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  1. I'm not sure about that. If you look at her credit report, she still has the old card listed (which she still uses), plus this new Amex one which has a recent "opened" date listed on the report. Her old Macy's card which was not an Amex Macy's card has 16 digits and I believe that switched over quite a while ago. Creditor Name AMEX DSNB Account Type Credit Card Account Status Open Opened Date Jul 23, 2019 vs Creditor Name DSNB MACYS Account Type Charge Account Account Status Open Opened Date Oct 01, 1991
  2. Hey, my (older) mother was at Macy's, using her store branded Macy's card (DSNB) she has had for 28 years, when one of the tellers said that they "had" to switch her Macys card over to "the new one" and asked her to put in the last 4 of her social security #. She did it, and only realized a few weeks later when get got a new Amex Macy's card in the mail that the cashier had signed her up for a new Amex Macy's card. She was livid and refuses to activate the card, but we all know that the card is already open and reporting on her credit report as a new separate card. She wants to close the account and have all records of it removed from her credit reports and wants to report the incident as well. What are the proper steps to take to get this done with minimal headache? This happened a few months ago but I am just getting around to helping her out with it now. Thanks.

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