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  1. If you're paying $200 for a toaster, it should make your entire breakfast.
  2. I still occasionally receive phone calls from debt collectors looking for someone that apparently used to have my phone number. I've had the same number for more than ten years. If I start getting collection texts, I will have some fun replying to them.
  3. I suspect the reason is someone can't do math. The installment "debt to credit ratio" also looks like nonsense.
  4. I still have one of their cards. I think I got one CLI years ago. Other CLI attempts have been denied due to lack of use. I think my limit is $3k. On in the positive side, they do occasionally have special casback offers and decent BT offers. I recently used a no fee, 3.9% interest BT offer. I paid it off before the statement cut and was charged no interest.
  5. Have you noticed a larger effect on your mortgage FICOs?
  6. Your Discover card will provide a real FICO credit score.
  7. Did you call back to see if Helen would provide the real scoop?
  8. They claim you are avoiding them, and then when you do talk to them, they hang up on you? I think it could very well just be a scammer.
  9. I'm unimpressed. If they up the cash back to more than 3% (the level of some existing cards), I would be interested. Also, it doesn't say what the 6 month promotional rate is. I assume it is 0%. Even then, with current interest rates, cash back sounds like a better option. 12 months at 0% may become interesting.
  10. If you only have 2 revolving accounts, you should definitely get a third. It should boost your credit score. Ultimately, for the best score you need five revolving accounts. But the first three will have the biggest impact.

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