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  1. You have to keep them informed. It depends on the clearance as well. I initiated them for contractors while on active duty for construction contracts and security contractors. The background investigation was done by a private security firm but re-ups started in our office. I am now a GS employee in the D.C area working for the Army and we have security (not guards) doing them right next to my office. We have people with a TS that have been bagged for DWI, green suit'ers (aka soldiers) that have gone through chapter 7 - 13 and still hold their clearances. The big thing is they let their chain know what was going on so there was no surprises. If you are up for a re-up they WILL see that and they WILL have investigators come interview you. So it is best to let you boss know the circumstances surrounding the issues that way they can get through the interview process quickly since most of the info will be there. The investigators and adjudicators look at it like, why did he/she not tell their command/boss? What are they trying to hide? Would they be a good target for a payoff by a subversive entity. With the DWI they "may" find that you have a drinking issue and would therefor be susceptible to loose lips, poor judgment. Drugs are even worse, if they can verify a dependency issue people lose their clearance, and most times the job as well. My Boss is a LTC and he had a big federal tax judgement against him and after a two hr interview all went well for him in the end, why because the BC already knew and let the investigators know a head of time he was having issues paying that back. He was put on an interim and when he got payments he could afford set yup with the IRS he sent them a letter and the "interim " was lifted. My advise is don't let them "just find it". However, If you are NOT up to redo (like you in 2020) your clearance you will be OK for now as they do NOT just pull credit report from random people just because - don't rely on that though. But again if it were me i'd have a paper trail going, with the remediation process of the issues on paper. Since you are a contractor AND you have to switch contracts, they could recheck your docs depending on the clearance level and the agency you report to. Some agencies require a clearance certification no older than 2 years for example. A Chapter 13 is a pay as you go BK so that is not looked upon too badly HOWEVER that depends on the amount as well. There are many factors that play into a BI. Compartmental and Q clearances things get sticky from the onset for newbees but folks with an adjudicated clearance would bode better in a re-investigation. Again, keep them informed. Ultimately, whatever you decide to do will reflect upon your "judgement" of the situation. I don't know what level you are, but what I can tell you is there is no such thing as a "good surprise" in a background investigation - you have now do the right thing to keep it. And here is the last thing that should help you make a decision: You are REQUIRED to Self-Report Potential Security Clearance Issues if you have a current security clearance- FAILING TO REPORT AN ISSUE Failure to self-report a security-related event is a security violation that compounds the original problem and increases the risk of having a clearance suspended and/or revoked. Under DOD 5200.2-R supervisors and coworkers “have an equal obligation to advise their supervisor or appropriate security official when they become aware of information with potentially serious security significance regarding someone with access to classified information employed in a sensitive position.” As a separate but related requirement, all DoD military, civilian, and contractor personnel, whether cleared or uncleared, also have a responsibility to report counterintelligence indicators detailed in an extensive list in DoD Directive 5240.06, “Counterintelligence Awareness and Reporting.” Only through proper indoctrination briefings and annual refresher briefings can people be made aware of their reporting responsibilities and the multitude of reportable events. Unfortunately the written material covering this subject fails to address many of the common events and situation that should be reported. The Defense Security Service (DSS) has handbooks for cleared personnel and their supervisors that briefly cover reportable events. These handbooks provide guidance, but they are not policy. Within the federal government there is a hodge-podge of self-reporting requirements for cleared personnel. Some requirements are clear; others are ambiguous. Attempts have been made to supplement regulations with guidance documents, but guidance documents often do little to expand on or clarify self-reporting requirements. There should be one reasonably comprehensive list of reportable events for collateral clearance holders and another list for SCI and SAP, but the possibility of such lists being promulgated in the near future appears remote. DoD 5200.2-R has not been updated since February 1996 and is riddled with obsolete information. Director of Central Intelligence Directive (DCID) 6/4, which covered SCI eligibility, had a section on individual responsibilities and reporting requirements, but this regulation was superseded by Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 704 in October 2008 and ICD 704 contains no self-reporting requirements. There is more but you get the idea Good Luck!!
  2. NFCU saved me/us after the short sale. They approved me for a "new to me" car loan 3.99%, a 10K visa credit card and a good veterans rate reduction refi (that I have re done again btw for a lower rate.) USAA was the one thing that made our short sale take 2.5-3 years to complete. They were impossible to deal with. The 1st mortgage holder worked well with us and the lawyer, but that USAA uaaahum! USAA is good, but I have soft spot for NFCU. They were there for us when we needed them - even with a very recent short sale on my credit. NOTE: everything else on my credit report was positive, they asked a few questions about it but did not seems too concerned. We kept it all up when the house when so that probably helped get us through. Good Luck!
