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  1. nooneimportant

    PenFed 4Q18 Offers are Up

    Alliant appears to be 2.65%. I was just looking at options as I've got a CD maturing this month. These were the best 2 rates I found.
  2. I rarely write with a pen or pencil anymore. Yellow highlighters only?
  3. nooneimportant

    can you dispute a charge because of quality of product?

    Check the terms for your card. Who issued it?
  4. nooneimportant

    Wells Fargo Personal LOC 20k Approved

    I recall reading that they have an annual fee on their LOC.
  5. nooneimportant

    Do not carry a balance to increase your credit score!

    CB is more than just credit rebuilding. I've never had "bad" credit, but I've been coming here 10+ years.
  6. nooneimportant

    Very Stupid Question

    That is proprietary information that creditors will not reveal, but I doubt they care what prime issuers you have on your report. They probably do, however, dislike seeing subprime issuers such as Credit One as it most likely means you have had bad credit previously.
  7. nooneimportant

    Any free FICO scores?

    Barclays is TU FICO 8. Try this Master Thread instead. It was last updated in May. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/519290-the-master-free-000-fico-score-thread/&do=findComment&comment=5739997
  8. nooneimportant

    Citi Thanku 0 APR offer for existing customers

    Citi seems to send special offers when you don't use your account much. Last month I just accepted an offer for 0% purchase APR until January on my Dividend Platinum Select card.
  9. Fastest delivery times? When I need something quick, I don't think of Amazon. On a recent Prime shipment that was upgraded to 1 day shipping, they didn't bother to ship it until the next day. They did refund the upgraded shipping charge though.
  10. nooneimportant

    Navy Federal Business Card Approvals & High Utilization?

    I used SoFi. They required pay stubs as well as ID documents like driver's license, social security card, and birth certificate. You should look into any credit unions you are a member of already. Other possible options include Discover Personal Loans, Lightstream by Sun Trust, and maybe Lending Club or Prosper.
  11. nooneimportant

    Navy Federal Business Card Approvals & High Utilization?

    You have 45% overall utilization with nearly $60k in revolving debt and barely a 700 credit score. I think your approval chances are very low. Instead of applying for a credit card, you should first get a consolidation loan to reduce the revolving utilization. Once this happens, your score will improve which will give you more options.
  12. nooneimportant

    question about combining limits with bank of america

    They cannot jack up the rate on existing accounts.
  13. Was that disclaimer even necessary? I mean, how many people purchase gas stations on their credit cards? Also, I thought you were calling them out for the improper use of a colon until I saw what you circled.
  14. It should post as -5x.

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