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  1. We've been renting for many years now. Our rent in the past 6 years has ranged from $2990 to $2100 per month now. We're just tired of throwing this much away each month and frankly, these large amounts are what are keeping us from really getting back on top of our finances. Husband makes the income and has the better score of just over 600. My scores are dismal, and I'm currently a student with little to no income. Because we've laid out so much monthly, we can only put the FHA 3.5% down on the $275,000 (or less) that we'd like to spend. Can we get an FHA loan in my husband's name alone? Alternatively, if I need to be on the application, will the bank ignore my information since his is the income and score we'd use to qualify? Thank you in advance for any information that can be provided! We're eyeballing a house that's a great price in just the area we'd like. Maybe we can get this together quickly...
  2. On this topic - If husband's score and income are better than wife's, whose score will be used to qualify for the loan?
  3. Thanks! Appreciate the advice. I'll go with USAA over myfico then.
  4. Hi everyone! Can anyone recommend a good monitoring service that gives reports and scores for all three bureaus? Thanks in advance!
  5. And thank you for pointing out yet another example of the fine mechanism that is our credit reporting system. I guess if my name were Jane Smith I'd be walking on pins and needles...
  6. OK, thanks. I haven't had an ebay account for ages but I suppose anything is possible in terms of whether I had fees or not. Although I don't recall ever selling anything on it. I'll just send off the DV and see what they come up with.
  7. Just got a letter from a CA referencing an account with eBay...? I thought ebay was just a selling portal and not a lender but, whatever. I'm sending off a DV. I did call (I know, bad, bad, bad...) but did so only to see what in the world they had on me. I didn't divulge any information or admit to anything. Amounts to basically nothing and they don't have my social security number. However - If they have only my name and address and no social #, it's unlikely it'll hit my reports, correct?
  8. Can anyone give a quick list of recommended "daily pullers" then? I do see some acronyms but don't know what they are... Thank in advance!
  9. Brian B - can you suggest some ways for the self-employed to go about showing that income? We've considered incorporating and issuing ourselves regular paychecks.
  10. I'll check out the NACA now. That's where I found the first attorney I spoke with but maybe I'll have better luck now. Thanks!
  11. Additionally - would this not fall under FCRA since it is an OC and not a CA?
  12. Well, although multi-millions would be quite a thing, I'm not fooling myself. I wouldn't even know what to do with it. Well, I could think of a few things! We are very upset about the whole thing. They've been informed of their errors numerous times. For years we've been trying to crawl out of the credit hole just to get sucked back down each and every month by these jerks. I am aware that no one on this board is giving true legal advice, but I could really use some "friendly" advice as to which road to pursue.
  13. Yes, makes sense. Quite frankly, I'd be thrilled just to get them removed; however. And since I did have at least a few violations, perhaps walk off with a couple of thousand for those. It's $1000 per, correct? OR... Maybe I just need to consult with another attorney.
  14. OK - sit back... In early 2004, our income was cut by about 50% due to industry cutbacks. We "made it by" on our savings until early 2005 when we had to start letting payments go. Sold our house and because we didn't know any better at that time, settled for less than full balance on what was at the time a Unicorn financial card (dental work.) That was in August of 2005. EVERY SINGLE MONTH since August of 05, Unicorn - which is now owned by Chase - reported 30 days late marks on all three bureaus for both myself and my DH. So, for the last 3 years, we've accumulated a total of 40+ 30 day lates on this account AND it's never reported the balance correctly AND it's intermittently been reported as Paid by Settlement but usually as Collection/Chargeoff. During these 3 years, I've disputed repeatedly with Chase/Unicorn and each of the bureaus only to have it stay and usually get worse with each dispute. Finally last month, I sent a letter to the VP of the Chase division handling Unicorn accounts. He ever so graciously removed about 20 of the 30 day late marks but left them through October of 2007. I've contacted an attorney who tells me that I'd have to give concrete evidence of financial distress or ruin as a direct result of Chase and Chase alone. Of course, we've had trouble getting cards, had our rates jacked on those we did have, paid outrageous interest on a car loan, have been turned down on home rentals, forget even thinking about buying a home even though we shell out thousands a month in rent. Naturally, because we fell behind on several accounts during that time in early 2005, I couldn't prove that Chase was the sole corruptor of our credit scores. Essentially, he thought I had no concrete case. I do however know that it's Chase's (and the "big 3") responsiblity to either correct the accounts once and for all or remove them and I want a judge somewhere to FORCE them to do so! A little $ for our trouble and humiliation wouldn't hurt either!

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