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  1. Hello Last year I had an accident , car was totaled, pay off from insurance was short $3K. I continued making my monthly payments, but then the bank charged off the $2K or so and it appears as a charge off on my credit. I've tried 2-3 times to call them and pay the full amount for delete, but they've refused (Capital One). I have no problem paying it off in one shot, but not if the charge off is just going to sit there for 7 years. I am thinking of biting the bullet and paying Lexington to work on clearing that off my credit report. Any thoughts on Lexington being able to resolve this? In Years past I cleaned up my credit on my own, and have heard not too favorable things on Lexington, but at this point, I am giving up. Thoughts?
  2. Car got totaled in Feb 2019, I was was making payments on the balance that the insurance didn't cover to Cap 1 . 180 Days past and they wrote it off as a charge off. I called twice and offered pay for delete and they said no. I have no problem paying the whole thing; it's $3,100. But that won't help my score much since it's still a charge off. I am wondering if to pay it off, and then dispute the balance / charge off with the cra's. What are your thoughts? I looked around Why Chat's and other references but only saw items on "old charge offs". Other than this my credit is fine . tks
  3. Got it.... It's a new debt, so sounds like I am going to pay it...
  4. Not sure if that title makes sense.. I posted a similar question recently, but have a more general question on my issue (Cap1 charged off $3.3K as I was making payments as it was >180 days from a car loan that was paid off by bank - I was paying the negative equity). I've read CAP 1 doesn't "Pay for delete".... So at this point I am wondering if I can just pay it.. then dispute the balance with the three cra's as I'll have proof of being paid to send with my dispute... Not sure if that will work, or just dispute it as "balance should be zero" or "no chargeoff" vs sending proof of payment (they'll see it was recent pmt)... Any one been in a similar scenario or suggestions?
  5. Time elapsed? I continued making my regular car payments until I got confirmation from Cap 1 that they received a check from the insurance. I called them, asked them if I could make a payment... (details below on my other post).. basically, they agreed on a payment plan... but today's call they said they only gave me 180 days... of course I asked if they can send me that email / letter and they said it would've been verbal. All payments were made.. I had it on auto pay. Nothing in writing... see Paragraph 1 ..
  6. "EDIT" I didn't see how I could edit.... I called them at lunch... Here is the UPDATE: They write it off after 180 days They report it as a "charge off". When I pay if off it changes the reporting to "Paid in full - charge off" I didn't get anything in writting that it wouldn't be written off / reported as a write off in Feb when we arranged the payment terms. TL;DNR: I told them my bank was paying them $40K, and I needed to see if I could make arrangements for the balance, $4K. They said OK, here's your payments... It was set on auto pay, as my other car loan ($20K) with them. So, at this point, my credit union last week gave me an 11% for a 2018 used car loan...b/c of this.. What are your thoughts if I pay it off (no issue to do so) and the report as "Paid in full - charge off"? Is it worth to pay it off? My Fico was ? I don't know but close or over 700... Today while I was on Cap 1 to figure this out they report it 580... I have NO other credit issues.. Thoughts?
  7. I had an accident earlier this year, car was totaled, insurance paid capital one, and there was a portion I still owed ($4K) to Cap 1 on the loan due to being upside down. I called Cap 1, made payment arrangements, made my payments on auto pay. I went to apply for a car loan a couple weeks ago and bank said I had a charge off from Cap 1.. I logged in an see the account has a zero balance, and asking to contact them. I am about to call them, but my score just dropped significantly. Any suggestions on how to remedy this? I can just pay it off, but there was no warning from them that it would be charged off if I went with the “making payments” option. Thoughts?
  8. Just be careful you don't wake them up and they sue
  9. I don't see much talk about verizon settling on these issues.
  10. Hmm, after reading some further on here... going forward and they ask me, I think I will just tell the script I emailed and see what happens....wtf... I have something else lined up, so by mon-tues if they get back ot me, I might not want "them" now, lol... time will tell.
