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  1. I would agree with you if I felt it was one person that felt their way of guidance was the best way. I understand that. Some people think "tough love" is the right way, and some people don't. What I have a problem with is the judgement of so many people. This thread, which I posted as a small celebration, turned into an argument over how I handled the situation. This forum used to always be understanding and helpful. Bad credit doesn't happen because people made good decision. You don't try to fix bad credit without realizing that things need to change. And you certainly don't try to fix credit and seek advice because you want people to judge your past (and sometimes ongoing) mistakes. No one is perfect. I did not come to this board and post this expecting people to congratulate me. I did not post this in order to start a debate about which card I have, what benefits I have, why I purchased things using it, or anything else about my financial situation. I posted it because at one time, I spent a lot of time on this forum. I enjoyed the people here. We celebrated removal of "baddies," fighting back against JDBs, cleaning up after bankruptcies, paying down high debts, and rehabbing defaulted SLs. There was no judgement. There were no harsh words. Almost everyone on here was on here because of a past full of mistakes that they were trying to learn from. We all handled things in our own ways and it was accepted. It's quite clear that things have changed. Obviously, the way in which I chose to clean things up (which, by the way, I did so following the advice of several long time, successful and well respected members at the time, after careful consideration of all my options and the risks and rewards of each) is not considered acceptable here anymore. Obviously there are many that cannot accept that just learning to not abuse credit and being able to resist the temptation of signing up for every new card that comes along is a huge success for some people. My credit score starts with a 6 for the first time since I was 19. That's success a success for me. I haven't maxed out my card and not been able to make the payments on it since I got it. That's a success for me. I'm not living beyond my means and treating credit like extra income. That's a success for me. I don't have collections on my file that are simply a result of stupid decisions or forgetfulness. That's a success for me. I managed to get my fresh start without having to file for bankruptcy. That's a success for me. So, take that how you may. I'm not going to justify myself on anything else. I will, however, mourn for the loss of the community that once was here. (Edited for typos.)
  2. Well, since someone decided to jump me s*** without asking questions first, I'll go ahead and defend myself and make the realization that apparently CB is not what it once was. Yes, my credit card is maxed out because of Black Friday. It normally sits at a $0 balance, but I bought my new work laptop on it to get the cash back rewards and I'm waiting on my job to reimburse me for it. It is not a zero interest, but it will be paid off before the interest hits. And it's also a $0 annual fee which is the only reason I got the card to start with. I have no open lines of credit because I couldn't get any that I was willing to have. I had screwed up all the normal repair credit cards so the typical recommended accounts weren't available to me. Rather than paying high annual fees for the sake of score improvement, I just waited for things to improve. It saved me a hell of a lot of money that way. You're also assuming that I have no savings. Yes there was a time that I did not - see the lost job causing the cable bill collection - because we had burned through most of it when my husband had lost his job 6 months prior. By the way, that collection is right at $100 because it was one month's bill. Just one. I didn't let it get further than that, but I cancelled it after the next month had already billed and Charter said too bad so sad. Paying the car payment was more important at the time. One collection does not the end of the world nor financial ruin make. Life does happen, and savings does have to get used sometimes - after all, that's what it's there for. Also, we moved out of that area after I lost my job because the economy was far too unstable. I now have a nice job, am rebuilding the savings that kept me from losing my car and my house when I needed them, and am more than able to pay the payments on my student loans when I graduate in 2 years. They are not in forebearance because I can't pay them, they are in deferrment because I am enrolled at least half time. I actually paid my private loan completely off 2 1/2 years ago, so I just have my consolidated federal ones now. I also pulled my EQ FICO, which was a 625 so your score predictions were a bit off. I'm not willing to spend the money on pulling all 3 just to see what they are.
  3. Long long time, no see CB. Back in 2007 I was working on trying to clean up my credit mess and spent a lot of time on this site. Over the next year, my life became a complete disaster and eventually led to a divorce. In late 2008, I decided to walk away from all of my debts. None of them were individually large enough to be worth suing over, so I felt fairly safe but I always worried that day would come. A couple weeks ago I realized that I had passed the 7 year mark, so I pulled my annual reports. It's gone. All of it. The charge offs, the collections, they're all gone. I knew they would be, but I'm still kind of in shock. I didn't have to fight to get any of them removed, they all just aged off naturally like they're supposed to. I have one fairly recent collection (about a year old now) from where I lost my job and got a month behind on my cable bill before I was able to cancel it, but that is my only baddie. My utilization is high because I only have one revolving account right now with a $1650 credit limit (and currently sitting pretty close to maxed out thanks to Black Friday, but that will be getting mostly paid off in a few weeks). But that one little Capital One card, that started out at $300 and has grown over the past 3 years as I've made every payment on time, has been building me positive account history. My car, now 2 1/2 years old with a perfect payment history, and my deferred student loans are my only other lines of credit. It's freeing knowing that all of that bad stuff is behind me. I just need to see if I can get this cable bill wrapped up and gotten rid of, but I finally feel like I have control of my credit again. No more being that person that can't finance a stick of bubble gum. No more "maybe some day" wistful thinking. Seven years of responsibility taught me more than any amount of clean up could have. Thanks CB for inspiring me to take charge of my credit. Though I didn't do it in exactly the recommended way, I did it the only way I could at the time. And I'm never getting back into that position again.
