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  1. What are my first steps to fix this? I don't call the CA right? If I send A DV to the CA and they remove it what type of letter do I send to the orginal Fingerhut creditor to have that removed also? What are my options? I don't know where to start with any of this? Thank you
  2. I have just received my credit report and there are quite a few with multiple claims from the same place; which is fine they all have the same account numbers; this should be easy to fix right? lol But there are a couple of different debts on here that are from one company then also from a CA for the same debt. (with 1 dollar difference amount I might add lol) Ex: 1) Fingerhut Date reported 7/01 Date opened 09/99 DLA 11/00 ( I do not know what DLA means???? ) Charged Off XP/TU/EF $424 Then this is the same debt 2) JeffCapsys Date reported 06/05 Date opened 07/01 DLA ----- Collection TU $423 What are my first steps to fix this? I don't call the CA right? What are my options? Technically if I am reading this right the Fingerhut is past 7 yrs. I don't know where to start with any of this? I am reading posts and learning and have gone through 3 of the 8 transcripts PsychDos's Credit Repair School for Beginners. But I am highly overwhelmed here lol trying to read and learn it all is very hard. I feel like like I am drowning in jargon I do not understand LOL I apprieciate any and all help. Thank you very much
  3. Well I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Deirdre (aka suzzane) and I have been reading the forums for a couple of weeks and I must say.....overwhelmed with all the information. I am working on fixing/bringing up my credit and I must say I think I found the perfect forum for help! So good luck everyone; Im going back to read more posts......... Deirdre

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