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  1. nooneimportant

    Is diversity of underwriters important to you? And why?

    I bet his bestie Heg has seen him.
  2. nooneimportant

    I Just Noticed That 14 of My Cards Have Balances

    Have you noticed a larger effect on your mortgage FICOs?
  3. nooneimportant

    Credit Card Success!

    Your Discover card will provide a real FICO credit score.
  4. nooneimportant

    Amalgamated - ABOC Inquiry sensitive

    Did you call back to see if Helen would provide the real scoop?
  5. nooneimportant


    They claim you are avoiding them, and then when you do talk to them, they hang up on you? I think it could very well just be a scammer.
  6. nooneimportant

    NEW CARD!!!!! (Synch HOME)

    I'm unimpressed. If they up the cash back to more than 3% (the level of some existing cards), I would be interested. Also, it doesn't say what the 6 month promotional rate is. I assume it is 0%. Even then, with current interest rates, cash back sounds like a better option. 12 months at 0% may become interesting.
  7. nooneimportant

    Please advise next step

    If you only have 2 revolving accounts, you should definitely get a third. It should boost your credit score. Ultimately, for the best score you need five revolving accounts. But the first three will have the biggest impact.
  8. nooneimportant


    There was no evidence of that reported. Given the scarcity of Discover-only merchants, it seems more likely that others simply didn't bother to report the breach.
  9. nooneimportant


    "We can confirm this incident did not involve any Discover systems and we are forwarding this to the appropriate parties for review. We're aware of a possible merchant data breach & are monitoring accounts. Our members can rest assured they’re never responsible for unauthorized purchases on their Discover card accounts. *Shawni" So this breach occurred at an undisclosed merchant. Discover reported it to the state of California and issued new cards to those potentially affected.
  10. nooneimportant

    The Master Balance Transfer Thread

    I just got some checks in the mail with the same offer on my existing card.
  11. nooneimportant

    Question about NFCU Flagship Rewards Visa Signature

    It might take some digging, but there was a thread a year or two ago about different exchange rates used by different lenders. I think the main takeaway was that the differences in exchage rate can be more than the FTF. So you may actually spend less by paying a FTF and getting a better exchange rate. It was said Chase had the best exchange rates, though there is surely some variability depending on the country.
  12. nooneimportant

    91 Day CLI Question

    It is just a minimum time. Off the top of my head, Bank of America is also 91 days.
  13. nooneimportant

    NFCU Balance Transfer

    Thanks for the info, PotO. You saved me a phone call. I was wondering why Navy showed a balance but BOA doesn't yet show a payment.
  14. nooneimportant

    NFCU Balance Transfer

    Oh no. They would get the $25 in my checking account. That would be devastating. Seriously, cross collateralization is a well known thing. If you think you might be delinquent on your accounts, take your money out. NFCU doesn't have good banking rates anyway.

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