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  1. I def understand. I would call c1 then and see if you have any offers on the secured card. If they like how you use it, they will pc it. Also check the prequal page. Also, I'm recommending tu since in general it's the easiest report to clean up.
  2. Think $5k+ venture/savor/QS is their prime offerings If you apply for another c1 card now, you'll still be bucketed subprime. IMO you'd be better off cleaning up your tu report and going for sync or barclays until you get the rest cleared up and into the high 600s. .
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  4. I use square's cash card. Takes $1 off coffee shops, including starbucks.
  5. When I rehabbed mine, the old account did not update. Once you complete the rehab process the new lender shows up with the original loan date with no past payment info. My only regret was not starting the process sooner.
  6. Amazon is having a promotion. Buy Ooma Core/Scout and get a free ipod shuffle. It's $200 w/free ship.
  7. Thank you for the information. Yeah, I think I'll switch from the voip I have now, as Ooma will be better. Did you purchase from their website directly or Amazon, Best Buy ? I bought it from costco. Best price at that time. Prices have been fluctuating the last month for the older version. I'd be patient and check around if you're not in a rush. Dell has the core&scout for ~$170 a couple weeks back. Also, you might want to consider your network setup if you are going to use VOIP. Ooma has QOS, so if you place it below your modem and above everything else, you'll have excellent quality no matter what you're doing. I've downloaded movies and talked like it was a landline.
  8. I've had it for 3 months now and love it. This is my 3rd hardware based voip company (vonage/packet8) and imo, the best in quality/features. Few caveats....last time I used vonage/packet8 was over 2 years ago, so maybe things have changed with them. Faxing is still troublesome, but doable. If you use cable and the power goes out, you'll lose cable broadband & phone service....at least with dsl/pots, you'll only lose it if someone cuts the line.
  9. yep...got that one from Cap1 too. Called the 800# and opted out. Ta ta
  10. They pulled this on me about a month ago. Received a series of low interest BT checks over half a year. After a routine online check deposited the BT checks a few days later. A few days after that I went online to check to see if it cleared and bam! noticed the CLD to below what I wrote the check for. Basically called a pleaded mea culpa to some csr. Guess he felt sorry for me...all I ended up with was nsf fee at my depositing bank. They waived their fees, plus I didn't lose my promo 0% I had on an existing BT. Cuda been worse I guess.
  11. I did mine online. A drawback... you have to send your paperwork to their online processing location, which takes additional time. Would have been quicker going to a local branch...That plus the first bunch of times going to a branch they had trouble finding my account and kept asking me which state I opened my account.
  12. What wouldn't you consider bk'ing them and have the court mandate some type of repayment schedule?

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