  4. I'm aware of the way TLs are supposed to report, but in the past Cap1 has been known to ignore what they're supposed to do and just do things their own way. I was working with a customer years ago that had a Cap1 showing both a CL and high balance of something like $58 ... when I asked her about it, she said the limit was actually $3k, but she'd only ever used it once. My Ex-H had the same thing happen with his Cap1, where it reported the CL as whatever the high balance had been, instead of the actual CL. I'm just wondering if this is still true.
  5. Just a quick question. Back in the days that I was selling cars (2007 and earlier), I know Capital One used to report the high credit as the credit limit. Do they still do that? I was just wondering because I just got approved for a $300 CL Journey card and was going to charge about $250 on it, wait for it to report, then PIF if that was the case.
  6. I got an email about this a couple months back and never really did anything about it. Then the other day I got an email from TU about my TrueCredit account and welcoming me back, so it looks like they signed me back up automatically, which rocks! I never renewed when they cancelled me for pulling daily. Haven't gone and pulled it yet though. I probably should. And continue to do so every day until they block me again.
  7. I have no idea what on earth they could be collecting for. The only bill I can think of is medical and I don't know if they do medical (ambulance billed my insurance wrong and insurance rejected it, it hasn't been a fun process) but whatever it is, they're annoying as crap. Obviously, being NCO, they haven't sent me squat in the mail. They occasionally leave a message with just a callback number, but most times don't. The one and only time I picked it up (by accident, was opening my phone to make another call and it came in right at the same time) it was one of the automated "please hold for a representative" messages. Any suggestions? Addresses I send a C&D to? Here's the numbers they're calling me from: 877-803-8009 516-576-8785 310-862-9033 253-248-6405
  8. If you'll be there for the Sunset Symphony, we should hook up. I'll be there at least that weekend, and maybe for the BBQ fest also. BTW, if you're there for BBQ fest, try and get some from the Gwatney Chevy/Saturn of Memphis BBQ team. Theirs is the best! That's where I'll be hanging out (used to work at Saturn) if I go down that weekend. If you're at the Westin, you can take a quick side trip to Huey's without any problems at all. It's at the corner of 2nd and Union. Just go west down Beale from the Westin, and then head north on 2nd for about 3 blocks. Completely worth it, I LOVE Huey's. The Rendezvous is at 2nd and Monroe, about a block past Huey's. It's dry-rub BBQ, but you'll find wet BBQ in Memphis also. I believe Corky's and Neely's are both specialize in wet.
  9. Make/Model 2007 Saturn VUE Red Line (V6 FWD) 1999 Saturn SL2 Homecoming Edition (sedan) 1993 Saturn SC2 (coupe) Would you consider purchasing from the same auto maker again? Absolutely. Amazing customer service and some darn good cars. If yes or maybe to #2, would you purchase the same model, or a different model within the company? Different model. I'd buy an Aura. The new VUEs are built in Mexico and the Astras are built in Belgium, and I will not buy a Saturn that is not made in America. The Aura is built in Kansas and is really a great car. I like the Outlook and Sky but neither would be a good car for me. Overall satisfaction (1-10) VUE - 9; It's already had a few more problems than I'm really comfortable with in a brand new car, and one continuing problem with the radio that the dealership can't figure out. Granted they are all very minor, but still, I shouldn't have to worry about them on a car that's got 24k miles. For the most part, I really love this car. Amazing power, excellent safety, and an average of 28 mpg out of a V6 SUV is something you won't find just about anywhere else. SL2 - 9; I bought it with really low miles and it's performed flawlessly. Doesn't look nor act like a 9 year old car. With 75k miles I've only ever had to replace the water pump, tires and brakes. Only thing is that the gas mileage is a pretty low at an average of 28 mpg and I have yet to figure out why. SC2 - 10; Only because at 204k miles it still burns no oil and gets 34 mpg (36-38 if straight highway). Right now it's out of commission with a dead fuel pump, but for a car that's got 204k miles on the original engine and automatic transmission, been run into a guard rail, broken into, backed into, and vibrated to pieces with the huge stereo, a dead fuel pump is just a small speed bump. This is my workhorse car, when it's running I drive it an average of 3k miles a month and get no complaints from her about it! Previous vehicle(s) owned (if applicable) 1994 Saturn SL1 - my first car, burned oil faster than gas and then died in 2003. Currently sitting at a friend's house needing about $1500 in work to the engine - or a new engine. 2004 Saturn VUE Red Line (V6 AWD) - lots of problems with the electrical system but overall an excellent car. Totalled in 2006, this car saved my husband's life and was the reason we got the 07.