  11. BS on the first part of your post have to agree with you on the second part. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So based on your response to the other poster, if a person is unemployed for X time and can't pay their bills.... credit gets s.c.rewed, that credit report is a fair assesment on how someone mgs responsiblites? In most cases I assume it is since so many companies, insurance etc use it, but there are exceptions.... I don't agree its a fair assessment, there are many reasons people don't pay their bills and credit gets shot...
  12. COngrats! Your method worked. There is not a right or wrong... As for mines?.... I briefly met w/the CFO last week...and two things happened that I thought were positive; 1. He agreed to see me w/o appt that day, and 2. Said I was still the most qualified, even after an extra week of interviewing. As per his request, I emailed him and cc the Pres. explaing my case. I basically told him and said in the letter, " Just as we make business decisions in daily business, I made a business decision not to dislose at the time." Email was about a page long, .... very well put out I believe... I told themn reason not disclosed , AFTER much thought, was b/c bky was 74 months old, almost the 7 years, and I understood their concern, etc... offering them at the end an extended probationary period, if they desired. Employment agency thought it was thorough and to the point..I should hear something this coming week. He said their real concern was the bky, as it is written in co. policy... the slow credit in the past wasn't the real issue. Regrets for not telling them originally? No, I wouldn't have gotten passed the first interview , I think...as that IS the person behind the BKY rule, which is retiring....so not sure how easy it will be for him, even now, to change his mind. Employment agency now has background, reason behind it, etc.. os if I dn't get this job offer, and I am put out to another client, I will confer with agency on this issue.. We'll see... THey are no with that position empty two weeks and definitely need it filled asap. I don't know if post Wed when I tt them, they have interviewed more or employ agy has sent new applicants....
  13. THanks for the reply. I agree on not getting in over my head that's why I said I would just be paying for courses for now (now=3-6 mths from now)... so realistically, if I would NEED to get a student loan again, it wouldn't be for another year... But you know how it is, when you hear 'out of rehab in 6 mths" you want the six months here NOW, LOL thanks
  14. Here is what I received.... A packet titled "FTC Prescribed Summary of Consumer Rights - A Summary of your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.... =Referencing FCRA , 15 USC, 1681 et seq. =next section = FTC Prescribed Notice of Furnisher Responsibilities Notice To Furnishers of Information Obligation of Furnishers Under the FCRA =Mentions Section 623 B 1A and ? 1 B = Next section is FTC Prescribed Notice of User Responsibilities - Notice of Users of Consumer Reports: Obligatios of Users Under the FCRA (numerous refs to sectoin 604...) WTF!?! I need an attorney just to understand it... bet they don't know themselves and just hand it out!. Any ideas on the above guys/gals? My plan tommorrow is go talk to them in good terms, offer my explanation... and if no job offer, slide a copy of the statute or policy if they missed a step.... A nice thank you
  15. Thanks... After posting my question, I must have spent 2-3 hours reading student loan info on here, and on a couple of links I got off searches here. Thanks for the info... I concur I don't expect to get everything on one evenings reading on here, but its a start. Thanks for the time of responding..
  16. Where can I find this? I am not sure that would be the case... I wish , but... Just for the record , in my case.... 1. Ex g/f conned me out of mid five figures in less than a year. 2. I financed a New car for her and she decided not to pay it = repo 3. Around the same time, I got laid off. Could it have been worse? Hmm....guess not... Not sure if I mentioned b4, my career is finance, so I understsand the logic behind it, trends..... but of course, I have an exception (doesn't everyone... ) I am going to visit the employer tommorrow and see what I can do.... too much money on the line to walk away from it....
  17. www.creditboards.com/downloads/ccsetup.zip I remember lking at this software a 1-2 yrs ago, in my last attempt to start rehabing my credit. Is that stilll current or should I follow another avenue in rehabbing my credit? I know to start I have to dispute the addresses, other than the current...
