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  1. This happened to me at the end of last month. I app'd for the Venture One card and accidentally transposed one of my SS #'s. I called several times before an agent was able to track it down in another department.
  2. awashi17

    Macy's CLI

    Congrats!! They have been very good to me as well.
  3. I have both the store card and the MC. 9 out of 10 times the store card credit line will be higher than the MC. Also as mentioned earlier, the 0% offers are mainly for the store card, but I have gotten offers for triple and quadruple reward zone points on the MC. I use the store card often and never really use the MC. Good Luck
  4. I bought a 42" LG LCD HDTV last year on sale for $1500 later credited another $200. So for $1300, my TV rocks. I don't have blackouts or any glares. Plasmas CANNOT be laid on their side. They give off an immense amount of glare not to mention heat. Earlier someone suggested a Samsung. At the time I bought mine, the LG and Samsung reviews were even. Samsung is more expensive, but also a great TV Circuit City is offering 3 yrs 0% right now.
  5. I agree the purchase was probably a mistake to begin with. Unfortunately, by missing payments and stop making payments is preventing you from possibly refinancing the vehicle. If you could refinance it to say 10% that would save quite a bit of money monthly. I liked your idea of buying a $5000 car, but it sounds like your income can't sustain the $25,000 car. I would try to refinance ASAP. Good Luck!!
  6. Congrats!! What are your scores like? Be careful, as Juniper is a WEIRD company. Congrats!!!!
  7. I had a similar experience with EQ. My file split one day and it showed only 2 accounts. My fico jumped to 712. I applied for a few cards with EQ pullers and managed to swipe another $20,000 or so in credit. A week later, slowly, day by day, my file merged itself back together. My fico went back down to 645 and I have had no problems since. Keep watching your reports.
  8. I was CLD to $500. Closed 45 days later because of something on Ex. I will never carry another card of theirs and will recommend others not to carry any of their products. My Ex score is significantly lower than the other 2, but some of that was caused by this Amex garbage. My wife has had no problems with yet. She is closing her accounts as a result of my experience. To those of you who Amex has not touched, hang in there-it's coming! It doesn't matter how long you've been a card member, how good your report is, or how you PIF. It doesn't matter if you have $350,000 in available credit (in fact this would probably hurt). Amex has NO reason that they can explain as to their actions on accounts. OP-Sorry to hear about this, but you will soon realize that you are better off without them.
  9. I agree to always pay the finance charge plus the minimum payment. ie: finance charge is $13 Minimum payment is $40. I would pay $55 at the minimum under this scenario. I would also call BofA and ask why a $400 monthly payment suddenly went to $30. Wierd.
  10. I like Citi too. There are now one of my favorites. I rarely get denied on a new app.
  11. awashi17

    Macys CLI

    Macy's can be very generous. I have had the following increases with no rhyme or reason: $200 $1000 $400 $400 This was the first 12 months my card was open. I now have a credit line of $2600 and started at $600. I use my card a lot and always have a balance. I will tell you this: every CSR and Sup I have spoken to tells the same thing. Macy's likes to see utilization and MORE than the minimum payments for higher GLI. I personally believe they like to see a balance.
  12. awashi17

    Gas cards

    Honestly, I would wait and clean up your credit a little. Most companies will pull either EX or EQ vs TU. With scores in the 520s with those to will not get you very far. I would work very hard on cleaning up your credit, keep pulling and b* will work. There is no sense in adding inquiries to your file right now. If you work on it, you can get much more than a gas card in the next 6-12 months. I know, I was there. Good Luck!!!!

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