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  1. No, Murder is a crime hence the victim, you're are giving me a headache walking around in all these circles You clearly don't understand or don't want to, either way doesn't matter to me. It's worked for me and that's all I really care about.
  2. That's not my argument at all, In two different traffic courts with two different judges my tickets were dismissed because of a conflict of interest, the accuser is the State (officer is a rep of the State) the judge is also a rep of the State and you can not be sentenced by your accuser I know what you are saying, but I guess what I'm saying isn't making sense to you It's way too much information for me to try and explain it any more than I already have. I've researched this for a while now and it does take time to understand but it's kind of like taking the red pill in the matrix, if you do some research you'll see. This country and its legal system isn't what you might think it is.
  3. Everything you listed as a crime are all statutes An "Implied Concept" does not mean it's a Law Yes many people have had cases dismissed. You do know that the U.S. is a corporation right? Ref 28 US Code 3002 Well, as a U.S. CITIZEN you are essentially an employee of the U.S. Corporation For this to make sense you'll have to research a little, you can start with The Act of 1871 (this is when the united States of America became the corporation know as THE UNITED STATES) Maxims of Law Universal commercial Code Legalease Creditors in Commerce Sovereign Citizen
  4. Doesn't matter what she was doing or recording or what state it was in. A badge doesn't give him the right to take her personal property. Do you remember that Constitution you took an oath to protect? You should go back and read it. If that doesn't help go look up the photographers bill of rights. Wait, so you think just because you have a badge it gives you the right to FORCEFULLY make someone comply with what you want them to do? Can you tell us all the specific "LAW" that gives you that right? (Actually it would be a Statue but there isn't one.) Aren't you just people like everyone else? The reason you don't see "To Protect & Serve" on the vehicles anymore is because that's not what LEO's do anymore... there's no money in that. I know that many LEO's didn't sign up to be revenue generators but that is what the jurisdictions have turned them into. I've talked to a lot officers that don't want to and never did want to write tickets all day but they say they have no choice. What would happen if you didn't write 1 ticket for a month? (I've asked other LEO's, just curious as to you answer)
  5. A couple issues. Traffic tickets are not criminal issue in NJ. They are Motor Vehicle Violations. Depending on the violation, you may be charged with a criminal offense. (2) Google UCC 1-308 without prejudice. acesfull Aces is right, surprises me that so few people on Creditboards know nothing about being a Creditor in Commerce Tickets aren't criminal. By definition in the Maxims of Law, a "crime" HAS to have a victim. And police officers are just revenue generators for the city, county, state, and the U.S. which are all corporations, (yes, articles of corp. are actually filed for all of them) When you get a ticket the "revenue generator" is asking you to engage in Commerce and you are agreeing with your signature. Traffic violations are not "LAWS" they are "STATUTES" and.... a statute is a "RULE" of the corporation I've had 2 traffic tickets dismissed because of conflict of interest I asked the judges who they represented, Neither one would answer me because they represent the State which was also my accuser Under Due Process of Law you can not be sentenced by your accuser, it's a conflict of interest And if you don't think the courts are about the money, go spend a day in traffic court and add up the money... I did once Came up to $41,000 they pulled in, it was a Tuesday though so it was a little slow.
  6. yeah you'll need Azureus(vuze) to actually download the torrents then your best bet is utorrent I personally still use isohunt because it searches all torrent sites but due to recent litigation you have to route through an anonymous IP address from the US so it is kind of a pain... but still worth it.
  7. Do you know any of the actors or actresses in it?
  8. I can't believe you guys don't know about casttv. I haven't watched very much tv for years an if there is some show that I want, I usually download the torrents but if I don't wanna wait i go to casttv. For live football, basketball and hockey games & UFC I go to channelsurfing.net They have a couple movie channels, THE POKER CHANNEL, MMA, and regular network channels now. I haven't payed for cable in 3 years and I can still watch or get anything online that I could have on cable
  9. Maybe yours is the only one not putting silly putty ingredients in em' mmmmmmm. silly putty http://www.google.com/search?q=silly+putty...lient=firefox-a
  10. That's definitely a GHOST!!!
  11. Does a sawed off shotgun with a "pistol" grip count? LOL
  12. Yeah, I'm looking forward to Paranormal Activity as well.
  13. Yeah, how can you call yourself a fan of any team if you don't give support during the rough years? That to me is just a fair weather fan, no loyalty unless your team is above 500, WTF? Being a fan means you support your team no matter what. I'll give you a recent personal example, I have been a lifelong Bronco fan (I grew up in Denver). The Broncos are a completely different team this year, the moves they made shocked the hell outta me but I supported Pat Bowlen's decisions none the less. I thought the Jay Cutler Fiasco was going to be the beginning of the end for Josh McDaniels but guess what? My Broncos are 4-0 and the defense is stronger than it's ever been. To say the least, I'm surprised at this season so far, but I've always hung in there for my Broncos and never gave up.... and NEVER will. If you can't support your team at it's lowest, then you don't deserve to be there at their highest.
  14. My last laptop used to get hot and for some reason I decided to vacuum it out from the underside fans. I ended up pulling a piece of lint the size of a lime out of there and it didn't get hot anymore. I routinely vacuum out the fans on both of my laptops now.
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