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  1. I'm dead serious and wanting to crowd source those who have been through this experience. If I wasn't serious, I wouldn't have created this thread (i.e., I don't believe it's ethical to troll). Follow Thumper's Rule: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated. One word posts like this are not constructive. I would never post such snark on another person's thread since it's not the impression I want to convey to someone genuinely asking for help. It's not the CreditBoards that I know and love and recommend to people on other forums since 2006. The CB I know is full of helpful personalities who don't engage in fights or childish behaior. [Edit: There we go. Figured out how the Ignore List functions in IP Board: It wasn't directly accessible via User profile. Much better. Back to work.] Anyone here with experience with Citi's refund practices? Looking for positive, helpful personalities only. I am truly grateful for answers.
  2. My one year was coming up in January for the Citi AAdvantage card with $95 annual fee. Instead of closing it, someone on this forum advised I could do a Product Change to a card with $0 AF, so I went with Costco. Apparently the Product Change process with Citi takes like 54 days, so it's still processing until Mid-March. Two months! So I explicitly brought up with each CSR my concern about paying an annual fee on a card that I no longer have, and they all reassured me that I wouldn't be charged. Well I was. $95. I then called back and they started the process to refund the annual fee. This was weeks ago. It doesn't take this long to process a refund in my mind. Almost seems as though Citi is a dishonest company just trying to screw us over. The CSR advised to go ahead and pay the annual fee just to avoid a late payment and that a refund could always be issued to my checking account. I'm coming up on the Due Date, and I logged in. To my surprise, the annual fee is still there. The Citi of 2017 is nothing like the Citi I knew and loved back in 2007. Nothing. They were my top "prime" credit card company. I even liked them more than AMEX due to better rewards. But for the past several years, since 2010 or so, I am getting so frustrated with Citi Cards. It's like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is up to. And their Customer Service is frequently outsourced. Am I being taken for a ride? Anyone else have this kind of poor experience with Citi taking this long to refund an annual fee? This kind of BS shouldn't need to take weeks or months to process. And there have been no courtesy e-mails or nothing in my online account with regard to their request for refund. I have no visibility as the customer, leaving me in the dark.
  3. What an odd, rhetorical, unhelpful question. I don't take my time to write detailed posts on a forum when I'm kidding. I'm dead serious. It is completely egregious for a credit card company to require GREATER THAN the total balance due on a credit card. So let's say the minimum payment is $35.00 and my balance due is $21.46, yet their client-side Javascript logic doesn't account for the condition and still mandates $35.00, leaving one with a net balance of -$15.00. It's BS and illogical. The correct solution is to require the $21.46 total balance instead of the hard-and-fast $35.00 minimumPayment = 35; if (balanceDue < 35) { minimumPayment = balanceDue; } The correct solution to a bug is the bug fix. And when a customer describes a bug, then it needs to be passed on to the web development team responsible for defect remediation, then passed on to the QA team for testing, then finally pushed into the Production server farms. Look, I don't know who you are as I'm not a regular on CreditBoards, but I've been on here for over 10 years, and my expectation of this place is that it's full of really, really helpful people, not negativity. We are all here to build each other up, not mock or fight like children. So my expectation is for people to provide constructive solutions for me to get through the CSR shields and to IT to get this issue fixed. So right now I'm considering phone call and written letter. Ideally I would be able to contact someone straight on the web development team (hopefully they're a CreditBoards member and see this thread!) and bypass CSRs who gave me a canned response. When I worked in banking IT, one of my frustrations was when the front-line CSRs would not request the correct information from the customer, and they provided me with garbage details, leading to lots of back and forth. Now I'm experiencing it from the external customer's point of view, and IT is completely unaware of my bug report as a result.
  4. OK, bug in IP Board forum software that prevents me from editing the typo in my topic. I can edit the content but not the thread title. Damn.
  5. Preface: I've considered NFCU for many years to offer the best customer service on the phone, and I stand by that. I think USAA, Discover, and Fidelity are also in the same ballpark of "Wow, I'm Impressed." I like how they offer higher than average credit limits, especially to those who have thin files. That being said, my cashRewards card closed with a $2.00 balance recently, with $2.00 minimum payment due. I logged in and just wanted to Pay In Full, but there is client-side Javascript code (runs in the browser) that immediately flashes a red error message: Amount must be greater than or equal to $5.00 This is a very quick bug fix in the client-side scripting that the web development team in charge of online banking should be able to fix and QA in like 30 minutes and push it into Production in the next release. I've worked in Online Banking IT as well as Banking IT at 2 prior financial institutions and I'm familiar with the SDLC. When something's a bug, it needs to be recognized as a bug and then fixed. I also know it's impossible at most companies for the external customer to get through to IT or Developers, which is why external customers rely on Customer Service Representatives to take the phone call or field the secure message. I sent a secure message yesterday with instructions to relay my message to the appropriate web development team for defect remediation: and I got a generic response today: I feel completely brushed aside. Look, a-holes, it's fine to require a $5 minimum payment as long as the balance due is >= $5.00. It's really simple IF/ELSE logic to put code in there so that IF the balance due is <$5.00 to then set the minimum payment due to be = the outstanding balance. In other words, the front-line, no-nothing Customer Service Reps didn't even pass my bug report along to IT but instead rejected me upfront. Wrong move, Navy Federal. Wrong move. This isn't the Navy Federal that I've known and loved for the past several years I've been a member. I don't know how I can escalate this. Maybe a written letter sent CMRRR? In the meantime, I'm going to pay $5.00, leaving me with a negative balance of -$3.00 which they will have to print a check for $3.00 and mail it to me. It's their financial loss for their insubordination.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I may just PC to a different card like Double Cash and just be done with it instead of getting frustrated and fighting multiple battles. At some point there's more to life than standing your ground with megacorps.
