum business. Right before they shut me down they were trying to get me to accept a personal gold card and I received a letter a few days ago for the same offer. Amex divisions really need to start talking to each other because the credit division deemed me a high risk
  13. First, Amex had to lower itself to become a bank. Now, they are begging in the street for government handouts. Too funny.
  14. Thanks Marcus! From now on I am sticking with my BOA Amex. They have always treated me better than Amex ever did. I just wish they would stop sending me those balance transfer checks every other day.

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