  18. Thanks, I called them and they issued partial credit, I was able to pull Equifax, Experian, but Transunion didn't allow them to pull it, like if there was a hold or something. I remember a year ago, when I first attempted to fix my credit, the same thing happened, but I never f/u'ed w/ TU. I have to give them a call Mon. Thanks for the info
  19. Following up on prior thread (summary: $45K or so student loan in default, signing agreement to pay for 12 or 13 months, at which time "supposedly" goes out of default-correct?, ). Now that I "seem" to be getting things back in order, I'd like to go back for my Macc, which will require another student loan. Will that be possible while in repayment of student loan in default? Or are there private lenders that will do this, which I can later roll into a lower interest student loan. p.s. The reason I am in default, is b/c I only obtained my undergrad, and need the key to the puzzle (master's) to get more $ rolling in.... its like at the $45K I owe, what's another $15K investment for the Macc... For now I am just going to be taking individual prerquisites I can pay myself, but once I get into the Maac courses, then we are talking $$ Reading the archives, I read after six payments you can apply for new student loans? Is this the case? What if I just send them the six payments in one shot? Can't really do that, but assuming.... Thoughts?
  20. They did say offer was contingent on "no bankrupcty or negative info". No that wasn't in writting. I did get some disclosures, and I will have to review it, to make sure its not in the fine print. Post BKY, credit was fine, until I got laid off two yrs ago, I got back on track, but the student loans are in default, and show 1 repo... so not much going in my favor there. Yeah, I have an exuse, but doesn't everyone , Unemployment at the time couldn't stretch far enough for car payment, mortgage, maintainance, student loans..... They did say it verbally, but not in writting, again, I have to review that doc I received, but so it might just as said that. I was confidnet b/c I TOLD the employment agency and figured they would work it out / massage the info before communicating to employer... hey if the employment agency doesn't get a placment they don't collect their commission. I am visiitng employer on monday and talk to them, what can I loose....
  21. Student loan in default balance = $44K... GC Services (collection agency) tacked on $9K collection fees. I have agreed to a rehab 13 month pmt plan , then they said it would go back to sallie mae.. I have been unsuccesful in negotiating that collection fee.... any cap or way to get it off? Once at this stage, would there be a way to get it refinanced with another company and start paying them? Not even sure what good that would do, other than hopefully waive some of that $9K... Loan is with usafunds. thanks
  22. I clicked monthly update feature for $7.XX minus 15% discount came out to $6.xx . But I just got one score .... and one lengthy report. I need the three scores, to start fixing my credit, no... or should this report include it all? I doubt it. How do I know if this score of 858...no I mean 546, LOL, is the middle score or what? I sent myfico an email to see if they can help. Which is the option you should be getting to help fix my credit... It was a bad start reading it... A property I sold March of last year is showing up late .... that's great, this bad credit cost me a new job opportunity... thanks have to go hunting for the property sales docs...
  23. CPPSAVINGS not working today ....ahh, had to use a different discount code for the monthly subscription...
  24. Cr post bky? I was laid off in 02, 8 months or so no job, then got a job for 1/2 my old salary, kinda sat on that job for one year (After 8 months of unemployment it felt like heaven), unfortunately I didn't recoup well... I did start paying and have continued paying creditors on time... except student loan, which is now in default.... and post getting the job offer, I signed an agreement w/collection agency handling student loan to start a payment plan... guess, I will NOW also be in default of new payment plan... messed up circle, can't get job at my level due to credit, and can't pay creditor w/o job... go figure!?!?!??! I was even in the process to sign up for my MBA in Jan (new job, great $$, got settlement signed w/student loans...)... was too sweet... I must be frank, it was a nice four days post employment offer, even visited the Audi store, LOL....back to reality...... wonder if they check credit working as a garbage man or sewage cleaner!?!??!
  25. Guess, that is why I am here... what a nightmare, after almost a year or more land a decent job (mid-high five figures), and four days after job offer/acceptance they pull it from me due to a bky I had 6 years ago! I did say credit was fine during interview with company.. what was I going to say!!>??? BUT, I did tell employment agency my credit was NOT good, I did not mention bky as it was a while ago, and didn't know how far back they went.... SO bottom line, I quit my old job, new job gets pulled, now unemployed... shouldn't employment agency have pulled BEFORE job offer?? Who's been in this dilema? I am going to try to set up a meeting with employer and see if I can give them a decent explanation... Man, I am going to go collect garbage or drive a truck or some *&^#*&^ like that... being that my field is accounting , bad credit killed me!

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