  7. Instant $5500 CLI last week. I noticed the CLI request form now also asks for liquid assets in addition to income and rent/mortgage, so I think that's what helped with the big CLI.
  8. I can't get through to Citi AAdvantage CSR. I called pretty late, and they sound foreign-based (Philippines). I don't know how to get through to an American-based CSR....maybe just call during the day? I want to transfer most of the limit to the Citi Forward card, but they told me several times that they don't do that, even after I directly and explicitly told them that I've done it many times with Citi in the past (no response to me saying that...just fell on deaf ears...WTF). And then counteroffered me with a BT (twice), even though I told them (twice) precisely what I wanted and that Citi used to perform such services. And 100% of the time when I get a new Citi card, I'm able to reallocate limits to different cards without any kind of inquiry (following an approval). Heck, 1 year ago when I got the Citi AAdvantage card, I reallocated limits from Dividend to AA, so I know it's possible. 10 years ago, Citi was my favorite lender. Now they are subprime. Their website crashes my browser every single time. Their mobile app is sluggish and poorly worded when authenticating, and their customer service is complete crap now. Even Barclaycard, AMEX, NFCU, USAA, Discover, are way way superior in customer service. Any Citi EO number I can call to reallocate or any magic words to say to the CSR? I'm trying to reallocate then close the AA card before the 1 year is up.
  9. I'm a big fan of MMM. And he says the blog is making 6 figures in income now. Probably well into the 6 figures. Nice!
  10. This thread reminded me to try again. Got a $500 CLI. I'll take it. I'm at $13,500 now.
  11. I have the same question. I'm pretty sure I joined with a clean EQ years ago but have no idea where to look. I rarely use PenFed ever since they devalued their Platinum Rewards points (was 5% for gas effectively). I see a "Other Offers" box in the lower right corner. Is that the SP quarterly offers?
  12. Contrary data point on Ally Bank. I'm not chiming in to be contrarian but wanted to share another viewpoint. Posted in further detail originally here. Their policy is to perform a hard pull for each savings account you wish to open. So let's say you have 10 savings accounts (for different goals) you'd like to open over the next couple months. Say you also have your CRAs frozen, and it's $5 each time to temporarily unfreeze. This ends up being silly money wasted. Additionally, the process to open each savings account took days, sometimes over a week. I called and waited on hold forever and finally spoke to a supervisor. I asked her why they couldn't use the hard pull from a few days ago for the new savings account, and she couldn't give a reason. It's just the way their system is programmed, and they're too incompetent/lazy to improve it. Beware if you want to open a lot of accounts with Ally Bank: This will be your experience too. My experience with Ally Bank left a bad taste in my mouth, and I subsequently increased my business with Alliant CU and consolidated all my old savings accounts (from Emigrant Direct, Capital One 360, FNBO Direct, and others), into Alliant CU. Each savings account took maybe 30-60 seconds to open online with no hard pull or even soft pull. It was night and day compared to Ally Bank. I'm not a shill, but just sharing my data point for others here to consider the overall long-term banking experience you require and what your specific needs are. I learned that chasing rates by moving to Ally Bank came with a cost: common sense, efficiency, and good customer service. (And yes, I really love Alliant CU and they've gotten better over the past 5 years I've been a member. Really love them.)
  13. What kind of place do you rent? A house? It just seems $145/month for electric bill is really high unless you're in a house with electric heat. Re: increasing income, there are lots of 100% work from home type jobs if you have or learn some computer skills. Web designers are still in high demand, as are other areas of IT and software developers.
  14. Post-tax Roth IRA to pre-tax 401K is a step backwards. Maybe Post-tax Roth IRA to post-tax Roth 401K is possible, but I can't think of a reason unless you're planning for divorce/bankruptcy and you believe 401k offers better asset protection than an IRA (check federal and state laws). I dunno Burgerwars. The IRA puts you in control and is more private than a 401k, which your employer can see the balance (potentially?) and has less investment options. I'm a huge fan of transferring 401k to IRA after I leave every employer. Rinse and repeat. Are you trying to avoid a huge tax bill or something? It may be easier to "recharacterize" a Roth IRA to Traditional IRA, at least for current year contributions. Not sure if you can recharacterize (i.e. "reverse Roth conversion") from Roth to Traditional for the entire balance.
  15. 3% APY Savings rate on the first $500. Stick $500 in there and call it good. Free EQ FICO too. I hear their auto loan rates are good, if that's something you do. Other than that, they're not that competent. Lot of organizational issues.

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