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  1. Any recommendations for New Mexico? Thanks,
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone. The debt is about 1 year old. I DV'd the first CA (united recovery systems) and they never validated. I guess Citibank stills owns it and they're trying another avenue for collections, that being Academy. The guy I was taking to at Academy was surprisingly not a jerk. I even talked him down another $500 for 40% payoff. But you guys are right, I should DV. I'm not sure how to appeal with Citibank to pull it back. I'd rather pay them directly anyway.
  3. Thanks for the response. I called the OC and they said I would have to settle the matter with the CA. However, I'm not sure the CA owns it, because as of today they're not reporting on my CR. Still shows Citibank. Do you know if the CA has the ability to do a pfd? They're telling me if I settle, it will be reported to Citibank as a settled account, paid less than. Regards,
  4. I had a card with Citibank that was charged off. Academy picked it up and has sent a resonable settlement at 50% the total amount. I'm considering settling, however I want to make sure my credit doesn't get hosed any further. Is there a way to settle so that they provide a full deletion of all references regarding this account? Also, are there any gotcha's I should be aware of? Thanks...and keep up the great work guys!

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