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  1. You have to keep them informed. It depends on the clearance as well. I initiated them for contractors while on active duty for construction contracts and security contractors. The background investigation was done by a private security firm but re-ups started in our office. I am now a GS employee in the D.C area working for the Army and we have security (not guards) doing them right next to my office. We have people with a TS that have been bagged for DWI, green suit'ers (aka soldiers) that have gone through chapter 7 - 13 and still hold their clearances. The big thing is they let their ch
  2. NFCU saved me/us after the short sale. They approved me for a "new to me" car loan 3.99%, a 10K visa credit card and a good veterans rate reduction refi (that I have re done again btw for a lower rate.) USAA was the one thing that made our short sale take 2.5-3 years to complete. They were impossible to deal with. The 1st mortgage holder worked well with us and the lawyer, but that USAA uaaahum! USAA is good, but I have soft spot for NFCU. They were there for us when we needed them - even with a very recent short sale on my credit. NOTE: everything else on my credit report was positive, th
  3. Thanks Hedge it's been a long time I see you are still rocking the credit world! Thanks Gevans, Ronsetoe - "Cap1 or barclays" I had both cards and they were shut off for non use, not sure if they would want me back? However, I did have one "smal card" decline me, it was "newegg" the online computer giant. The stated the decline for the obvious reasons after a short sale - but I am not crashing my self on that one decline. Heck the next day is when Kohls approved me! I'll lay off the credit requests for a bit though I don't want to tank my scores Keepin it real - with credit!
  4. As a Loooooong time member of CB I will be making entries as to my short sale recovery process. Actually, after researching I have not found many items on the internet on POST Short Sale credit card approvals for survivors. So I'll hopefully start a trend here as we all know free revolving credit card balances makes or breaks the FICOs. If there is one already there on THIS subject please direct and I'll add future entries there. If you have similar credit card or installment loan APPROVALS tell everyone so we know where to look for the building blocks of rebuilding our credit. Finishe
  5. Recently, I had turned a friend/co-worker of mine onto this board as I've been part and parcle to my own success story here (see link below). He asked for advise and where to start the journey so many of us here have already made. Once deep into the conversation I mentioned the one two punch AND an the official "Validation Letter". The day ended, he had signed up to creditboards!! All was well right, he had the info he needed to get going yes?? Not so fast, this link is what I had in my mail box from him this morning. http://www.avoidbk.com/debt-validation-letter/ This guy is not only o
  6. What was the agreement an ARM? The details would have helped, did you take it?
  7. Pay NCO they are a bunch of great guys and gals, honestly they are just there to help you! Ok, this is gonna leave a mark but here goes- You want a straight answer to this question; Will the letter damage your credit, YES. Also I'll bet you a million that once it's paid to NCO they will report it to the big three as "settled for less that orig amount" in big print THEN try to get it removed, you have given up your right to do anything about it. FYI, The people here are trying in vain to help you, listen to them you'll be glad you did. No one is trying to scam you out of
  8. Sure you can, and allow me to be as well. Actually, I spoke with a law firm the on Friday, and since I am in the military and I have paperwork from the military stating that I will be getting off of active duty on a certain date (which is a certainly) banks AMAZINGLY have been working with the armed forces to modify our mortgages to avoid an impending bad situation--Hence a preemptive strike. It's nice to know it's been done quite a bit for us - It made me feel soooooo much better knowing they are willing to help us out because of OUR hardships. The workouts are mostly are comprised of fre
  9. He all, I have been away for a bit and unfortunately I see that there is yet another NEW credit topic required! THE MORTGAGE/LOAN MODIFICATION SECTION!!! Well, the good news is my credit is still great! The bad news is my 5/1ARM will come up to reset in 1.5 years. The highest it can go is 9.5% but that's not gonna happen. I like most other planned on doing a refi of the ARM but now I am upside down. I paid 350,000 for my home and put 70 grand down. long short of it is I had an appraisal done and the home is worth.........$250,000, now yay! Oh and I have a second since my wife wan
  10. Personally I would not re-mortgage the home that is paid for. I would use that as the golden parachute from your current residence. You'll just be adding to a bad situation. The only reason I would do that is if you were 110% SURE that action would save you from this situation. If it is a band aid, which I am assuming it is, don't do it. You don't seem like you can't ride out mortgage crisis storm as there is no indication of when it will end. However please understand it will end. Doing a voluntary turn in with the bank is an option, but you will take a hit no matter how you look at i
  11. HELL NO DON'T PAY THEM... Buy it from the bank when it's sold for pennies on the dollar MWAHAHAHAHHA!!
  12. http://www.modifyloan.net/griswold_agdeppa.html Lawyers for your friend.
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