  3. Thanks Hedge it's been a long time I see you are still rocking the credit world! Thanks Gevans, Ronsetoe - "Cap1 or barclays" I had both cards and they were shut off for non use, not sure if they would want me back? However, I did have one "smal card" decline me, it was "newegg" the online computer giant. The stated the decline for the obvious reasons after a short sale - but I am not crashing my self on that one decline. Heck the next day is when Kohls approved me! I'll lay off the credit requests for a bit though I don't want to tank my scores Keepin it real - with credit!
  4. As a Loooooong time member of CB I will be making entries as to my short sale recovery process. Actually, after researching I have not found many items on the internet on POST Short Sale credit card approvals for survivors. So I'll hopefully start a trend here as we all know free revolving credit card balances makes or breaks the FICOs. If there is one already there on THIS subject please direct and I'll add future entries there. If you have similar credit card or installment loan APPROVALS tell everyone so we know where to look for the building blocks of rebuilding our credit. Finished my Short Sale (primary and second mortgages) in December 2013. This was a long multiyear process that I got through with the assistance of an attorney. Throw being active duty military into the mix over those years it was not an easy path and creditors care not where you are in the world or what’s going on - they want what they want WHEN they want it. USAA being the worst of the worst ironically(they were my second mortgage). Now I am on the road to recovery and making the forward march to success again. Fortunately the only thing that is bad on my credit is the short sale items - My scores are not bad considering. As of today, All REAL FICOS 674 EX 654 EQ 701 TU VERI SCORE 603 Here are two CC approvals i've gotten since I have gotten back on the path to rebuilding, these are small victories: POST SHORT SALE - CLOSED DEC 2013 SONY CREDIT CORP (CRUTCHFIELDS) APPROVED FOR $1500 MAR 2014 KOHLS APPROVED FOR $1000 AUG 2014 What I still have is a 5K PATELCO VISA - no balance I also have no debt except a mortgage and my wifes SUV payments (utilities and things like that are a fact of life too). Sadly all my other cards got shut off over the last 6 years for non use (go figure right). Maybe I am lucky on this because I have "heard" where CC companies shut cards off after a short sale. So now they all listed as "paid as agreed/Never late which I like
  5. Recently, I had turned a friend/co-worker of mine onto this board as I've been part and parcle to my own success story here (see link below). He asked for advise and where to start the journey so many of us here have already made. Once deep into the conversation I mentioned the one two punch AND an the official "Validation Letter". The day ended, he had signed up to creditboards!! All was well right, he had the info he needed to get going yes?? Not so fast, this link is what I had in my mail box from him this morning. http://www.avoidbk.com/debt-validation-letter/ This guy is not only one of the most hated/best debt collectors (by his own admission) but thinks himself the "Gordon Ramsey" of debt settlement. With his business model I can easily see him getting kick backs from the collection agencies in addition to his clients PAYOUT. scum - scam. His business model is basically settle for less than the original amount and seven years of whacked credit - umm no thanks... Needless to say I told my co-worker that READING-READING-READING on this board will make the biggest difference in his credit future not paying this dope.. It can be done personally, I've done it and so can you. It just takes time.. We will see what he does. I just wanted you all to be aware of this guy and his "Validation Letters are useless and settle for less than the original amount" guy. He probably slithers around here for all we know. Peace
  6. What was the agreement an ARM? The details would have helped, did you take it?
  7. Pay NCO they are a bunch of great guys and gals, honestly they are just there to help you! Ok, this is gonna leave a mark but here goes- You want a straight answer to this question; Will the letter damage your credit, YES. Also I'll bet you a million that once it's paid to NCO they will report it to the big three as "settled for less that orig amount" in big print THEN try to get it removed, you have given up your right to do anything about it. FYI, The people here are trying in vain to help you, listen to them you'll be glad you did. No one is trying to scam you out of a debt, they just want to help you do what YOU want responsibility so that you don't regret your move 5 years from now when you want to by a new car, house or fishing pole and they tell you that your denied because of "past due, collection or derogatory information" <--look familure. That come on the little white sheet of paper your sent when they tell you NO we don't want your business.- You are playing with fire when you play with NCO, they are ruthless and play on some folks "morals" to get what they want. Ahh guilt!! NCO = VALIDATE, VALIDATE, VALIDATE other wise you lose and will continue to do so for seven or more years with a baddie you can't remove because you validated FOR them by carelessly paying. Contact the OC have them recall the debt and pay them if you want, BUT just to let you know they too will report that NEG account to the big three whether you pay or not. UNLESS you get something in writing and SIGNED by a human being that they will not report. Expect it! Check next month NCO probably already has reported it since your NO-NO phone conversation. Never talk to CA BY PHONE!!!! EVER! It serves no purpose whatsoever. Good luck
  8. Sure you can, and allow me to be as well. Actually, I spoke with a law firm the on Friday, and since I am in the military and I have paperwork from the military stating that I will be getting off of active duty on a certain date (which is a certainly) banks AMAZINGLY have been working with the armed forces to modify our mortgages to avoid an impending bad situation--Hence a preemptive strike. It's nice to know it's been done quite a bit for us - It made me feel soooooo much better knowing they are willing to help us out because of OUR hardships. The workouts are mostly are comprised of freezing the present rate (I'm at 4.5% on the first) for the life of the loan and in some cases extending the mortgage to 40 years. Nothing about eating anything though they draw the line there I think. I don't NOT want to pay for something I bought in good faith. The market will not be bad forever, and I do not intend on moving for a while so, a freeze/fixed at 4.5% is good for me.