  10. Lots of great things to do in Memphis besides just Beale St (which is insane on weekends). It's funny how after just 3 years living there, Memphis feels like as much of a home as the city I lived in for 20 years in Ohio. There are definitely plenty of things I miss about Memphis, but one of them is NOT the horrible amounts of crime. One word of advice, don't go anywhere near Graceland. It's in a really really bad area of town. I used to live about a 1/2 mile away, our house was broken into 4 times in a year and a half, and we woke up one night to find a guy poking around in our back yard. My husband scared him off with a shotgun. Stay out of the north side of town, and the south side of town. If you're seeing names of places like Frayser, Whitehaven, and Orange Mound, get out!! Downtown isn't too bad, but be careful on Beale Street. Midtown is a really nice area, especially in the Cooper-Young area. It's one of the safer areas of town. Where is your company meeting going to be? I can tell you some good places to go near wherever you are staying. Be sure to do some great eating while you're down there! I miss all the great local restaurants. If you like BBQ, you've got to hit the Rendezvous. Non-BBQ, Huey's is my personal favorite, there are 6 or 7 locations all around the city. Be sure to get the steak on a stick, the marinade they use is to die for, and you can shoot your toothpicks into the ceiling for some added fun. For some artery-clogging burgers, stop by Dyer's (on Beale) and be sure to read the story about their grease. In midtown, Young Ave Deli at the corner of Cooper and Young is excellent, especially if you like moufalettas.
  11. I highly doubt that they will be testing your product knowledge during an interview but it never hurts to brush up. I quit selling right as the 08's came out so I don't know all the new numbers of the top of my head, sadly. Once you start selling, gas mileage is the biggest one you'll need to know, for sure! Know the competitor's gas mileage too, especially on the hybrids. Also on the hybrids, the cost of ownership compared to competitors is a big selling feature - the gap in original purchase price usually makes the Saturn hybrids a better buy than the ones that get better gas mileage. But for sure, that was the first question most people asked, was about gas mileage. Know the horsepower and 0-60 on the Sky and Sky Red Line (177 and 260, and 7.3 and 5.5 sec) but most people don't care on the other cars!
  12. Good luck SG! I'm sure you'll get it! You already know I used to sell Saturns. We were paid an $1800 draw and 25% commission. Averaged about $250 a car, with a $150 mini. If you're as enthusiastic about Saturns as I am (and as knowledgeable) don't be surprised when the veteran sales people are always asking you questions! I did product training for the other consultants in my spare time, and won every one of the product knowledge and walk-around contests we had. Don't be afraid to share your enthusiasm with customers! And DH will stop complaining when he sees those commission checks.
  13. I loved "Like Melanie but with an F!" ... DUH! Felanie, hahaha!
  14. Here's some more. I was so worn out by the time we finished clearing it all that I forgot to take pictures of the pile we made at the end of the driveway. It's taller than me!! We had a lot of melting over the past two days so it's not quite as tall but still pretty big. We're down to just a few inches left on the ground. The big drift in the driveway as I was attacking it with the shovel. It measured at about 27" deep. DH cleaning off my car.
  15. For those of you who got nailed by the storm that hit this weekend, post up your pictures! My area got record snowfall amounts for a 24 hour period, breaking the records set by the blizzard of 78 and the unofficial blizzard (didn't have the sustained wind requirement to be an official one) of 2004. For my city they've measured anywhere from 10" to 22" throughout the city, I'd say we got about 14" or 16" at our house, but the drifts are amazing! We've got one that will easily come up to my waist! My dog refuses to leave the top step to the porch, he's a Min Pin and I'm sure he knows the snow would swallow his little self up! My driveway. Yes, that is SOLID SNOW between the cars!! My car. You can see how deep it is on my bumper by how much of my bike rack is covered up. The cars actually aren't too bad, the wind was blowing so hard that the northern side of them is fairly clean, and most of the roofs are too. The front porch. There are two concrete steps buried under there somewhere! The back porch and back yard. Those barrels are about 2 feet tall. My grandma's car is under here somewhere! I see it's antenna!

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