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  1. The woman from Nelnet put me on an adminstrative forebarence until June (probably to give me time to apply for consolidation) will this help me at all with the credit reporting? I thought I read something there... Also if they consolidate is there any hope the multiple loans with lates will "go away"?
  2. I have to check the others. will do and let you know!
  3. I did thanks! If Nelnet consolidates is there any hope for the negative tradelines or will they stay? Will I be able to remove... I think with them added I lost 200 pts!. My report was fine in January pulled again now and its horrible - I do notice my mortgage is missing - it was recently sold so hoping it will get picked up by the new company soon
  4. I didn't realize how long I didnt make payments. They never posted on my credit report and I guess I took advantage. Not on purpose had a lot golng on in life very upset with myself
  5. Defaulted meaning not paying? I have missed the last 3-4 months at least
  6. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but my BOA mortgage was sold to Resurgent who now has us paying Shellpoint. This happened back in January, My mortgage is gone from my report - all of the BOA history and nothing new. Is this normal?
  7. I have been so good repairing my credit but just screwed up BIG time! I have had student loans for a while now and on and off went through forebarence, etc. No matter when I was late they NEVER reported me. Well I knew I was late but figured I would catch up eventually then things got crazy. My credit was good 2 months ago I bought a new car all credit cards paid off life is looking good. Just pulled my report and 120 day late student loans! I am SOOOO upset and mad at myself for not being on top of this! I think they just started reporting this days ago! My score went down about 150
  8. Sorry for the delay, I moved and started a new job. It was very fast, at some points tedious but I think I initially applied in Nov and by Dec/Jan it was complete. My first trial payment was Feb
  9. I know this is years old and sorry for abandoning the thread... Life got in the way. Just wanted to update that all has gone better than I could have imagined. I have a relatively small amount left... None of the accounts appear to show on my report as negative so that is great... I will look a little closer to confirm but I am really happy with my decision. Thanks all.
  10. I posted in the mortgage section but since this concerning the lates on my report I am putting here as well. I recently got the HAMP modification (with Bank of America) and I am so happy. My question is and sorry if this has been answered as I did not see it in my search.... Should I work on the lates on my credit report or is there no way to have that revised?.. I am going for new employment and worry how that is hurting me for the credit check. Thanks!
  11. I recently got the HAMP modification and I am so happy. My question is and sorry if this has been answered as I did not see it in my search.... Should I work on the lates on my credit report or is there no way to have that revised... I am going for new employment and worry how that is hurting me for the credit check. Thanks! It is with Bank of America if that matters
  12. Hi everyone, I used creditboards in the past with excellent help. Now years later I am in a dilemma. I have read most of the medical forum but want to make sure as I am sort of rushing. In applying for a new job they are pulling a background so I looked at my credit and found some medical collections. To be honest I didn't pay attention to these last year when I was in the hospital as I thought it would all be covered by insurance and they were smaller bills. Now I see about 5 collections for the same procedure... all different aspects anestisia, etc. I don't have an issue payi
  13. Hi everyone, Its been a while since I posted. I wanted to ask if anyone has any experience with Incharge Debt Solutions. I have dealt with them about 2 years now and it has been very smooth. Here is my prediciment. My job is salary + commissions. Well the company is going under and I have had zero commissions this year. So basically my salary was 20K less this year based on tax returns. It has been a struggle but now they cut my actual salary by 8K so I am making almost 30K less. This caused me to just miss 2 mortgage payments. I am wondering what my options are? I am payin
  14. I do not know that much about modifications but have used these boards many times in the past on my credit. Tomorrow BOA is having an outreach meeting that I registered for. I have to bring all the paperwork, etc. with me. My issue is I do not have enough time to read all the threads (I promise I usually do all my research) I had a few questions I am hoping you can help me with. I receive salary + commission but cannot count on the commission. I believe my dti is very high but am doing the calculation now. I have had about 2 30 day lates in the past 2 years - but only by a few
  15. Hi everyone, I have had a tough time with credit but am finally getting on track. Lately I have had some issues with my paychecks that have had me hit some small humps nothing major. One thing I was always good at was not having lates especially on a mortgage. I have been late but under the 30 days so it did not hit my credit. Well 2 months ago I paid it 1 day past the 30 day late. It made me so mad as I have never had that happen but I had no choice. Now I am faced with a similar issue. My credit is already shot (after I fixed it 4 years ago) Not as bad as the first time but I a
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