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  1. that is what I was thinking. the flooring is not maintenance but updating from old carpet/vinyl to laminate flooring. The outside part is maintenance, the house was originally stained and the carpenter bees got several boards good last year, then the woodpeckers tore them up. So we will be painting instead of staining this time around to prevent a reoccurrence. amazing how much cosmetic damage they can do in a short period of time! I might could get this fixed before we start the process, but right now is not a good time for me due to work and the short daylight in the evening. Seems here lat
  2. It has been a while since I've been on CB, but I wanted to get some opinions from the experts here. in July 2010 I filed a CH7. My lawyer messed up and had me reaffirm ONLY my 2nd mortgage. I could have sworn we signed to reaffirm both but according to the courts only the 2nd was. Since the BK I have not really opened new credit, just one store card a few months ago that I have not even used yet. I have paid on time both mort notes in the 4+ years since discharge. I also paid off a credit line on my lawn tractor which I kept in the BK as well. Currently the first has a balance of ab
  3. dgilbert


    when i was 21 i got a DUI while out of state with my cousin. when he called my mom and told her, her response was "let his A** sit there" and then she hung up the phone. if not for my cousin borrowing money from his folks, i would have been in there for a while. the nearly 24 hours i spent in Escambia County Jail was enough to convince me to change my ways! so i would have to say yeah i would bail immediate family out, but only after they sat there for a while.
  4. the key to a good paint job is prep. normally you scrape/sand, but since this is lead and asbestos, i would recommend pressure washing. the dust is what gets in your lungs, and by pressure washing you won't have dust. then a good primer, then your paint. if you tint the primer the same color as your final paint, you won't have the issues trying to get even coverage. take the time to fix any rotten wood, loose boards, etc.. before you prime so that it all comes out even. my wife is the kind of person who will just walk in a room and slap paint on teh wall. then she complains a few months(i
  5. for a lot of freezing/canning directions visit www.pickyourown.org. i found it while looking for a pear butter recipe and now i am hooked. so far in the last 2 weeks we have frozen 160 ears of corn whole in the shucks and creamed abother 50 ears or so. plus canned over 100# of tomatoes! there is nearly a bushel of pears in the fridge finishing ripening now, and at least a 55 gallon drum worth of pears still on the tree! then my garden is really putting out okra/lima beans/speckled butter beans/tomatoes as well. oh, and you CAN freeze leafy veggies such as spinach/greens but not lettuce. y
  6. i may be way off base here, but maybe just you being there is causing problems between your sister and her BF. or adding to other existing problems they have been ignoring. i don't mean because you are basically dependant on them, i mean the simple fact of another human living in the home with them. back when we were still just dating/living together, my wife let her brother move in with us for a couple months. it got to me quickly because i got tired of him being there all the time. sometimes i just wanted to come home and spend time alone with her, but there he was sitting right there. he re
  7. when i filed this was specifically asked by my attorney. i told her i had some work related stuff at home or in my truck at all times, as well as some property that belonged to my stepdad. all we had to do was a rough list of what i had. she said IF the trustee questioned it i would hav eto get affidavits stating exactly what belonged to someone else. it all depends on the trustee, your attorney should be able to answer this for you.
  8. i got my chargriller for Father's day 2001. so far the ONLY issues i have cropped up this year and that is 1 wheel cracked and the charcoal tray finally burnt thru. to give you an idea of how much use this grill has seen, i normally go thru 4 18# bags of charcoal a WEEK! during warm weather and about a bag a week during winter. the charcoal tray is easy to adjust, you just grab the handles on either side and lift it to one of 5-6 preset heights. i honestly leave mine all the way down because i believe in cooking slow. but if raised high it will sear meat quickly. the cooking area is
  9. i would inform the daughter of who he is and where he lives and tell her under no circumstances is she to even talk to him or be near him. if she rides her bike she MUST stay in a group and if even 1 time she leaves the group to ride alone no more bike riding. now on to the conviction, you really don't know what he did. i have a cousin who's record reflects basically the exact same offense. he was in his early 20's and met a girl at a bar that allowed you in at 18 but you could not drink. he went out with her a few times, they had sex, then they split up. next thing he knows he was being a
  10. considering that i run the network at work, i don't have any blocks. i ONLY spend about 7.5 out of 8 hours a day online, gotta get more FB friends cause i get bored waiting for someone to post!
  11. i'm sorry for your loss, we lost my 35 yr old brother to cancer last Tuesday.
  12. same for me, whoever takes the kid to the doc pays the bill and approves the services. they then have to collect the money from the other parent. she really has no legal obligation to pay you, since she is not signing anything. i bet that's why she won't keep her appointments, so that technically she did not use your service and you can only go after him. sounds like typical petty scourned exwife bs to me.
  13. in a port-a-potty on the side of Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. my girlfriend(now wife) forced herself upon me!
  14. ok, bear with me because this can be hard to follow. My father in law bought a home and a couple acres back ~2000 or 2001. his dad and stepmother cosigned on mortgage and all 3 were listed on the deed. about 2003 the ballon note was due and so a refi was done. for some reason, i have no clue why, the refi was done 100% in their names with my FIL not being on the mortgage for his own home. at the same time they signed the Deed over putting the property in his name and my wife's name! yes, you read that right they took out a mortgage then after the fact signed the deed over. it must have bee
  15. Yep. Last summer, a friend and I dropped off my buddy at his apartment. He couldn't find his apartment key so he just decided to sleep in his car. He turned the car on for the A/C and was given an APC (Actual Physical Control) for being in the driver's seat of a running car, even though he had multiple witnesses say he was dropped off. my cousin got a dui for APC and she was asleep in the back seat of her car. the cops said as long as she was IN the vehicle with ready access to the keys it was chargeable. they her that next time she should give the keys to someone and have them bring
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