  9. He all, I have been away for a bit and unfortunately I see that there is yet another NEW credit topic required! THE MORTGAGE/LOAN MODIFICATION SECTION!!! Well, the good news is my credit is still great! The bad news is my 5/1ARM will come up to reset in 1.5 years. The highest it can go is 9.5% but that's not gonna happen. I like most other planned on doing a refi of the ARM but now I am upside down. I paid 350,000 for my home and put 70 grand down. long short of it is I had an appraisal done and the home is worth.........$250,000, now yay! Oh and I have a second since my wife wanted a POOL, so the total balance is $343,000. Without that damn pool we wold have been ok! Well that's water under the bridge. I will be hiring an attorney to help get me through a loan mod from AHMSI (American Home Mortgage Servicing). I am paying 4.5% now and would like to keep it there for 30 or 40 years fixed. When I get off of Active Duty My pay will go down so you can see wher I am going with this, it's something I have to do. Has anyone dealt with AMHSI ? I kow they have a loan mod line but I think hiring a pro to do it will help the situation along, no? Any advise or thoughts on my potential situation?
  10. Personally I would not re-mortgage the home that is paid for. I would use that as the golden parachute from your current residence. You'll just be adding to a bad situation. The only reason I would do that is if you were 110% SURE that action would save you from this situation. If it is a band aid, which I am assuming it is, don't do it. You don't seem like you can't ride out mortgage crisis storm as there is no indication of when it will end. However please understand it will end. Doing a voluntary turn in with the bank is an option, but you will take a hit no matter how you look at it. Here is my advise, Given all you have said about the market in you situation. You can't rent it, you can;t sell it, you can't keep paying what you have been paying otherwise you will be broke, correct. The choice is simple (not really but it's what you have) call the bank and let the big house go, as much as I hate to say it. With house #2 you will have a place to live AND hopefully you still have money to renovate it. One in house #2 you don't plan on moving so take that time to fix the credit hit you will take buy the FC. Fortunately you are in a better position than most because house #2 is paid for and you will have a place to live. I would talk with an attorney to make sure that asset (house #2) is protected though, that should be a priority. Remember that is an asset and something the bank for house #1 could look at to recoup some of their loss. PROTECT IT. I wish you good luck, I am on my way to a loan restructuring myself, luckily I am not having a bad time of it yet. I want to take care of the loan mod before I get off of Active Duty and my ARM resets in a 1.5 years. kid of a preemptive attack on the situation. Good luck
  11. HELL NO DON'T PAY THEM... Buy it from the bank when it's sold for pennies on the dollar MWAHAHAHAHHA!!
  12. http://www.modifyloan.net/griswold_agdeppa.html Lawyers for your friend.
  13. I just pulled a new MYFICO and saw they did a soft on my TRANSUNION, see below: Inquiries affecting your FICO® score Total: 1 Time Date Company making the inquiry July 07, 2007 Northstar Alliance Never heard anything from them, HOWEVER I did get a letter last year and nothink ever came of it. They are not on any report, nor did they ever attempt phone contact. lol, just looking I guess!
  14. Don't for get the YSP (Yield Spread Premium) payment the lender gets for selling you a higher rate... The bigger the YSP I’m sure you can figure out the rest. (Make sure that amount is clearly stated on your estimate) Depending on the lender "Junk fees" are something to look closely at.. "If the lender charges the fee, then it must be paid" Not true - In Real Estate, we have all kind of fees we could charge as well. Doc fees, compliance fees, processing fees, and so on.. I have worked with MANY lenders that gave me the inside story on lots of fees they "could of" and HAD to charge on a loan. Personally, I avoided charging the "extra fees" for my clients because it was just that, extra for me fees. However, my broker required a processing fee of $295.00 which I usually absorbed during closing since it was such a small cost and showed good faith to my clients. Get a second or third GFE. Predatory lending is unfortunately a reality with some companies, and that includes excessive fees.
