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  1. Creditboards has given me a wealth of knowledge. I have learned how to dispute, negotiate, and have errors removed on my credit report. I have also learned how to ask and receive CLI and lower interest rates from some of my creditors. I have learned when to awake a sleeping giant and when to slide by it. I have obtained credit cards, auto loans and even purchased my first home using the information that CreditBoards has equipped me with. I truly love this community forum
  2. Awesome! Glad it worked out. I love USAA too!
  3. Congrats!!!! Nothing like lower rates and saving your mullah
  4. EO all the way! Sometimes they say they can't and then it magically disappears
  5. Update...closed Capital One secured had a zero balance and $200 limit. Called BOA got card converted to unsecured with a $500 cli. Now it has a $1k credit limit. For now that will be fine since I have had it for a while.
  6. Actually one of the cards was opened 02/2011 so I'm closing this one right now. Then I will call and cancel the other on that was opened 2008.
  7. Gotcha! I have two that I'm going to close. Then I will only have unsecured lines of credit. Thanks!
  8. hkbushido thanks for your advice! I was thinking if I'm going to take a hit should I just go ahead and do it all at once? With the hits for the new accounts and inquiries right now?
  9. So I have purchased my first home, refinanced my auto loan and obtained some great credit cards with nice starting limits. (all in October) I know that my Fico is taking a hit from my app spree and new accounts posings. I also know that AAOA is comprised of length of history and wanted to know about closing the two secured credit cards I have. Is it too much to close two low limit secured cards with limits of $200 and $500? Opened both in 2008. My longest credit card is from 2007. What do you think would be the best way to do this? Thanks for any advice!
  10. CTSMOM01


    How soon do you request an increase?
  11. Congrats on your new home, good credit and extra cash on hand!
  12. Shoot! Maybe you could call and see if they can help you out? I can just use the cash back
  13. Dang! I just got mine and it's spend $500 within the first 3 months and get $100 back
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