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  1. radi8

    DOE to stop utilizing Collection agencies !

    Defaults are already on the rise after a few years of decline. 12% overall now with for-profit college loans leading the pack at 16%.
  2. Credit unions might be an option. Some will write a debt consolidation loan despite very high utilization. It might be conditioned on them paying the cards off, might require the loan be partly or fully secured with an asset (car, boat, tools, etc). There are also loans based on future receivables, depending on your business structure. Smart move, staying away from those debt settlement places. The CCCS/Greenpath debt management people are reputable, but those places that offer to settle for less than you owe are a fastlane to the courthouse, with you being the featured defendant. Why would they settle when they can sue for the full amount?
  3. radi8

    Non Qualified Mortgage Lenders

    It seems to me that, if your debt to income ratios fit, an FHA lender might work with you. They work with 580 scores, actually down to 500 now with larger down payments, unless the lender has an overlay. (there are lenders with NO overlays out there) If your collections are over a year old, you have income, reserves and the loan is under their limit? I May be missing something of course, not being in the mortgage business.
  4. radi8

    Takinc care of parents

    It sounds harsh, asking a parent to pay rent, but the reality is every person in your household adds a little bit to your food bills, your utility bills.... asking them to help with a small portion of it is perfectly fine. Perhaps your mom will actually feel better about it, paying her own way instead of feeling like she's just taking from you. I'd certainly discuss it with her. Your state/county/city may also have some sort of program for seniors and their caretakers. Whatever your local human services office is called.... ask what's available. Good luck, being the caretaker can be very stressful.
  5. The cons might be a higher interest rate, and the possibility of charging up the cards again. If you are a NFCU member, I'd start with them.
  6. What gear? Lately it's been guitars and basses. Lots of `em. Gear prices are continuing to slide, and I just keep picking up great deals. Now I'm at a point where I should sell something to buy something, if not just to make room in my office. I stopped in a music store a few days ago for the first time in 2-3 years. It did look like prices were actually lower than I remember. They have a barely used Les Paul Government II sitting in the rack, looked like it needed a new home. We'll see.
  7. So you can show the cops your home movie of the two hooded but otherwise unidentifiable gentlemen who made off with your patio set? I have a Swann 4-channel I bought off Amazon that works fine for that.
  8. How did it go? Where in Sconnie are you? I was in Somerset on Tuesday. Some trees blew down here in the center of the state, wind, rain...nothing severe though.
  9. radi8

    I'm looking for opinions on the economy

    Or the places offering larger paychecks are places you don't care to live. There needs to be a work-life balance. I could make far more money working in a larger city. Except then I'd have to work in a larger city. No thank you.
  10. radi8

    techies - hardware question I think

    The Asus laptops with the batteries that can't be removed- I think this is one of them- hard reset requires holding the power switch for at least 30 seconds.
  11. radi8

    stupid commercials

    Another "trend" I'll ignore, thank you.
  12. Fourth time? You're getting The Look after the second.
  13. Only if Fallon gets one first.
  14. radi8

    Your opinion on Jordan sneakers

    The best $50 sneakers you'll ever pay $200 for. Of course I feel that way about pretty much everything with a "Brand" name, so YMMV.
  15. Interesting question. The personal policies I'm familiar with don't cover commercial use. Commercial policies aren't cheap and may not like you using the car for personal use, if you can even get one without forming a formal business. Geico and a few of the others are experimenting with policies specifically for Uber, lyft, etc, but not in all states.

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