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  1. the letter states that penfed has authorized the settlement.
  2. The account was assigned not sold. It's still held my the OC(PENFED).
  3. the letter says it would be marked settled and will have a zero balance.
  4. I recently made a settlement arrangement to settle an account with an OC through a CA it had been assigned (not sold to). The CA has never reported. I settled $26 k for $8. I have a letter from the CA (and cancelled cashiers checks) stating the terms "OC has authorized CA to settle for yadda yadda, once paid it will be reported as settled (they wouldn't report paid in full) in full with a zero balance" I checked my CR today and the OC shows the payment made but it's still showing the balance (~$12k) What should I do? Dispute it off with the CRA's? Call the CA who I made the arrangement with? Or contact the OC? Thanks!
  5. It said I was approved for the venture. Capone.com said platinum. I was approved for the platinum.
  6. ttt c'monnnn help me out what do I do?
  7. Be very careful with Citi. They're very sue happy. They sued me for less than $1k
  8. Holy Moly! It did the same for me, so I pulled the trigger and was approved for $500 unsecured! The last time I applied in April I was offered a fully secured card
  9. they don't fall off for a couple of years and yes I do have a bunch more paid charge offs on my report. no collections.
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