  15. Here is a tidbit from CNN on "ROGUE" creditors. Some of the info in this article is weak.... Just in case no one has posted it yet! http://www.cnn.com/2008/LIVING/personal/02...tors/index.html
  16. Thanks, great info all! I will update when I get some resolution, if any.
  17. Thanks for the info... Are there any national mortgage companies that jump to mind that do this type thing?
  18. Thanks for the quick reply. MY house numbers look like this: Most recent appraisal: 312,000 (unofficial online comps appraisal) Orig Price: $350000 Down Pymt: $70000 BAL: $280000 2nd Bal $64700 balance X2: 344000 Difference: 32000 Is your suggestion still good on these numbers?
  19. I am looking into do a refi on my house I bought a few years back. Brief explination and your assessment of my chances. Thanks I have two years left on my ARM (5yr fixed, interest only) I am paying 4.5% (the loan can max out to 9%) I also have a second out for a pool and build. With the loss of equity from the RE crash my appraisal is coming up "approx" 15 grand below my purchase price. The CLTV is too high NOW! Financially I am fine, no distress whatsoever HOWEVER I do like the rates that are flying around and my mid score is a bit over 750. A conventional fixed rate looks like where I want to be now. What can I do if anything?? 1st Mortgage is via the recently demised AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE not AHM Servicing 4.5%. 2nd Mortgage is via USAA. That loan is 8.25% respectively. I don't believe that my situation is unique now a days.. Is there anything I can do? Thanks all!
  20. Wow REALLY great scores Insult.. You blow me out the window!! My credit history says 11 years, so I guess I'll just have to wait, that's ok though. I have come this far, what's a few more years. Credit wise I am where I have wanted to be ever since I knew what credit was all about.. I bet they throw GREAT credit offers at you constantly. Good for you!! Take care
  21. This board is a wonderful as I remember! I have been away too long. It looks so hi-tech now as well.. belleama, I believe Neen said it right, HOWEVER, let me respond to you this way, too bad- You don't need to read MY threads, or anyone else's, just because missed yet another workout and now have the NEED to throw your misguided negativity all over this board. Again thanks, Neen... Nemeweh, I also learn lots from the others here, more about life I think. I have seen many people come and go and success stories that have me in awe. Truly an experience and community that is worth being a part of. MY most memorable CB story was about one member that came to Creditboards knowing he was dying. He stayed with us until the day he went into the hospital and then passed away. He came to the boards to fix his credit for his family before he died. The final message on his account was from his wife telling us he had taken the ultimate journey.. It was very sad for all of the people on CB. It touched all that read it his story and posts. He was gone yet his posts remained and continue to help others, why because of CB... This place does have a life of it's own.. CB saves lives, improves lives, saves marriages, restores faith, and gets people together from all over the world. I am proud to be a member- She was about 5 days old here in Dec
  22. Say THANKS TO CB and the family, please see the reasons below. Your Latest FICO® Scores Offical FICO Score Seal TransUnion 758 Date: 1/30/2008 Equifax 749 Date: 1/30/2008 Experian 759 Date: 1/30/2008 I came to Credit Boards with some pretty bad credit. Lots of bad and out dated info as well as some not so out dated info. With the help of some of the folks here and some hard work I cleaned up my credit 100%. Here is what CB and the team GAVE ME in a very short two years.. One new home, 2000sf, three car garage 4br, thre baths with a 6500sf lot. One brand new built in-ground/heated swimming pool with spa One Vulcan Nomad 1500 motorcycle ( had this for about a year and a half now) One Mercedes SUV ML320 (only a couple of years old) One BMW 740I (also a couple of years old) Some have great loan rates and some are paid off 100% The better my credit got the LOWER my payments got. I got rid of all the stinky CC I had and traded them in for GREAT cards. I have LOTS of them with a ZERO balance (this is to keep the scores up). With all the accounts I have only three have a balance. Sometimes I pay off one with another to keep the unused cards open( they close the sometimes because on no use) Now I have my my sanity, my happiness, no more creditors calling and best of all... My new HEALTHY baby girl. 12/6/2007 Life is indeed great To everyone that reads this, stay the course, do what your told to by the pros here and you'll get there in no time. Good LUCK!!!
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