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  1. I'm at about 24%. I haven't tried for a CLI in a while. Since I rarely use that card, it would probably be a waste of time even if I'm not at max exposure.
  2. Penfed Platinum Cash Rewards $50k Discover It $44k Chase Ink $41.1k
  3. It only took 13 years here. I got an auto CLI from Chase of all issuers to push me over the edge. I now have $504,100 available credit with 23 accounts. :)
  4. I was just approved for $30k for the Capital One Savor One card. This would have brought my total lines to $501k if not for AMEX cutting my limit. No CP status for me. :( I'm still just a lowly whore thanks to AMEX.
  5. Thanks MP80! I just applied for the Savor One and was approved for $30k. This is more than sufficient for my needs. My Experian app updated this morning with an 811 FICO 8. It dropped to 808 after the inquiry.
  6. I just got a letter in the mail from AMEX informing me that they cut my credit limit from $30k to $15k to align with my spending. I rarely do more than 1-2 small charges a year to keep them from closing it.
  7. I want to apply for a card with a longer 0% purchase promo rate but want a decent starting limit. I am currently considering US Bank Platinum with 20 months at 0%, Wells Fargo Platinum with 18 months, or Capital One SavorOne with 15 months (this seems better than the Quicksilver simply because the rewards could actually be useful later). I currently have $40k between personal and business cards with US Bank, never had anything Wells Fargo, and a $10k Capital One card that used to be HSBC and seems to be considered a red headed step child. I didn't see much recent experience in the CP database.
  8. I still occasionally receive phone calls from debt collectors looking for someone that apparently used to have my phone number. I've had the same number for more than ten years. If I start getting collection texts, I will have some fun replying to them.
  9. I suspect the reason is someone can't do math. The installment "debt to credit ratio" also looks like nonsense.
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